FVB De Boer Financial Consultants are specialists in the area of expat mortgages for the international community here in Holland, with a full understanding of the additional hurdles expats face when trying to purchase a property in the Netherlands.

Earlier this year, a new European banking regulation went into effect which has had an unintended negative impact on many expats trying to secure a home loan in Holland. The so called Mortgage Credit Directive stipulates that if you earn your salary in a foreign currency (other than the Euro), you can request a mortgage from your bank in that currency. The result has been to effectively scare off all Dutch banks from providing financing to anyone who is paid in a foreign currency, in order to avoid having to fund any mortgages in foreign currencies.

The banks' fears are based on a misinterpretation of the legislation. They are not forced to provide a non-Euro mortgage just because the applicant has a non-Euro income. But rather than spending a little time to research and understand this directive, Dutch banks have collectively decided to reject mortgage applications from applicants in Holland who are not paid in Euros. This has created a real problem for the expat community, as well as the country because the Dutch have always been welcoming to internationals who want to work and live here. The Netherlands needs expats. Migrants of all types enrich this country in so many ways, and play a key role in the country's economic success. 

Luckily FVB De Boer has been able to find mortgage solutions for many clients in Holland with non-euro incomes, but not for all of them. If you earn your income in USD, Swiss Francs, Norwegian Kronen or any other currency outside the EU we can probably be of assistance. Where issues remain are expats who are paid in British Pounds or Swedish/Danish Kronen.

If this issue is affecting your ability to secure a home loan in Holland, or you just want to make sure you have the best financial team working on your mortgage needs, contact FVB De Boer today!

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