started by: Eglantine-972792 · last update: 1480509818 · posted: 1476535987

We fancy a shopping trip to Spain pre-Christmas for gifts, clothes and fine wines!  Suggestions please for best places to go.Many thanks.

started by: gturn8 · last update: 1462099091 · posted: 1462099091

I had a successful cake business in the UK before retiring to the Dordogne. I would like to offer homemade cakes (and Christmas cakes) and wondered if there were any particular rules and regs here prior to setting up? Any advice greatly received as only just moved here.

started by: DiamondLil-926388 · last update: 1452685567 · posted: 1452015286

Apartfrom serving it with custard, cream or cheese, has anyone got any good ideas for how to use up Christmas cake?

started by: linda-820430 · last update: 1451550788 · posted: 1449491444

Hi, Does anybody know where I can buy mixed spice for xmas cake etc., here. regards Linda

started by: Trishiag · last update: 1441896403 · posted: 1437085902

looking for a vegetarian restaurant near Biarritz.  Any recommendations?    

started by: LadyP-926387 · last update: 1441031395 · posted: 1440977218

i am going to tackle some Vietnamese recipes.  Does anyone know where I can buy oriental and Asian ingredients?  Thanks

started by: fairyfeet-926379 · last update: 1431601591 · posted: 1429629714

Can someone please tell me which is the best beef joint for roasting and which will not turn out like old boots.  Having no luck at all.  What temp would also be helpful.  Thank you

started by: Dartagnan1 · last update: 1424976608 · posted: 1424170201

help.  I need a no fail recipe for my 9 year old granddaughter....

started by: cupcaketopper · last update: 1422957839 · posted: 1422897543

I am cooking Indian next week for a group of people and would like to offer Indian beer.  Has anyone found it anywhere please?

started by: Pedro1-926389 · last update: 1420975420 · posted: 1420721854

I bought a Bayonne Ham at Christmas and still have quite a bit left over.  Does anyone have any recipe ideas please?

started by: Careena · last update: 1418928165 · posted: 1418928165

Is it possible to have fresh oysters delivered from the coast to Pau?  I bought some in the supermarket last year and put them in the fridge for later that day.  When I took them out they smelt horrible so am lacking in trust as far as supermarket oysters are concerned.

started by: Careena · last update: 1417630509 · posted: 1417607093

I've left it a bit late for the Chrsistmas pudding but where can I buy suet? and raisins?

started by: crichton · last update: 1416219275 · posted: 1415642481

Does anyone know where I might get a fresh, properly sized turkey instead of one of those chicken type things in the supermarkets?  Maybe from a farm?  Or can they be shipped from the UK.  If so, by whom?

started by: Jeronimo-935909 · last update: 1414147273 · posted: 1413627734

American misses American honey mustard and grits.  Any known suppliers?

started by: cupcaketopper · last update: 1410991037 · posted: 1410974779

Does anyone have a good recipe for gluten free bread?  One that doesnt turn out like cardboard and is not wholly reliant on maize?  I saw a TV chef make some once and he added a lot of liquid but I cant remember his name - he is married to the TV presenter who lost all the weight (blonde) and there was a bit of a hoo haaa about how she did it.  Unfortunately I cant remember her name either.

started by: LadyP-926387 · last update: 1409172630 · posted: 1409080899

Can someone please explain why the more expensive chickens are often the toughest?  Sometimes the cheap ones are pretty tasteless but they are usually moist and somehow easier to eat.  Maybe I am looking at this all wrong but I just want to be able to buy a tasty chicken at a reasonable price.

started by: cupcaketopper · last update: 1408278084 · posted: 1408191249

Has anyone tried a French alternative to buttermilk in a recipe and did it turn out ok?

started by: cupcaketopper · last update: 1407406958 · posted: 1407406958

Does anyone know where I can buy a cake guillotine like the one shown last night on the Great British Bake Off?  A really good cookery utensil shop may have one I guess but I don't have one of those near me either.

started by: sandyns · last update: 1406432139 · posted: 1406332759

are we able to hire cake tins here?  I am looking for an elephant shape.

started by: Sue Woolf-820813 · last update: 1405951345 · posted: 1405607772

Are you missing your favourite beer, or spirit, or cocktail mix or wine?  Well, I have found a Co, in the UK who seem to have just about everything available in all categories  and are able to ship to France on a very competitive basis...e.g. I have just ordered  6 x 1 ltre bottles of the real Margarita Mix (not the ready made up stuff) and the postage was only just over £10 which I think is great....and the price of the product was ridiculous! I ordered yesterday and it is out for delivery from the UK and due to be delivered on Monday next 21st July. Cant of course recommend them fully till the delivery turns up of course...l Email me if you are interested as cannot post recommendations on Co. on the site.

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