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Does anyone look at Angloinfo anymore or am I just wasting my time?

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Well, It looks as if Jeremy has truly blown it and we will be out of the E.U.very soon. at last the will of the people will be carried out.

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Anyone like to have a completely free holiday in the Pays Basque (Biarritz area)? Yes there is a catch, you would have to look after our three cats. Not a problem as they come and go through a cat flap and as long as you are here in the morning and evening to feed them they need no attention.You need only buy your own food, everything else is taken care of. Of course should the cats have any sort of problem we would expect you to take care of it. The house is large and we would only want a couple or single person to come. and look after the cats. definitely no children or pets (perhaps a budgie for the cats!!!) We have a a large garden and the region is perfect for walkers. Any time of the year, we  can go away for trips at short notice.Just reply to this 'discussion' and we would give our email address to continue with more details, hope to hear from you.

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Can someone tell me please how I can cancel an ad I placed in classifieds. It has sold but I can't figure out how to cancel the ad.Thanks, Ken Wheatley

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Hi, I have a place in Clairac 47320 which I am planning to rent out.  Can anyone help, or suggest someone to help with changeovers please?  Thank you

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Well done Nigel Farage and the Brexit party. As a lifelong Tory I have been bitterly disappointed in the way they have handled Brexit. Theresa May managed to not only embarrass Britain but humiliated us at the same Time. tI am a rexiteefr even though I have lived in France for twenty years. I don't see a contradiction in wanting my country to be independent whilst at the same time living here.I sincerely hope the Brexit party contests a general election and does as well as it has done in the European elections. needless to say I won't be voting Tory for a very, very, long time!!!

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I have just connected to the site and find that it is, apparently, up and running again. If so then great but is there anyone out there who can confirm it's running again?

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I have never been a fan of Policing in France. I have never thought that driving around six to a van was good policing practice! Then again It is probably simply my old fashioned view of policing. A 'Bobby on the beat' is long a thing of the past.  Policing practices are almost certainly as a result of directives and orders from Politicians so I suppose the Police can hardly be blamed for that.I can't think of any circumstances where I do not give my 100% support to the Police. Yes, I have sworn under my breath when given a speeding ticket and fumed when the officer concerned seemed less than interested as to why I was in a hurry! But always, the Police have my unmitigated support. They are all that stands between us and the low life who would harm and steal from us. The Gendarme who was murdered in Carcassonne  was most obviously a very brave man. These days the word 'Hero' is used to apply to anyone who achieves the most mundane of accomplishments. This man knew he was 'walking' into deadly danger and I can't conceive of the courage and resolve to do such a thing. He did it to save the life of the hostage and would have known his life could be forfeit. If the epithet 'Hero' is to be applied anywhere then it is to this man. I'm sure he will be duly honored, and rightly so. It takes a true hero to put their life on the line knowing death is a likely outcome. Not many of us have that sort of courage. Try and remember what this man did the next time you are stopped for speeding and the Policeman is a little bit 'off'!

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Looking for genuine, unambiguous information having received various contradictions.I am on an S1, Carte Vitale but have moved areas from where first registered.Went to original doctor - diagnosed with enlarged prostate. He could not treat me as I am out of his area but took the 32,€ first. Referred me to another doctor closer to my new home - she couldn't be my "traitant" as I lived 30 minutes from her but gave me a slip for blood tests and another appointment and took the 25€!Haven't had the tests yet as I am seeking a closer doctor. I am not very happy.My question is - how much am I likely to have to pay in France? Both required up-front payments and I am concerned about future such payments.One of the pieces of potential mis-advice has been that as a pensioner on UK State pension I did not need a Mutuelle top-up!!Many thanks for any considered advice.

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I'm looking to transport a couple of boxes of books from UK (Cambridge) to near Dax for a friend who is having to remain in France due to disability preventing her going back to UK.  Any ideas? No hurry, could be added to a general removal.  They could arrange transport from Bordeaux.

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We’re a family of 5 (2 adults, 7 yr old twin girls and a 4 yr old boy) with no pets looking for a house for long term rental for minimum the school year September 2016 – July 2017 and maybe longer  in the Gironde/Landes area.   This is what we’re looking for: Ideal location around bassin of Arcachon but would consider a location within 20/30 mins from Atlantic coast Maximum  1 hour’s drive from Bordeaux airport Easy access to good local schools for the children Broadband Wifi 3 bedrooms minimum Garden (enough to run around in) If you can help out with the above, please get in touch.

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Which are the best shops on-line to buy a washing machine? I've never shopped on-line in France before. Any advice? tina

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Hi there,Does anyone know of a meeting group in Arcachon for Anglophone countries' expats, in Arcachon or close?If nothing closer than Bordeaux, anyone interested in putting this together with me?Cheers!Emilie

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Hi dear members,I am looking for a recommendation from gites owners.  Do you know of reliable place close to Issigeac 24560, where to take large quantities of laundry for Saturday changeovers? Thank you, Mila

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Having just joined a bike club I have, once again, needed to go to my doctor to have a medical examination to obtain a medical certificate stating I'm fit enough to ride a bike!! Every year since I have lived in France I have required several certificates because I compete ein various events and belong to different clubs, walking, triathlons etc. My doctor is more relaxed about his nonsense than I am!!!Why on earth the French cannot follow the British system where the competitor is responsible for his participation and signs on the dotted line to that effect for every competition. Explaining that I am perfectly capable of taking responsibility is to no avail as it is a law! No medical certificate, no membership!I suppose that at 25€ a time the doctor isn't too bothered and I do get most of it back anyway so that isn't a problem it's just this ridiculous bureaucratic love the French have for paperwork I find so frustrating. There I feel slightly better now! Off for a bike ride with my new club members, legal too clutching my medical certificate!!!

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