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Gail Newman



Hi, I have a place in Clairac 47320 which I am planning to rent out.  Can anyone help, or suggest someone to help with changeovers please?  Thank you

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Kenneth-10037358 1560493512

Sorry, but what do you mean by 'changeovers'? Would help if I could.

Gail Newman 1560543145

Hi Kenneth, thank you for responding.  Changerovers - meeting the new guest, handing over the keys, preparing a welcome basket, checking that place after they have gone, set up for the new holiday maker and change the bedding/do the laundry.

Best regards Gail

Kenneth-10037358 1560668411

Good morning Gail,

                               Sorry for being a bit dim! I don't let my home but I do have quite a few people who come and look after the house. The reason is I have three cats who need to be looked after if I'm away. Invariably these people are strangers so have to be shown the things you refer to.

Whilst I don't leave a welcome basket I do meet them, usually with a meal, and feel it's important to show them around. Fuses, water stop cocks, how the internet works, telephone numbers (Fire, Police etc). How the washing machine works etc.

Bedding we always say just leave it and we will sort it our after. We also have a stack of literature  on local events and where shops are.

Essentially it is a question of trust regarding the property. I get a 'feel' for people before they come via emails and the way they 'speak'! I can only think your circumstances are different in that your guests are paying and you don't have much contact before they arrive. 

I doubt I have been much help but that's all I can really offer. Should you ever feel the need to look after three cats in the Pays Basque————————————!!!

Kind regards, Ken

Gail Newman 1560684380

Hi there

Thank you for the response.  I live in the UK, so will manage the bookings from home (St Albans).  I just need someone to do the handover/changeovers for me.  Obviously they will be paid!

Kloey 1561101582

Hello Gail,

I could help you with changeovers. I have been living abroad for several years but I am back to France now and I speak English.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you still need someone.

Gail Newman 1561468062

Thank you and good to hear from you.

How far do you live from 47320 please?

Regards Gail

Kloey 1561913383

Hello Gail,

I am sorry for the late reply. I didn't get any notification of your post.
I live in Agen, about 40 min from Clairac I believe.


Gail Newman 1561973009

Hi Kloey

I know Agen, I have been there several times.  I speak a little French, do you mind me asking if you speak English?  Woud you be happy speaking on Whatsapp?

Regards Gail

Kloey 1561983865

Hello Gail,

I do speak English indeed. Could you send me your phone number in private so that I add you to my Whatsapp contacts ?



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