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Hi there, I'm new to the forum. I joined because I am in the process of buying a large house in Aquitaine which needs renovating, and I would like some advice from members. I am interested in getting technical help on installing a modular heating/hot water system so that I can minimise my gas bills when I don't have guests in the house by only heating certain areas. In the UK I have a combi boiler which is super-efficient and easy--in France it seems to be the rule that you end up with a giant roaring monster in your cellar and enormous hot water cylinders. So I would very much like to make contact with someone who could talk me through the most energy-efficient options for a heating and hot water system. The closest large towns are Mont-de-Marsan and Dax. If anyone living locally can recommend someone, I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance!

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Looking for good plumber and plaquiste Location of our space is in Biarritz. We need someone as soon as possible.Send message if there is someone. 

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Looking for a company to survey (CCTV) all external drains at our Villa in Pyla-sur-Mer (33115) near Arcachon. Depending on survey findings potential to extend works to re-lining. Greatly appreciate any contacts and recommendations, being searching (unsuccessfully) for months!

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At Bayside Gardening, we are a team of professional gardeners. We provide a wide array of services from garden cleanups and garden maintenance to irrigation and commercial gardening and many more.

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HI, we are looking for someone/couple to manage our summer changeovers for our studio rental  for 4 weekends in July/aug . Small rental, easy to clean with small lawn to mow, everthing supplied

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Hi, does anyone know if there is a colour in the UK that matches the Dulux Valentine Blanc Casse Satin creme de colour here?

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Hi, does anyone know if there is a colour in the UK that matches the Dulux Valentine Blanc Casse Satin creme de colour here?

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Hi, does anyone know if there is a colour in the UK that matches the Dulux Valentine Blanc Casse Satin creme de colour here?

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Is it possible to buy them here and if so where, would like to plant quite a lot so bulk buy preferably.

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Hello does anyone know where I can get  the "fold up" type removal cardboard boxes please??need them as soon as possiblethanks In advance KateWe live 9 kilometres from AGEN 47000

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Hi All,Does anyone know how to get hold of an artisan who will come to our house (in Montestrucq) to give us a quote on installing a woodburner (we purchased over a year ago from BricoDepot - who tell us they don't install!).We've tried many ways of getting hold of someone but everyone seems to be saying 'No, we don't do that. You have to go to someone who supplies and fits.' In that case why do places like BricoDepot/Marche sell these things so abundantly?I'm now willing to sell the damn thing on leBonCoin or somewhere and actually GO to someone who supplies and fits! Can't believe how hard it is to get hold of people to do work - France does not strike me (and I've lived here 3 years so far) as somewhere where business is encouraged enough!Just need a certificate (even though my English insurer doesn't require it!).

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We are seeking a 3 bedroom house preferably detached with dry secure storage (garage/outbuilding) for long term rental for a mature non-smoking couple with two small dogs. All areas considered.

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Looking for a reliable tv engineer, I live in Clairac 47320

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Hi all, I am looking for a reputable joiner to supply and fit double glazing in our house near Sabres. Has anyone knowledge or experience of a reliable, prefereably English-speaking, tradesman or company? Many thanks Brandane

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The new facebook page GARDENERS IN FRANCE are looking for new members - anyone from absolute beginners to more experienced gardeners, to share advice and tips, and what grows sucessfully where throughout the Country - it would be great to see more members from your area - have a look at GARDENERS IN FRANCE or I have added a link to the page below https://www.facebook.com/groups/1665844080301677/

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Is this just a rumour?  I was talking to someone yesterday who told me that when we sell our property we now have to pay 8 per cent tax on the estate agents' fees. Surely not?

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Hi All, Does anyone have or know of a gite that I can rent for all weeks but not school holidays in the Pau area...?I am commuting to Pau from the otherside of Beaudeaux and the drive is too far on a daily basis... I can provide own linen and well ensure property is cleaned to high standard when leaving to ensure it is ready for next guest.We would need to have something for the next 6 months or so, but as I said only school weeks... no holiday periods.Thanks in advance.. 

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Hi We are new to the area living 15 mins east of Villeneuve sur lot. I am looking for some rotted horse manure for the garden. Does anyone have any? We have a trailer and could collect. Here is hoping

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Hi, does anyone know categorically that we will not be receiving Winter Fuel Allowance payment this year here in France?  I think it is a thing of the past but just wondered if anyone knew FOR SURE? Thanks.

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Hi,  I have a flue pipe fitted for my wood burner but need a new one. Prior to fitting the exisiting one the chimney was cleaned . I have been told I need a new flue pipe but the fitter will not fit unless I have the old one taken out so that he can clean the old chimney. My question is why does it need cleaning again since the fumes have only ever exited via the old flue pipe and not touched the chimney sides... seems as though it's money spent for no reason, and does this mean that whenever I have the flue pipe cleaned in the future that I have to remove the pipe again. Anyone have any knowledge of the rules regarding fitting would be welcome. Thanks. Richard

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