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Hello. Does anyone know whether I must have some sort of licence or permit to sell my own brewed beer?

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as it took the european court of justice to enable british citizens living in france who left the uk before retirement age, to recieve the winter fuel allowance, my suggestion is that osbornes decision  to delete the winter fuel allowance for overseas residents is intrinsically flawed time to find out who is your mep and inundate him with emails untill he raises the subject in parliament and again with the european court of justice if we start now we have a good chance of blocking this legislation, which once again disriminates unlawfully against british ex patriates

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Hi has anybody got the exchange rate for the 2012 tax returns due 27 may 13 For converting sterling to euros. many thanks      

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Hi - what is the general consensus for this? I have an account in the UK for 'emergencies' there is very little money in it and I earn no interest. Up until now I haven't bothered to declare it - but i was wondering what the obligations where - do I just need to declare it if i get interest or should I decalre it anyway. If I declare it this year won;t they ask me where it was in previous tax returns.....any advice appreciated! Thanks.

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Hi - a cleint who owes me some money (luckily not very much) has gone into redressement juridique. Can anyone explain what this means and whether I'm likely to get my money back or not?

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The farmer near our house (big dairy farm, 100+ cows) regularly takes the manure out into the field next to our house. For days after the smell is extremely strong, and in spring and summer seems to increase the fly population significantly. We've been to see him, as have other locals, to see if we can come to some arrangement (putting the manure in fields further away from local houses, maybe reducing amount of manure...) but he's not been very open to discussion. Does anyone know what our rights are, if any at all?

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Hello Does anyone have any information regarding the tax system  in france please My  husband is 65 i  am 63 both receiving uk state pension and small personal pension We would like to know how much money we have per year before being liable to tax also we have  been told that if our inclome is under a certain level we may be exempt from paying  tax  habitation is this correct?? If so we could use this money to fund the health insurance policies we will need to buy Also anyone got advise re good health  insurance company to go to Many thanks in advance Kate

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I am trying to register my business, which is selling graphic art on an online shop all over the world. It is a full time job and turnover is around 30,000 PA  I am completely confused about whether to register as an Auto entrepreneur or under the BNC scheme. Also do I have to register with the Maison d'Artistes?  under the BNC option. If I was an AE can I deduct anything off my total revenue or is it a fixed amont I just pay on turnover as I do pay quite a lot out in materials and postage if that makes a difference. With both who organizes the social security aspect. Also is there a difference with paying cotisations and income tax or are they the same thing? Finding it hard to understand how much tax I would pay under either.  

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Hello - my employer wants to change my working hours, which would change from those marked in my contract. He says that the over-riding governance of what he can and can't do is in the 'convention' for my profession not in the contract. Is this correct? Where are these 'conventions' - can i access a copy on line?

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Hi - we are currently with EDF but I want to have a look around and see if we can get a better deal anywhere. Does anyone know of any other electricity suppliers? Also if i switch supplier do I have to wait for an annual 'echeance' date like I do with my insurance etc.....,

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Hi - I am in the process of divorcing with my French wife and she has asked me to transfer the kids over to her mutuelle policy. I don;t really see any reason for this as i am still here and pay the mutuelle so surely it doesn't make a difference if they are on hers or mine - does it?

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I am an autoentrepreneur and I am going on a month long holiday soon (yipee!) I have a couple of english lessons that i give weekly in some local schools and have found another teacher who is willing to do them for me. I was going to pay her for the lessons she does as the school pay me every term so it seems easier this way. Is this OK? Can i subcontract as an autoentrepreneur?

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Hi - can anyone confirm whether lessons at home are tax deductible for adults as well as children via the 'services a la personne' scheme?

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Hi - does anyone know if there is any truth to the rumours I hear about putting up the % autoentrepreneurs pay on their turnover?

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Hi,  Not sure if anyone here can help me but I took up a free offer on the web from the french branch of a company called Ecigs - they sent me an electronic cig which I did not like.  However, they have now taken two payments of around 80 Euros each from my bank card for refills which I did not order and did not want.   I contacted the company after the first amount was taken demanding my money back but they did not respond.  the second 80 Euros came out of my account today - I have phoned them and emailed them but I'm wondering who I should go to if they don't refund my money.  Doesn't help that my french is poor.  is this a police matter?  Does anyone have any advice ? TIA  Melinda

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Hello - my new years resolutio is to get my paperowrk up to date! I started this year as an autoentrepreneur and I have to confess that although I keep a list of the money coming in - its on a scrappy piece of paper and that's pretty much all i keep a record of so that i can do my quarterly returns. I'm thinking that if ever I got 'controlled' then this probably wouldn't be a good enough system! Can anyone advise exactly what I should be keeping records of and if there is any expected format (e.g electronic or can it be in a 'book'. So that I can go back and make sure my accounts are in order. Obvioulsy I have also kept copies of my quarterly declerations.

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Hi - I want to have an early spring clean and throw out a load of my old house and car insurance documents for policies that are out of date but I have a feeling Ihave to keep them for a certain period of time. Can anyone clarify for me?

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We are renting a house and the rental contract is due up in Febraury - does anyone know what happens if we 'do nothing' - is it like back in the UK where the contract goes onto a month by month basis after the original term - the original contract was 3 years but I don't really want to sign up for that long again as we're not sure what's happening in the future so I'm hesitant at making the landlord pro-active incase that what he offers again...

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Hello  all We will be  changing to go into the French Health System in January 2013 We are trying to find the best "top up insurance" if anyone has been down this route we would really appreciate any advise please -  re a good company to go with and what sort of cover we should pay for I am 63 and hubby is 65 -we  both have our UK pensions We have looked on the internet  for guidance but there are so many if it confusing!! any help much appreciated We will be moving to a village 9 kilometres from Agen 47000-Lot et Garonne thanks in advance and festive greetings   Kate and Michel Guijarro     

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Hi - my new job means that I work on every bank holiday and i was just wondering if there was any obligation for me to do this (would it be specified in my work contract for example) or legislatively is it forbidden to oblige someone i.e should it be an option. My contract is in french but my french isn't brilliant so any advice greatfully received. Thanks

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