Divorce Support Group "Starting Over"

Posted by: Vassia Sarantopoulou-Psychologist/Counselor · 1486679844

Divorce and Breakup from a long-term relationship is one of the most stressful events that can happen to a human being. In our culture we rush to put a lid on emotions and the natural process that needs to happen to move forward successfully and freely. But you can't skip emotional steps! Just burying the feelings will not help us to learn from our experience, live authentically, or move forward with real freedom.

We are forming a peer-led support group for men and women who are in any stage of separation, divorce or post-divorce. Our counselor (Vassia Sarantopoulou, Psychologist-Counselor) holds the scientific background to support us through such an overwhelming experience.

We meet bi-monthly to help each other navigate the emotional roller coaster we all experience while going through this difficult time in our lives. We also share our personal experiences on getting through the legal process as this can seem quite overwhelming when life as you know it has been turned upside-down.

Some of the topics we go through are: 
-Recognizing what's happening to me
​-Dealing with loss
​-Dealing with rejection 
​-Dealing with blame
-The road to finding help
-Facing my anger
-Facing my depression
-Facing my loneliness
-Setting boundaries 
-Financial Survival
-Children Care
-New Relationships
-Moving On

At our meetings we provide positive support in a NON-JUDGMENTAL setting where each member has a chance to discuss the evening's topic or any issue that is relevant to his/her situation.

DO NOT FORGET: While divorce is an end of a marriage, it also provides the opportunity for starting over and rebuilding the life you want.  

Bring only your concerns, questions, open minds and warm hearts!

Contact me for details 

FEES: 20€ for every meeting. 
DAYS: Different day for each place  
TIME: Evening time 
PLACE: The Hague - Leiden - Rotterdam - Haarlem 

**Your presence means a lot to other people who are counting on your support, so please join us only if you feel attending almost every meeting.**