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Hello, I have lifted the below, straight from the report under double taxation treaty attached to this site. I am confused (it does not take much) The way I read this is that if you are in receipt of a UK Government pension you may be liable to the social charges. Yet many other forum sites and indeed legal sites clearly states that If you are in receipt of a government pension, state pension and are also in receipt of an S.1 that you are exempt from the social charges in France. I am in receipt of a government Pension and a state pension and in receipt of an S.1 further more, I have always paid My C.M.U which was means tested upon my Government pension up until my 65 th birthday when the UK government pick up the tab should I ever need to go see a Doctor (luckily a very rare event) and yet I am informed that I will have to pay Social charges of 6.6% upon my UK government pension. Can any one clarify this. Further does any one have the name of the person to whom one should write to when contesting the charge. "The effects of the new France/UK Double Tax Treaty, which came into force on 1 January 2010, were visible on the 2011 tax assessments and more particularly on the avis de contributions sociales received by those who reported UK source income to be taken into account when determining the overall rate of French income tax." "Indeed, in a great number of cases UK rental income, UK government pensions or UK directors' fees were subjected for the first time to the CSG, CRDS and PS. The double tax treaty states that a tax credit is granted if the income in question is subject to UK tax. There seems to be different interpretation on this particular term as in some cases, even though such an income is subject to UK tax, the resulting UK liability is in fact nil - through the deduction of expenditure or simply the application of UK personal allowance, for instance." Thanking you in anticipation of an understandable reply. Richard

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I have a house in France near Geaune; I also have a flat and a business in Cambridge. I am now semi-retired, and live most of the year in France. However I am not a French resident and I am still taxed in England. I am now looking into having a new pompe a chaleur installed in the house in France. Apparently I would be eligible to receive at 26% credit d'impot on the cost of the materials provided that my French house was my principal residence. How precisely do you establish which house is your principal residence?

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Is there an equivalent here? I am an autoentrepreneur who had a contract of prestation de services with someone who hasn't paid me and it has been dragging on and on now so I'd like to just try and take them to the small claims court to see if i can recover the money. Does anyone have any experience of this or any advice to offer.... Thanks

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Hi - i have somore friends who have been working in France since September for a British company. They are fully declared and salaried under the french system on a CDI and they thought that their employer did their tax return but they have just discovered he doesn't!! They now need to do one but have no idea about getting started - should they just go into the local tax office and plead ignorance and get some help - or is this frowned on - they will be less than a month late declaring if this makes it any better... Thanks Eddie

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Hi - I applied to be an autoentrepreneur and am all set up except for my carte vitale! I have been paying cotisations and sent of a copy of my birth certificate and passport etc proving that i am British, now they have written back to me and asked for my birth certificate to be translated (how hard can it be for them in this day and age to type the month into google if they really don't know that April is Avril.....). My daughter who also set up as an autoentrepreneur was never asked for her translated birth certificate. Should i question them on this or just bite the bullet and get it translated? Has anyone else come across this - if so did youget it officially transalted or did they accept a home translation?

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Just a reminder for those of you filling in paper tax returns that they need to be done and posted by the end of the day....

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URGENT!!! Can anyone help looking fo legal advice for a collectors vehicule that i sold the person has sued for "vice caché". The judge did not find any reasons for "viche caché" but found the case against us. My lawyer seems confident about going for an appeal but he's not very helpful in terms of telling me what the next step is or what i have to do. He has said i cannot present any new evidence to the appeal is this the case? Thanks

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Hi - is there a deadline in which your ex emplyer is meant to give you your solde tout compte and paperwork for the Pole Emploi. I finished work on th 9th April and still haven;t received anything yet despite chasing them up......

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Hi - whilst I know that as an autoentrepreneur you don't build up any entitlement to unemployment benefits, what happens if you also have a job? A friend of mine has a CDI but is due to be made redundant, however he is also registered as an autentrpreneur as he does some private work at the weekends. Will he be entitled to chomage on the basis of his CDI or will the ysay that as he is a registered autoentrepreneur that he can't get anything? has anyone had any experience of this? Thanks

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Hello - when I signed up to be an autoentrprenueyr i opted to pay 1.7% extra for impots on my turnover, but I have just noticed that this hasn't been included in the % on my electronic return. Has anyone else had this problem - what happened to resolve it - as it is effectively their error for not adding it on can I just back pay on my declerations and catch up?

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Last year, I installed a woodburner. I understand I should include this purchase in my income tax return this year as an allowance of some kind will be made against my income. Can someone please tell me where I put it? (politely please!!! especially if I'm mistaken)

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Hello - does anyone know roughly how long a case submitted to the Prud'homme takes to be heard? Thanks

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Has anyone else experienced problems today with the Caisse Epargne withdrawing exhorbitant 'frais'. I looked at my online banking to discover that over 1600€ had been taken out in 'frais' - after a very panicked call to the bank they have assured me that it is a 'probleme informatique' that will be solved shortly but i got the impression i wasnt the only customer they had had on the phone today. So if you are with the CE check your accounts today and make sure there isn't anything untoward going on.......

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Hi - Last year our son was on 'chomage' and received benefits for a couple of months, then he found a temping job and although he continued to sign on and 'actualise' he didn't receive any benefits during this time as he was earning enough money. He then stopped signing on as he found a CDD for 4 months but is now unemployed again - will the time he signed on but didn't receive benefits be deducted from his unemployment benefit? Previous to this he worked solidly for a couple of years so the first time he had 2 years worth of unemployment benefit (although only used a few months of it).

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This might seem like a strange question - but does anyone know what the French standard definition of a month is - I am asking because a friend was 'licencié' recently and following an initial interview with her boss telling her this was a possibility by law she was meant to receive the decision within a month. Her interview was on the 8th of Feb and she received the letter on the 9th March, ( it was posted on the 8th March.). Has anyone had any experience with administrative definitions of a month - would it be from the 8th to the 7th or the 8th to the 8th....... Thanks for any advice

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It has been quite a few years since I have needed to exchange euros for sterling.Does anyone have any advice other than using the usual travel services?Thanks,Mags

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Hi - can anyone confirm whether their are any deduction made on your sakary if you are on an accident de travail. My employer has taken 5 days from my pay, which I know is normal if you are off sick, but I didn't think this was usual if you were on an accident de travail.... Thanks for any info

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a couple can draw Bedfor tax is payable in France?We are only starting this process, which I guess many here have already been through.Anyone willing to give us the housekeepers guide to choosing betwen another country and declaring in France.We have 50k in pension income, and roughly do not start to pay tax until 36k euros.I appreciate there are other taxes, such as property and local, urban taxes and I can wait to calculate the differences later.I just want to get tpo the maximum gross income and what the allowances are against that beforecalculating personal income tax...this shoud result in a maximum GROSS figure for the year, before tax is payable?Am I right?Rod

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We're thinking of investing some money (under 25,000€) in a project in America (it seems bone fide!), which would give us regular monthly income. Obviously we'd declare it on our French income tax forms, being good citizens :)! But does anyone know whether we would also have to pay tax on the income in the US, even though we are British/EU citizens? Or know how/where we can find out?

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where do you go to register a micro bic and is it very complicatedhas anyone who rents out furnished accomodation done this and what are the implications for social charges, as far as i can understand from reading the information available you are assessed as though the property is let for the whole year at the monthly rental, is that correct

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