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Hello - I have heard that there is something you can sign with a notaire to protect your assets if your are an autoentrepreneur - but does anyone know more about this (e.g what it's called and how it works). Any info gratefully received. Thanks

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Hello - does anyone know how long you have to live in your property so that it becomes your residence principale before you sell it - and what proof do you need to give? We will be keeping our house in the UK but moving over here for a couple of years, but then intend to sell our house over here so don't really want to be liable to CGT if we can help it. Thanks for any advice.

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I signed up as an autoentrepreneur at the beginning of October and have just received a big long form to fill in about a cotisation fonciere - i thought as an autoentrepreneur I was exempt from this? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks Jackie

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Help and advice needed regarding tax on UK government and local authority pensions.. I have just received a significant tax bill from the French Impots. I went to the office dealing with my calculations for tax in Morcenx. I attempted to explain & protest that our UK government and local authority pensions are taxed in the UK. This was met with shrugs and the comment that this is how it will be in the future. I have now written to dispute the tax bill and have quoted Articles 18 and 19 (paras 1 and 2) from the new convention, which confirms that UK government & local authority pensions are taxed in the UK. Has anyone else with Government/Local Authority pensions received a significant increase in their tax bill this year?David

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Hi - I am an autoentrpreneur and have received a form to fill out about cotisation fonciere. Can ayone explain exactly what this is and what amount I am likely to have to pay. I don't have any premises I just teach english in people's homes a few hours a week and don't expect to have a huge turnover (only about 15000 euros at most) Having just paid all the tax d'habitation etc it seems to me like all I'm ever asked for is to pay taxes here!! Thanks for any info

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Hi everyone and a very happy and peaceful new year to you all.Have you checked your telephone bill lately? Just by chance I added up our last one and France Telecom's computer can't add up and has added 99C and 77c and made 1Euro and 77c. I checked back on some other bills and they all have 1 c added. Is this normal? Do they do it to you too? 6 bills per annum that's 6c.......ok it's not very much but if it is repeated with every customer it adds up to quite a stash. Is it deliberate policy on their part? Is it legal? Have a look at your bills and let me know please.

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Does anyone know the criteria about getting this money. Some people seem to get it and others don't. Do you have to ask for it or if you got it before you left the UK then you continue to get it. Thanks for any advice.

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A friend of mine owns a house in Portugal, no mortgage. She has put a deposit on a property here in St Jean de Luz (Aquitaine) She needs a bridging loan or a mortgage until the house in Portugal has been sold. Credit Agricol have said they cannot help. Is there anyone who can offer advice on how to get around this problem? She is retired but has an income in excess of 5000 euros a month. The Credit Agricol suggests she try the bank in Portugal but as she is now living here (rental) travelling back to the Algarve on speculation is a bit daunting. She does still have an account there so it's not impossible but would prefer, for obvious reasons, to have it all local to here. My e-mail is kpwheatley@dbmail.com Any help would be welcome. Ken Wheatley

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can anyone tell me if its ok to grow tobbaco in your garden in france for your own consumption or is it regulated like most things french

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Hi, I am now back in the UK and recieved my Bill for Tax d'habitation. I see it also shows a seperate charge for TV of 123 euro I am unable to recieve French TV but do recieve British freesat TV which I pay for in the UK through my TV licence. Am I obliged to pay the 123 euro?

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I have been self employed here in France for the past 7 years, but due to the recession/ things slowing down i have had to de register my business here in France. Where do i go from here? obviously it will be the pole emploi to star looking for work, i have paid all my taxes social & payments, but are we entitled in the meantime to any financial help as i have a family to support. What happens to our carte vitale now i am unable to pay my cotisations? can i get any unemployment / family credit until i find work? Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

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Hi. We are looking to move to area next year but I just have a question - my husband is an Accountant here in the UK - he has looked at the French system and believes he can get to grips with it. He doesn't (as yet) speak much french (very basic).. does anyone know whether French accountancy firms take on English accountants, or whether he could pick up work by working with expats?????? really appreciate any feed back. Thank Christine

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Hi - I have recently applied for these - does anyone know how long it should take to get a response? I'm due to have an operation shortly, will the CMU apply from the date of my application or should I put my operation off until I have a response (it's nothing life threatening!). What is the RSA based on? Does anyone have any idea how much I might get? I'm not looking for much, just enough to cover my food and electric while I'm looking for more work. Thanks for any advice

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Hi - does anyone know how the tax d'habitation is calcualted and whether it is worth questioning it? From what I can tell on the noets on the form they calculate the rental value of your home - is this the value per month or per year? Ours is shown as over 2500€ so if that is per month that is ridiculous for a 3 bedroom less than 140m2 fairly 'standard' house. A friend of our lives in a different village but has a similar size house/layout and has a bill of about €400 (including the audiovisual thing) yet ours is over €600.... If anyone can help clarify i'd be grateful! Thanks

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Hi - I haven't yet received my quarterly autoentrepreneur decleration from URSAFF, has anyone else not received theirs yet? It was the same last quarter as well, and I ended up declaring online not to miss the deadline but the % on the online decleration are all wrong so I have paid the wrong amounts..... I tried calling URSAFF and they have been playing tennis with me giving me loads of different phone numbers to call so I am getting fed up with it now.....is the onus on me to declare on time or if I don't receive the decleration in time can I wait until I get it until I make my decleration.....

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Hi - I have had my french tax form back through the post - there is a bit on the bottom to sign saying its all correct etc but then it says about keeping this form for evidence of income - do I need to sign it and send it back and they send me another copy - or do i take a copy myself and send the original back???? Thnka for any help

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Does anyone know the correct rules for letting one's home as a gite for a few weeks each year - I was told one could do this and it did not affect the property when one comes to sell but a notaire recently implied that this is not the case and another notaire said the opposite As notaires and accountants seem to interpret things differently I am wondering how one finds out - I want to rent out my house to help with finances but don't want to be handed a bill tax bill when I come to sell Help please, this is driving me crazy It's one of the things I find very frustrating about France - the lack of cohesion in anything do with the law or finance ........

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We finished building a house here last year in June and have just received our first taxes fonciere bill. I have heard somewhere that there is some sort of exemption on this tax for new builds - does anyone know what this is and how long the exemption lasts - is it just for the 1st year? Thanks Jackie.

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Hi - I give english lessons to kids at home and one of the parents asked me if I was registered for service a la personne as if I am she can get a tax credit for these lessons (and therefore would take more!!). Does anyone know how this works or how I would go about finding out how to register?? Thanks

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Hi Has anyone ever tried to transfer their national insurance UK state retirement entitlement over to France before retirement to convert it into french entitlement? I'm a good way off retirement but don't think I'll be going back to the UK and have been working for some time here so have french retirement benefit entitlements building up. I was told to contact the CPAM, but what do I need to get from the UK first and is it really them that I need to contact? Any advice for what i am sure willl be a minefield of paperwork ahead is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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