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Hi everyone,We are looking to perhaps move to this area and are wondering if there is a large community of English speakers in the Biaritz area and around. Is it possible and easy to find English speaking health practitioners, psychologists, acupuncturists, doctors ... Etc . What about socially?Thank you for this precious information as we really like this area.

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I'm considering making the move to France and starting to look at the best places to find homes. Found a great french property listing website that cuts out the expensive french estate agents, worth checking out if your considering purchasing a place :) easyfrenchlife (.) com With the Pound strong against the Euro, it seems like a great time to start a new life in France! Any other sites you can recommend, it would be great to hear! 

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I have copied this from the AngloINFO Blog as I thought you might be able to come up with something: What’s the best name for the UK should Scotland vote for independence on 18 September, 2014? Would it continue as the UK or would the less-than-catchy “The rest of the UK” stick? At the moment according to a report by the BBC, “The rest of the UK” and its abbreviation “rUK” is used by Scottish universities and some Scottish newspapers. As the BBC suggests the full version is a “mouthful” and the abbreviation rUK sounds like England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been side-lined. Other suggestions include Future UK (and its unfortunate abbreviation fUK) and Continuing UK. The BBC notes that Alan Trench, politics professor at the University of Ulster and author of the Devolution Matters blog, says “it’s probably right that the term UK would endure beyond Scotland’s membership.” Can you think of a new name for the UK minus Scotland? UK-S?  

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I can't imagine that my daughter could be taken like this.  If you want to try to do something about it sign the petition at http://www.amnestyusa.org/get-involved/take-action-now.  (for those outside usa you can select not in USA at the end of the list of States.)

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Don’t forget to register to vote in the European Elections (http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/register_to_vote/british_citizens_living_abroad.aspx)   The Electoral Commission’s press release provides background information. (http://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/journalist/electoral-commission-media-centre/news-releases-campaigns/british-expatriates-its-your-vote,-dont-lose-it-urges-elections-watchdog-on-overseas-registration-day)   Applicants will need to download the registration form and return it to their Electoral Registration Officer in the UK by 6 May if they wish to exercise their right to vote in the European Election on 22 May. There is no requirement for consular staff to witness signatures on the forms – other British citizens can witness them. 

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Taken from the AngloINFO World Expat site at:  http://blogs.angloinfo.com/angloinfo-world-expat-life/2014/02/26/today-is-overseas-register-to-vote-day-for-british-expats/ “Every British citizen who has been registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years is eligible to vote in UK Parliamentary general elections and European Parliamentary elections. Those who were too young to register when they left the UK can still register as an overseas voter as long as their parent or guardian was registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years,” says Samantha Mills, Head of Campaigns at the Electoral Commission. Expats are being urged to visit www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/overseas where they need to download, fill in and return a registration form by Tuesday 6 May if they wish to exercise their right to vote. The website is clearly written with precise and straightforward instructions.

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Was anyone really surprised not to learn much during the Mi5, MI6 and GCHQ live (minus two minutes) open house session?  When these three men were asked why they kept secrets I laughed out loud.  I don't know how they didn't either.  Instead they replied to the effect of: so that those we don't want to know about them don't find out.  No kidding Sherlock!  What a ridiculous question.  They  took the time to admonish a certain newspaper for revealing a few of their operational secrets and making their work that much harder, they talked about the "threat landscape" and, in general, came across as the sort of guys who you could trust with your last rollo with, unless you upset them.  I could imagine them giving the worst sort of orders at the best of times in order to save lives, defeat terrorism and preserve liberty. They pointed out that secrets need not be sinister, that they don't eavesdrop on the majority and that they work together on a regular basis to uncover plots and perpetrators.  All good to know but hardly earth shattering. Do I want or need to see how clever they are at revealing not very much?  No I don't.  Keep them in the background where they can do their job - looking after the public without wasting their precious time on PR charades of this kind.

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Calling any Scotts!!   I have a student who is going to Scotland this summer with her family.  They will have their car and are planning to tour around quite a bit.  She has asked me for some tips but unfortunately I have never been.  Can anyone tell me about nice old towns to visit, where to head for the best scenery and a good distillery please??  Is it possible to get away from the crowds in summer?? Any advice appreciated, many thanks

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It's very generous - but it is surely a tax avoidance scheme no? Perhaps Depardieu should have followed his philosophy....

