Pets for Adoption in Vlaardingen


The Nieuwe Waterweg Vlaardingen animal shelter has a range of pets available for adoption, including dogs, cats and rabbits.

If you go to the DOGS or CATS pages on our website, you will find photos of many of these pets.

Please note:

  • Those marked 'ik heb baas' are no longer at the shelter.
  • Those labeled 'gereserveerd' are no longer available.
  • Those marked 'voldoende geintereseerden' means they are popular and there has been enough interest already expressed in them to likely result in a placement and would ask you to consider others. 
  • When cats are labeled 'paarse spion', 'oranje assistent' en 'groene uitslover', it has to do with the 'Meet Your Match' adoption program.

Do you have an interest in adopting one of our available pets? Please contact us at or call 010-4345335.

See also our procedure/terms (available in Dutch only).