Custom Furniture


De Stoof offers expertise and innovation in custom designed, contemporary solid-wood furniture. Our goal is to create an end product which doesn't just meet your expectations, but exceeds them. We welcome you in our showroom in The Hague area for a coffee and to discuss your needs.

Custom-made soft furnishings and decor

The design is in the detail... which may be the unique shape of a cabinet, the eye-catching handles on a solid-oak wardrobe, the texture of a fabric used to upholster a chair or the wood finish used on a dining room table. Customizing furniture requires true craftsmanship, because first and foremost, it must function perfectly... drawers, doors, hinges, hardware.

Our professional handiwork is the difference between quality custom-made furniture and furniture that is mass produced. 

Solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture often provides a benefit in matching other elements within a typical home. Its robust appearance adds a feeling of warmth to a home, but it's the physical characteristics of solid wood, which make it the popular choice for furniture.  

Home or office decor

Whether you are looking for furniture or decor items for your home or office, the De Stoof showroom offers a wide range of styles to choose from, as the final product or with adjustments to fit your needs.  

Own furniture design

Our website provides a comprehensive look into the many ways we can work with wood to create a tables, chair, sofa, cupboard, entertainment center, bed frame, headboard, dresser and even even outdoor furniture we can make for you.


Please do visit the De Stoof showroom, conveniently located in Leidschendam (just off the A4 motorway) between The Hague, Zoertermeer, Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. If you have a question about the possibilities, feel free to call us to discuss.

We look forward to satisfying your furniture needs.