Expat Advertising in Holland


Companies located in The Hague (Den Haag), Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and elsewhere in the culturally diverse province of South Holland are faced with a greater challenge than those in most other provinces when it comes effective marketing. In a nutshell, this challenge comes down to language. 

The local expat and international community is a sizable one. CBS stats show that over 50% of the residents of The Hague and Rotterdam have a foreign background. That means for more than 550,000 residents in these two cities alone, English is understood more than Dutch. How and where should a company advertise in English, to effectively reach those potential customers? 

The smartest place to start advertising in English is on Angloinfo South Holland. With us, you get the best return on your investment because you're not just advertising in English to local residents who may or may not be interested in your service. Rather you're advertising is reaching a select group of them, those with the highest possibility for converting to actual customers. These are the ones who are already actively searching for the exact service or product your company offers. 


Why Angloinfo South Holland?

Businesses get better results from their advertising investment when that advertising appears in front of people who are already actively looking for that specific product or service. This is the benefit 'search marketing' has over all other forms of digital advertising and why it provides the greatest return. Those potential customers have already made the decision they need or want something. What they haven't figured out yet is where to get it which is why they are searching to see what their options are. 

Because Angloinfo South Holland shows up at the top of organic results for hundreds of service and product categories in the key South Holland cities (like The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden), those searchers click through to our website to see what their options are. The businesses that standout to them when they first arrive on our site, are the ones who generate the most referrals and business. The easier it is for the searcher to see your business offers exactly what they are looking for in the area they need it, the higher the results.   

This short 2-minute video provides a simple overview of the how and why  advertising to local English-speaking residents on Angloinfo South Holland generates a better return than advertising on other expat websites. 



Contact our advertising department to answer any questions you may have, talk through the 3 options that are available and to get your advertising running as quickly as possible.

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