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My husband's 67th birthday is fast approaching and for a present I would like to buy him some golf clubs. He's played a few times and borrowed a set so I know he enjoys it but my problem is I just do know where to start. There seems to be an awful lot of sets from an awful lot of different makers so I don't just want to take a stab in the dark.

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Mooveestaar 1372170808

Depends on your budget and his ability. Does he play often and has he ever mentioned his handicap? You can't go wrong with Ping or Callaway clubs but they aren't cheap. 

Moriarty 1372246366

hmm, might you consider instead buying him some golf lessons at a local club?  That way he'd be able to enjoy the sport as well, and learn a bit more about the sort of clubs that suit him, plus socialise and  make new friends?

Tumster 1372258382

That's a good idea. Do gold clubs do membership by the month? Can you just tunr up and play? Sorry, but I'm completely clueless about all this.

Moriarty 1372326046

Glad you like the suggestion.  Re. your question, I really don't know, but it's worth asking.  Often there's a trial membership.  I can't believe that a golf club would turn away someone ... everyone needs the business. Perhaps if you propose the sum you're prepared to pay, and see what they can offer ... say 3 lessons, 2 introductory plays, etc.  Let us know how you get on.  Glad 

Cheesy Puffs 1372344382

Gold clubs are pretty unique to each person. For instance some people like cavity back clubs, others like blades. Some like graphite shafts, others like steel. Also it depends on how tall he is as to get the best out of the clubs they would probably need to be 'fitted'.

Of course none of this really matters unless you play to a really high standard. If you're an average joe on a course it doesn't matter too much.

Tumster 1372764355

Thank you for the responses to my post and the the kind personal messages too. I think the general opinion is to get lessons and see if he gets into it that way. I think clubs and membership to courses are possibly a bit of a pie-in-the-sky idea at this point.

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Well a gift is a gift whatever its cost its has value.

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