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Hi,Could anyone recommend a doctor in Pau with a good level of English? My partner recently sprained their wrist rather badly, and since their other hand is also currently out of commission, they're struggling to meet the deadlines for an online course they're taking. The only way to get an extension is with a medical note, but if that note is in French, then we'd have to pay extra to get an official translation done, which we'd rather not have to do.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi,Does anyone know of an ME/CFS specialist in the les landes region?Thanks in advance,Carmen.

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I was wondering: has anyone had their teeth whitened here?  Did it hurt and how much did it cost?

started by: Careena · last update: 1452967832 · posted: 1452863445

I have had cancer which was treated very well here in France.  I have lived here for 12 years but, now widowed, am thinking of returning to the UK.  Someone has told me that, because I am in the system here in France and have paid into that system for 12 years, I can continue to come back to France for health care if I need to, even after I have left France.  Does anyone know if that is true?

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does anyone know of a good dermatologist in the Pau area please

started by: Careena · last update: 1437733090 · posted: 1437733090

Does anyone know of a mobile nail technician Please?  Am mostly interested in gels.  Pau area.  Thanks

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Is psychiatry covered under social security system here please?  Or how about psychology? Thanks

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I am really suffering this year.  Itchy mouth, eyes swollen despite drops twice a day.  Nose running.  Am taking an aerius a day.  Can anyone recommend anything better Please?

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do squash courts exist here and, if so, what are they called please?

started by: anushka-967716 · last update: 1427045640 · posted: 1426426637

I have a son staying with me from England who has had an op to his ankle in England. His leg is still in a metal cage. It seems to need some attention but he can't go back to UK for a while. Is there any chance that a French doctor would help him or even a French hospital? Would this be covered under an EU healthcard? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Can carte vitale applications be made online?

started by: Dartagnan1 · last update: 1423589943 · posted: 1423589943

If I wanted to book a yoga course for my wife's birthday, which course is the best to go for?  She would like to have a try out but has no idea of the different types.  I am assuming something not too difficult to start with.

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Hi all I am looking for an english speaking obstetrician in or near to Mont De Marsan. Please let me know if you know of one or have used one here before. Thank you :-)    

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I am far from fit.  Is a beginners class at yoga easy?  What should I look for when choosing a yoga teacher?

started by: Jeronimo-935909 · last update: 1417387424 · posted: 1415987446

I have a friend who is thinking of returning to the UK after 10 years here in France.  Will they still be covered by the NHS?

started by: GinnyT · last update: 1416565722 · posted: 1416133916

how do I find out which duty pharmacy is going to be open on a jour de fete etc?  

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This may be a stupid question but my mother used to live near salt mines in Spain and was virtually disabled before she moved there but was fit and well whilst living in that vicinity.  I was reading that there is a salt industry around Salies (never made the connection with the name before) and wondered if those living there had seen an improvement in their arthritis?

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does it work?  That's what I want to know.  Will it help with arthritic pain?

started by: cristal-926383 · last update: 1413589721 · posted: 1413555347

Has anyone found that their health has dramatically improved with the flu jab i.e not had flu where they would normally do so in winter or symptoms decreased in severity?  I am in two minds about having it this year.

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My aunt wants to come for a long visit (about 10 months) while her house in Spain is renovated.  I am worried about the wet weather here as she suffers from arthritis.  Has anyone found that the weather conditions here has made their arthritis worse?  She went to Spain because of her health condition and has dramatically improved in terms of mobility.  I dont want to find that she comes here and needs a wheelchair.

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