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Hello I have been asked by a couple I know who have a house in France and would like to retire here, to get some information. They currently understand that if you are a person receiving pension in the UK, and entitled to all health benefits in the UK, that you cannot sign onto the social security system in France and benefit from the 70% paid by state for all medical costs. Is this correct and where can I read up further on it? Thanks Janet Langman

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As someone about to become a home-owner in the P.A., who intends to initially spend 6 months in UK and 6 months in France, in roughly 2 month blocks, I'm struggling with the problem of getting house and contents cover for both UK and French houses, as both will be unoccupied for more than 30 days at a time. This can't be a unque problem Cn anyone tell me how thy solvd it? My thanks. Martin

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Hi - can anyone tell me how to get my french social security number - do I need any forms from the UK first? Roughly how long does it take to get it and do you know if I can apply to be an autoentrepreneur without this number or do I have to wait for it first? Thanks for any advice Jackie

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Hi - we usually use HIFX to transfer money over to france, but they have just introduced a £9 fee for making transfers - does anyone know of any other money transfer companies who don't charge for transferring??

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has anyone ever applied for a form S1 in the UK - I applied for one about 7 months ago and have heard nothing. Is this usual........

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Have a personal loan and I am unable to keep up the repayments. Have been trying to sell the house. The loan is about 10% of the value. What action can the bank take to get the money back and what can I do to stop them until I sell the house and pay them back?

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if it helps we are with the Caisse Epargne. IS there an equivalent of a bankers draft/guaranteed cheque here - we are selling our car and don't really want anyone to drive off without giving us the money but can't expect them to have that amoutn in cash either!! Thanks

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Hi - we have a holiday home that we are letting out for the first time and I have been given some quite different prices for cleaning it - can anyone tell me the 'average' or expected rate of pay for cleaning/changeovers. It is a 2 bedroom house of 90m2 living space (open plan) with between 2 and 4 guests each time. We have been quoted between 10 euros and 18 euros hour 'undeclared'' and 20 euros an hour by a professional company. As it is only seasonal work I was expecting to pay a bit more than your average weekly cleaner - I don't really want to employ someone who isn't declared as I think this is a bit risky - but 20 euros an hour seems quite expensive . Any advice appreciated. Thanks Maud

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Hi - does anyone know of any french comparison websites equivalent to uswitch which will look at electrivcity telephone etc?? Thanks

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Hello I completed and submitted my first tax French return this year with the help of some friends and it shows we are due a refund - does anyone know what happens now - how and when we can expect to get this refund??? Will they ask to see any evidence of my income/expenditure for the year?? Thanks for any info Margo

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Hello We purchased our house 7 years ago - we have improved it a geat deal and are now thinking of selling Can anyone please advise the rules re capital gains tax many thanks in advance Kate

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hi, recently moved to pau, joined credit agricole and it seems they will charge 65 euro to transfer money back to scotland, rbs say 4O to take euros. can anyone offer any advice or tips on the easiest/best/cheapest bank for doing such things it all seems a bit ridiculous to us and very very frustrating. thanks

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Hi I need to register for Tax (first time)and need to obtain the correct form. Can anyone help me out? Also once completed where do I take it?regards Denise

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Below is a copy of an email I received last week from Roger Gale M.P., and he has given me permission to post it on this site. If you have not been in touch with him before he needs all your details include the name of your M.P. and N.I.#., address and phone #. Write to him c/o The House of Commons, or email GALERJ@parliament.co.uk The relevant legal ‘reference’ presented by Upper Tribunal judge John Mesher to the ECJ can be downloaded from:- http://www.osscsc.gov.uk/Aspx/view.aspx?id=2806 Exportable Benefits Once again, my apologies to those with no further interest in the exportable benefits/DLA/Attendance Allowance/Carer`s Allowance issue: please ignore this communication. In order to bring my records up to date and to allow me to separate out those with a specific and continuing interest (which will enable me to avoid cluttering up other peoples’ mailboxes with irrelevant communications) I would be grateful if all of those who are still seeking to claim Current benefits 2. The backdating of benefits or 3. who still have appeals to Tribunal pending or awaiting hearing dates if you would be good enough to let me know. While many have informed me that benefits have been reinstated and paid or that, sadly, claimants are no longer with us, I believe that there are other cases where the status is unclear (particularly where the relevant member of parliament has quite correctly taken over the management of the case). It would help a great deal to get some sense of the scale of the remaining problem before the Welfare Bill completes its stages through parliament as the latter may have an impact upon benefits. Many thanks Roger Thanks for your help. If you have a legitimate claim it is imperative that you get in touch with him AND your own M.P. A Dios, Bolivar.

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I am after some information regarding who is liable to pay the "notaires fees" when selling a property privately. I know when buying/selling a property through an agency it is the buyer who pays the notaires fees, but wondered if it is still the same situation when selling between individuals. Any info greatly appreciated.

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if your living in france and about to start recieving a private pension and a tax free lump sum, beware, the french government have now decided that tax free lump sums in the uk are taxable as income in france

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Anyone know of an English speaking Notaire in the St Pée sur Nivelle area?

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I have received information about the forthcoming election. I''m not sure what it is and whether I have a vote or not? Does any one know anything about this election please?

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I arrived in France in October after retiring. I have not yet registered for income tax as I believe this cannot be done until later this year. Can someone please tell me when I do this? Also, what personal allowances (or French equvelant) are set against my income? My state pension is still being taken into consideration for my coding in the UK although it has been paid into my French bank account since October and I can't get that changed until I register for tax in France, so I want to get everything organised ASAP as it will save me some money!!!

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I have just found this on another angloinfo,thought it best to share it My husband and I both registered as auto-entrepreneurs in September. After filling in seemingly endless forms for us both, I eventually received a letter from RSI informing me that they would be collecting 3547 euros from my bank in November as "cotisations". My husband received one also for 1100 euros. On enquiry it seemed that RSI had made a mistake and we didn't have to pay anything thank goodness! Last week we both received a demand for 299 euros from RSI - on phoning again to find out what it was for this time, we were told that this is a scam. The letter heading is not quite the same as the genuine RSI, and the address is in Paris (apparently in quite a prestigious area). We have been asked to send the letters and envelopes to RSI so they can investigate the matter. So be warned - don't pay anything unless you know exactly what it is you are paying for. best wishes

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