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A law has just been passed in Belgium to control the stray cat population by obligatory sterilisation of all cats, starting with those being adopted being sterilised before they go to new owners (from now) then being applied to all cats that are sold or given away by individuals and breeders from sept 2014. Finally all stray cats in communes will be identified and sterilised (trap, neuter, release) A public petition has been started to get the same law passed for France.  With our massive amounts of stray cats and cats and kittens killed everyday because they are unwanted I think this is something that we should support.   You can sign the petition here http://www.petitionpublique.fr/?pi=P2012N29902 make sure, when you have signed that you click on the link in the email that you are sent to confirm your signature, this is to stop people just signing people up without their consent! More info on the new belgian law here http://wamiz.com/chats/actu/les-chats-domestiques-belges-bientot-tous-sterilises-2440.html (with a great illustration of how 2 cats can become over 20,000 in 4 years)

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We're an Anglo-American couple who began our European travels on 16 May. Thus far, we've spent time in Hay-on-Wye, Wales (during the Hay literary festival), Lille, Paris, Fontainebleau and Vichy, the latter having been a two-month stay at a lovely campsite just outside of town, in Abrest. We're traveling in the spirit of Lao Tzu's suggestion that, "A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving". In other words, we're traveling without set destination, timetable or return date. That said, we would like to continue our travels through France and onwards to Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. We're also documenting our travels via our respective websites (http://MindfulLivingGuide.com and http://MufidahKassalias.com). Mufidah also maintains a separate website for her Mac Made Easy tuition services (http://MacMadeEasy.biz). To help us to continue traveling on a shoestring, we're looking for: 1) house/pet sitting and 2) work opportunities, anywhere in France, particularly enroute between Vichy/Auvergne and Burgos/Spain. We both have countless professional and vocational skills which can quickly be gleaned via our respective websites. And we're both good cooks, enjoy traveling to new places, meeting new folk, learning languages, etc. If you can offer any such opportunities as noted above — or know someone who might be interested — we'd greatly appreciate your contacting us by replying to this discussion topic. THANK YOU in advance for your help. With warm regards, Sean & Mufidah

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On Sunday 19th August at Le Soleil Couchant Verneuil 16310 from 10:00. Lots of activities, stalls, dancing, music, food and drink. Contact Linda Hill on 05 55 78 73 22 for more information. In aid of the Phoenix cahrity www.phoenixasso.com

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I'm buying (or trying to anyway) a new car in Spain. Everything was (is going well) despite the odd hicup usully as a result of the language, I don't speak Spanish! I have now been told by the dealer that before I can buy the car I need an NIE number. This is a number issued by the tax authorities in Spain and is used in all major transactions (financial) such as house buying etc. It is required by both residents and non Spanish residents. I have a French neighbour who has bought five cars in Spain, the latest two years ago and knows nothing of such a proceedure. I suppose my question is; Has anyone bought a car in Spain and if so did they need this NIE number? I know how one is obtained and the performance of going to a Police station, first convincing the desk officer I need this form, completing it correctly, paying the appropriate fee, all in Spanish fills me wih some trepidation!!! beaurocracy isn't confined to France I assure you! I'm sure I don't need one but convincing the dealer is something else!! So much for the E.U.! Unless of course the dealer, as I believe, is wrong. In anticipation of someone out there having gone through this and letting me know; I thank you in advance. Ken Wheatley

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hi there ; we are looking for a long term rental house or appartment with garden in the 82340 area auvillar, valance , castelsarrasin we have know children and are over 40 years ,, we really need to find a place with in 8 weeks can any one help us ? a reasonable price would be great thankyou ,,,,,

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Thought I would pass on a tip. Last time we flow to UK we went to LGW with Easyjet and booked a car through their site using Europcar. The good thing was that the price wasa reasonable but we also got an additional driver for no extra cost. THis time we are going with Ryanair to Stansted and could have hired a car for about the same price through their site. However their hire cars dont include the additional driver which bumped the price up by 10 euros a day. So I tried Europcar site direct and found the price much higher. Then went on to Easyjet site, straight through to car hire, booked the car (with Europcar) despite not flying with Easyjet, and got a good price including the additional driver. An added tip is to take out a car hire insurance policy independently. We have an annual polciy for around £40 which covers all the excess stuff that car hire companies oftne clobber you with at the last moment.

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Hello I would like to hire a van to take a bed to Nice and then coming back from Nice with some furniture anyone know where I get this- thanks in advance Mitch

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My 19 year old daughter worked in a pub in England for two and half months last summer.She asked for a P45 form by email, it took 2 months to get the form. It has arrived with a letter saying that she was overpayed by 311 pounds at that by English law she must pay. She is a full time student with no income and of course has since spent this money, never imagining something like this could be requested.Does anyone have any advice please ?, thank you

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Hi. I just wondered how expats living in France feel about what's happening in the EU and with the UK not backing it..... as a family who are looking to move to Dorgogne next year and hearing it in the news constantly over here - I just thought I'd ask if it's big news over there..... I think it's quite scary..and that we need the ties with the rest of Europe - but at what cost.... Could I please have any views or thoughts from your end. Cheers. Christine

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Hi - I saw this for the first time last night and thought it was quite entertaining - has it been on for long? If so does anyone know if I can watch the back episodes.... Thanks

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Can anybody help out with either giving a home to or fostering one of these beautiful Galgo??? They are at a refuge in Spain which was broken into at the weekend and some of the dogs were stolen. They need to get as many out of the refuge and ideally Spain a.s.a.p!Thank youI have adopted one who arrives from Spain on Saturday.http://www.levriers-du-sud.org/site/category/infos-du-jour/">http://www.levriers-du-sud.org/site/category/infos-du-jour

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