Expat Advertising in Holland


For businesses in The Hague (Den Haag), Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and the rest of Zuid-Holland which would like to grow their sales by tapping into to the large expat population living in the region, Angloinfo South Holland is the best place to start advertising!



We believe advertisers get greater results when their advertisement appears in front of those expats with the highest potential for becoming clients (people who are already actively looking for that specific product or service), rather than having their advertising appear randomly to the local international community.

When a person goes to a specific page in our Directory, they have already decided they want something. They might be looking for a child care provider in Leiden, a Dutch language course in Rotterdam, an electrician in The Hague, a bike shop in Delft or hundreds of other things here in South Holland. The important thing is that they have already made that conscious decision to acquire something. Having your business highly visible to those potential clients when they go to a page to see their option, has a huge impact on the results you will get.  

This short 2-minute video explains how and why  advertising in the Angloinfo South Holland Directory generates higher results than general advertising on other expat websites. Please takes a look... 



Contact our advertising department to answer any questions you may, talk through the 3 options available, and get your advertising running as quickly as possible.

Team AI South Holland

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