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Hi all, does anybody know if this is possible, I am struggling to find info and all usual couriers have firearms on their prohibited lists! Thanks for any help.

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Hello, Do you know a good surfboard rental in Biarritz?

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Hi all, I have a Piaggio MP3 300LT (trike). I drive it on my car licence in the U.K., and have been driving 39 years, I want to take it & register it in France.  My insurance there told me I have to take a bike test to drive it in France, is this true?  As my French very limited I may of misunderstood...

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My husband's 67th birthday is fast approaching and for a present I would like to buy him some golf clubs. He's played a few times and borrowed a set so I know he enjoys it but my problem is I just do know where to start. There seems to be an awful lot of sets from an awful lot of different makers so I don't just want to take a stab in the dark.

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I have heard this mentioned recently and hope that a much needed imput of cash into this great and historic rugby club will bring them back up to the top 14.   It saddens me to see what was once such a great club with some amazing players of the game fall down into the PRO2.      My fingers are crossed that this will be the turning point for them and we get to see some of that basque passion back at the top level of french rugby again where it should rightfully be.    Love and stuff     Jamie x

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Dame Bertrande welcomes you for its 3rd Christmas fairat the Echo venue (on the domain’s grounds).Adress: Domaine de Dame Bertrande , lieu dit les guignards, 47120 ST ASTIEROn Saturday December the 2nd, between4pm and 10pm and on Sunday December the 3rd, between 10am and 6pm, artisans andproducers will be happy to welcome you and share a convivial moment with you. For those of you who enjoy good food, come and discover:duck produce, foie gras, honey, artisan beer, delicatessen, wine… Additionally,the possibility to lunch or dine on local food platters, oysters, pancakes andtaste our traditional mulled wine.Christmas themed items:Xmas deco, table deco, candles, jewels, etc.RAFFLEA great raffle is organised to support LeCaméléon sous la Lune association (dance and theatre classes for children). Amongst many prizes to win are: - Hot air balloon flight for two- Matching bed linen and bath towels- Wine from the Domaine de Dame Bertrande- Pampering session for one at Soi m’Aime in Duras- Etc.SATURDAY6pm A modern Christmas tale by the Caméléon sous la Lune theatre troupe.8pm Quiz night, general knowledge quiz with several prizes to win, fun for thewhole family, make up your team with friends and family – we recommend pre-bookingas the number of places is limitedSUNDAY2 to 5pm Poney rides for children(FREEENTRY) 

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Anyone know of any bars / cafes / clubs in/around Biarritz where live TV coverage of the British Lions rugby tour of New Zealand might be broadcast? Thanks.

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hello AllWe live at St Jean de Thurac 47270 9 kilometres from Agen 47000we have family coming in August just for a week 19 -26th looking to hire borrow or buy  a table tennis table and maybe some games swing ball  etc ( we have petanque items for them)  not really bothered if not tip top condition as just for the youngsters  to enjoy THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP RE THISThanks very much in advance Kate

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Does anyone know of any practising falconers within reach of the Correze? I was a keen falconer in UK, and would like to meet up to talk and to hunt. Thanks. 

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HiDoes anybody know about a good place to get yoga and / or pilates classes in Mont de Marsan or the surrounding areas?Lots of regards,Ditte

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...who is up for a challenge.  Lauzun area.  

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Can anyone recommend somewhere in the Mont de Marsan area where they do hacking out as opposed to lessons. Many thanks   

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Does anyone know where I can buy a metal detector to do some beachcombing?

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Whats the situation with personal insurance when hiring bicycles.  I guess the bike is covered by the hirer?

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I did at one time see a notice about weekly life drawing classes held in the region of Aire sur L'Adour. Does anyone know if these still exist? I am starting an MA in Book Illustration in September at Cambridge Art College and would like to join any such group.

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Does anyone know where I can enrol for the Spring La Feminine Fun Run this year?

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www.bicycles-for-humaniy.org accepts used VTT bikes in Pau. The first-ever french location of the international NGO was established in Pau last year. Donate your used, working bikes at the following official collection points; Giant Cycles Stephane Paulien, 1 Avenue du Corps Franc Pommies 64320 Bizanos, Pau   Specialized Elite Shop Allee Antoine de Bourbon, Zone Domaine du Roy 64320 Idron, Pau For more information and to get involved visit  www.bicycles-for-humanity.org

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I feel the need to get a bit fitter.  I used to play squash - are there any clubs in Pau?

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My niece has a thing about sea shells and loves to collect them and stick them on things.  Which are the best beaches to go to for a shell hunt please?

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My brother was a keen badminton player but gave up when we moved here.  He would quite like to take it up again but he hasn't found any clubs.  Does anyone know of any badminton courts around Orthez please?

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