Tell your story - podcast challenge

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Unique challenge to share your story


Internationals in the Netherlands are being asked to take part in a unique challenge to crowdsource a podcast via WhatsApp.


To mark the launch of the Here in Holland Podcast this week podcast producer Andy Clark is collecting stories via WhatsApp audio message in a bid to make the first ever podcast crowdsourced this way.


Internationals are being asked to share stories of the first challenge they successfully faced when arriving in the Netherlands.


The audio message should describe the moment the challenge came up, how it was successfully faced and how it affected the view of life in the Netherlands after the event.


“I am looking for people to share the stories of their small victories which are so important as an international. Hearing these stories will be great fun and help create a feeling of togetherness in the international community,” says producer Andy Clark.


Audio messages should be no more than two minutes long.


The topic is wide open. The stories can be personal or work-related about things lost in translation, first meetings, cycling, food, culture, making friends, discovering great places to go and just about anything else.


“No story is too small, as long as it is a story about a victory, a positive early experience that helped in feeling at home in the Netherlands. This is an interesting project to make, as far as I know, the world’s first ever podcast crowdsourced in this way,” says Andy.


The WhatsApp number is 06 124 28 387. Send and audio message to take part in the crowdsource podcast challenge.


You can also email at [email protected] - more details at