Dance Therapy Group for Internationals

Posted by: Irene Anggreeni, MA · 1556720154

Dance therapy group for internationals in Rotterdam. Whether you're dealing with culture shock, loneliness, adaptation stress, be welcome to this safe community where we address these themes in a creative, embodied (not just talk) and integrative approach of dance movement psychotherapy. Non-expats are welcome. 

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About the program

You may relate to this, whether you're an expat or have been living here all your life! Feeling lonely, despite having a busy social life. Having lots of friends, but still missing your support network. Doing your best, adapting to a new culture, learning the language, growing your network... yet still not feeling at home.

Adaptation process can be hard, especially when you feel no one's got your back. When not addressed healthily, it may lead to stress, anxiety, depression and other mental (or physical) health problems.

By joining this wellbeing program, you will:

Learn an integrative bodymind approach to address your stress and life themes,

Practice soft skills & effective communication in a safe group,

Create more awareness and choice in your life,

In a comprehensive, dynamic program that has your mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing covered!

About the therapist

Irene Anggreeni, MA, dance movement psychotherapist with intercultural & corporate experience, facilitates the sessions. An ex-engineer/ academic expat from Indonesia, she’s breaking the taboo about mental health with this project. She’s launched this integrative therapy program based on creative, embodied (not just talk), mindful values of dance movement psychotherapy. For those, who find words are not (or have been) enough, and need extra community support to pull it through!