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Anyone out there who would like to stay in our house in the Pays Basque and look after our cats then please give me a call. Everything paid for; only food to buy for yourself. Anytime of the year and almost for any length of time; all to suit you.

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Anyone have any details of where underweight Hedgehogs can be looked after in the Dordogne?    WE are often away from here and are unable to 'overwinter' until March/April.      Willing to travel with it if you can help.

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Hi, we are moving to Sauveterre-de-Guyenne and Im looking for recommendations for someone to look after our two labradors in their home (not kennels) a few days every month. Thank you.

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Is my friend correct that a rabies booster for our dog only lasts a year if given in France but if we have her booster done in the UK it lasts 3 years?  As we are planning a trip around the time it is due and this is true we might as well have it done in the UK.

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Bobby has already made his debut on the pages of Les Amis and is nowabout 10 months old, ready for adoption and awaiting his very own family.He is a border collie X, larger than average for the breed, making him a truly handsome and eye-catching specimen.  He recently attended the Les AmisFete, where he was comfortable in the presence of lots of other dogs.As a young puppy he was acquired by a family completely inexperienced indog ownership.  The mistakes which followed with his upbringing resulted inthe family becoming  frightened of him - a classic example of a confused puppy having not been shown any boundaries or training.He was taken under Les Amis’  wing when he was only about 4 months oldand went directly to a highly experienced foster family.  Under their guidance it was not very long before he  began to make huge progress resulting in the Bobby of today who is a pleasure to own and has a good level of training with his foster Dad. He knows the basic commands, including a good recall, both on and off the lead, is at ease in crowded areas and happy in the car.  He does still have  the residue of an early-developed food aggression which is a work in progress but is still many times better than when he was taken on at such a young age.  He is good with other dogs both male and female and excellent with children of all ages.  He has not been tested with cats or poultry.   As with any dog of his age and breed he needs to be active both in mind and body and would benefit from a family who participate in dog-related activities such as agility, fly-ball, cani-cross - or simply just enjoy good long walks. He is chipped and has a passport, vaccinated and has been treated for worms, fleas and ticks and is sterilised.   (chip no. 250269810618322)for more information please contact mary@lesamisdesanimaux.com

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Anyone welcome whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or a beginner. Whether you have bees, don't or just want to learn. Whether you believe in a natural approach or a more human managed one.https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeeksinFrance/

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Hi, I want to be sure that if anything happens to me, my two cats will be cared for.  I don't want them to be taken to a shelter where they will be in pens.  I have heard of an organization called Twilghts which gives a loving and caring home to all dogs who are old, or whose owners have died.  Here they stay permanently until they themselves die.  This is trickier for cats, I know, but if anyone knows of something similar, I'd be grateful.  I don't want the SPA, or The Phoenix because these places are for rehoming and are groaning with the weight of abandoned animals.  I don't want my girls rehomed. I'm after a permanent, loving place dedicated to caring for my girls until they die.  Thanks.

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Rubis has been missing since 27/07/15.  We live in St Colomb de Lauzun, Lot et Garonne.  She is very slight, rich ginger and white. her left foreleg is ginger, with a white foot; her right foreleg is white.  She has two white cheeks and a white stripe running down her nose.  The other side of her nose is ginger.  She has a white breast and belly, but the back and hind legs are rich ginger.  She has a little white tip on the end of her tail.  She is beautiful.  we have searched everywhere, up trees, down ditches, on roadsides, in barns, spoken to neighbors, posted pictures in shops and post boxes.  She is on the website at SPA, The Phoenix Association, Chat Perdu, Pet Alert, Lot et Garonne and more besides.  She is chipped.  Please, if you see her - dead or alive, please do not hesitate to call me.  If you find her alive please keep her with you and call us immediately, anytime day or night.  Any costs will be reimbursed.  She was a slight build and prone to anaemia so our hopes are fading, but we cant give up hope just yet....please help.  Thanks.  Sue.   susiesuggs@hotmail.com 06 710 38967

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 Do dogs need to have a rabies injection to go from France to Spain?  Also, do they need a passport?

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Is it wise to have my dog vaccinated against rabies if it is never going to leave France?  Can it be done later if we do decide to take it "abroad"?

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Can anyone tell me is there such a thing as the RSPCA in France. We have a stray cat that visits every day for food but we think it's been caught in a trap about two months ago, the end of its tail dropped of but I think it's in need of help as it's not healing.  I don't want the expense of taking it to the vet as it's not my cat and can't afford vet  bills ( that's why we don't have any pets) can anyone make a suggestion ??

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I came across a dog locked in a car in full sun on Saturday at a supermarket.  I found security and took him over.  He made a note of the car registration and put out a call for the owner to return to the car.  He didnt feel he could do anything else like smash the window.  What are the rules about this here in France?  The owner had left the window slightly open and I put my hand in but it was absolutely roasting in there.  The dog was clearly in distress.  The owner turned up though.

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Can anyone recommend boarding kennels in the mont de marsan area? 

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I am thinking about getting some sheep to help with my land.  Does anyone know a farmer who may have some that he wants to move on, and how I would get them shorn?

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Has anyone any advice re costs and specifics of of getting a pet passport, microchip and rabies injection for a kitten?  I am hoping to take her over to the UK and back twio or three times a year.

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What is the correct procedure with an abandoned animal? Take it to the vet, the mairie?

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If so, then find out more about it by reading this article: http://www.thegoodlifefrance.com/expats-volunteer-opportunities-in-france-with-laarf/ Or join the LAARF volunteer network (Les Amis des Animaux en Refuges de France) on: Facebook: LAARF SPA Volunteer NetworkWebsite: laarf.comEmail: info@laarf.com

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Hi has anyone had their dog injected against ticks rather than using frontline? If so what sort of cost is it and do you know if it is more effective? My Dog had nine ticks on him tonight, and possibly more to be found.even though he has a tick collar and fibronil type (same as frontline) between his shoulderblades. After nearly losing a dog to ticks ten years ago I am a little paranoid about them, as is my dog and we don't like them even crawling around never mind biting. Each evening is a search and destroy time for us.

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just a warning, it's that time of year again and processional caterpillars are out and about.  They are very painful if touched so keep animals and children away.  I'm afraid boiling water is the best way to rid the danger.

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