A collection of 31 short stories, each inspired by a photograph. The location setting for each story, and the accompanying image, are from the charming Dutch city of Gouda, known around the world because of the cheese which bears its name. 

A Sample of Gouda

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About the book and authors...

Known to Angloinfo South Holland readers as the team behind Nectar From Holland (2012-2016), writer Persephone Abbott and photographer Vinita Salome join creative forces again on this, their second book.

All 31 short stories in A Sample of Gouda are works of fiction, but they are certainly plausible. Gouda is a city with over 70,000 residents of which an estimated 20-25% have foreign roots. This book imagines the unheard voices that may well be out there. John Graham-King, Managing Director of Angloinfo South Holland, the information source for expats and the English-speaking community of Zuid-Holland, contributed the Foreward to A Sample of Gouda.

A Sample of Gouda