A Sample of Gouda


Photographer Vinita Salome and writer Persephone Abbott have combined their creative talents once again, this time as authors of the book 'A Sample of Gouda', a collection of photographs and short stories. The central theme throughout is Gouda, the Dutch city in South Holland known around the world due to the cheese which bears its name. 

Each of the 31 shorts is inspired by an image...of something or someplace in Gouda. While the story lines and characters are completely fictitious, they are certainly plausible according to John Graham-King, Managing Director of Angloinfo South Holland. "Gouda is a city of over 70,000 residents of which an estimated 20-25% come from a foreign background. This book puts words to the many hidden stories which are out there."

Vinita Salome and Persephone Abbott are also the duo behind the blog 'Nectar from Holland: The Bee's Tour with Vinita", which has been featured exclusively on Angloinfo since 2012. 

'A Sample of Gouda' was released on 30th June 2016 at a book signing event in Gouda and is now available at selected bookshops as well as online here: thebeestourwithvinita.com