Expat Advertising in Holland


Businesses in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and elsewhere in the culturally diverse region of South Holland face a unique challenge when it comes to effectively marketing to potential customers...language.

Businesses that only advertise in Dutch are missing out on the sizable (and growing) segment of international residents who speak and understand English, but not Dutch.   

According to the national statistics bureau, CBS, The Hague and Rotterdam both have more residents with a foreign background than they do native Dutch residents. Foreign residents are much more likely to understand English than they are Dutch.

Angloinfo South Holland helps companies effectively reach this segment of the market. 

With us, you get the best return for your advertising investment because your English-language ad gets in front of those with the highest potential of becoming your customers, English-speakers actively looking for the same goods or services your company offers here in South Holland.  

Why Angloinfo South Holland?

This short 2-minute video provides a simple overview of the how and why an advertisement on Angloinfo South Holland generates a better return than advertising on other expat websites. 



Contact our advertising department with any questions you may have or to discuss which of the 3 advertising options will work best for your category of business.

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