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Can anyone recommend or tell me how to go about finding a decent accountant. I am an autoentrepreneur at the moment and want to change status but need to find a decent accountant and take some good advice. If anyone can suggest or point me in the right direction I'd be grateful. Thanks

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Hi - does anyone know whether there is a French association like the Business Link for helping start ups with advice etc... Thanks

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We are looking to rent our first house in France. Are the quoted rental prices negotiable? Know it varies from country to country and don't want to get off to a bad start with a potential landlord. Tx

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Hi - does there exist a legal entity for business partnerships in France? I'm thinking of setting up with a friend but don't want to get into a complication of SAL's etc and wondered if there was another solution?

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How complicated is it to change status from Auto entrepreneur to EURL? Has anyone done it? Is there any where I can go to for some advice on whether its the best option for me or not?

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Hi - I received a 'bill' for tax fonciere yesterday - effectively it was for €0 - as it said I had a reduction for being a recently created business - but I saw on the paper that usually the minimum this tax will be is 623€ - does anyone know how long my expemption is for - I am an autoentrepreneur and started 2 years ago - but this is the first paperwork I have ever received for this. Are autoentrepreneurs always exepmt from this or not? As it's quite high considering my annual turnover isn't even passing 10000€...

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Hi - I have just tried to change my house insurance but they have told me i have to wait until 2 months before the anniversary date - which isn't until May - and send my cancellation letter then - but I musn't be late as even 1 month and 29 days will mean I have to wait another year - can this be right? Seems a bit ott - and ties you into insurance which doesn't make for a very competitve market.....

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following a ruling by the european courts of justice british citizens permanently living in france are all now entitled to the winter fuel allowance, even if they were not recieving it because of age limitations before leaving the uki have contacted the overseas department of the dwp in the uk who say claim packs will be sent out in the next monthas with all things its dont ask dont get so give them a ring and ask for your application form

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I've been readin g a lot in the papers recently about how Mr Hollande has plans to tax all the English but I've red so much I'm confused as to what is actually happening. Am i right in thinking: I don't earn over €1 million (or anything near it!) so my tax % won't change. I don't rent out my house or plan to sell it so I can't be taxed on that. In other words I'm an ordinary working girl, living on a small salary so there aren't too many things to be worried about - am i missing anything?

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For the last 6 years i have been tva registered, then last year due to the recession i had to de register. Earlier tthis year i was in a position where work has kicked off agian therefore i decided to register and be legit. The chambre des metiers filled out all the forms for me. This time i re registered as a/e as the social charegs are much more managable, i nevere recieved my trimestrelle declaration so contacted them and it turns out that they have put me on the Micro bic regime, and now they are demanding thousands of euros when we have hardly earned any money. I have contacted them and they have said that there is no error on their part, what can i do? 

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Hi - can any one explain how the concept of 'plus value' works if you sell your main home. We built our house 2 years ago and are considering selling it as our dream house in the UK has just come up for sale (sod's law i think this is called) so am currently exploring our options but I wondered if there was anything to pay tax wise if we make a profit on selling our main home as some french peopl i spoke to said something about plus value if you sell within 5 years but i really didn't understand what they were talking about. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks

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Hi - I had a quote from a French plumber in our village and when I asked him for his SIRET number he said he didn't have one as he did it through his' propre chef' - does anyone know what this means. I thought everyone no matter how small a business has a SIRET number - it sounds a bit dodgy to me but I may be wrong....

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Now I know the next communal elections aren't until 2014 but I wondered what my position on being able to vote in them for the Mairie were? I'm not a french citizen - but have been resident here for 5 years. I know I can't vote in the presedential elections - but can I vote in the local communal elections, based on the fact our Mairie has a big say in what goes on in our village it would be nice to think we could have a vote on it......but I don't know if we'd need to be citizens as well to do this.... Anyone got any idea? Thanks

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Now I always thought it is quite a big deal over here - and i have just received a cheque back from my bank from someone that has bounced. I have contacted the person who wrote the cheque and they told me to bank it again, but I was just wondering because the letter the bank sent me seemed to imply that if it isn't chased the 2nd time then the person who wrote the cheque looses the ability to have a cheque book for 5 years - this seems a bit harsh - is it true - or am i translating this incorrectly?

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Married 25yrs. separated. Living as non-married couple 22yrs. Property in my name. How do I look and sound for the French amogst whom I have lived the last 22yrs. Am retired and female.

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Hello - I recently had an out of court settlement through my avocat and he said that the cheque would come to him in a week or so but then it would be available to me in a month. I didn't really understand - has anyone else received money in this way, he said it was something about putting it in a central account for lawyers and then it gets released a month later....can anyone help shed any light on this for me?

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A friend has asked if we will have their caravan on our land whilst they are not using it for a few months-does one need permission form the Marie to do this?

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Hi - I am moving back to the UK over the next 6 months and was wondering if anyone had any experience about stopping becoming an autoentrepreneur. I have an office which i rent which the lease is due up for renewal shortly so I'm sure that won't be a problem, but I also have a leasing contract on a photocopier, which was originally for 5 years and has 3 years left. If my business no longer exists then does this cancel the contract or will I be obliged to pay the remaining 3 years? Any other liabilities I have will be apid up before I stop (including telephone URSAFF etc) but I'm just a bit worried about this one. When the guy sold me the contract he said it would stop if the company stopped, but I think that would just be if I 'poser le bilan' which I believe is for financial reasons, whereas I'm just stopping because I won't be in the country anymore.Any advice gratefully received.....

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I bought a house here in 2006, but at the time it was just a holiday home, as I continued to work and have a business and a house in the UK. Unwisely I didn't visit the Marie to explain my position, as no-one seemed to think it necessary for a holiday home. Three years ago I started to get my UK state pension, and in late in 2009 I got divorced and am now semi-retired. I still have a flat in the UK, but now want to register as a French resident. Am I in trouble? If so, what's the worst that could happen? It would be useful to have some advice before calling in at the Mairie.

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Does any one know to whom a complaint of wrong tax assessment should be addressed to. I am after the correct person to whom one should complain to for the Aquitaine area I think it's Bordeaux but am not sure. Whenever I telephone I am told it should be to the Tax office in Agen But have tried that and that appears to just be a mouth piece and as polite as they are they are not listening. Thank you. Gunner

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