Living in South Holland: life in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden in English! Information for the English-speaking international community in the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland. Local expat business directory, information guides, events calendar, forum discussions, classified ads, expat blogs.


Angloinfo South Holland provides English-speakers living in (or planning a move to) Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Leiden, Wassenaar, Gouda, Dordrecht or elsewhere in the province of Zuid-Holland, Netherlands with essential information regarding residency, employment, healthcare, education and transportation. This can be found in our HOW TO guides.

You'll also find a local BUSINESS DIRECTORY and a calendar of local EVENTS, along with DISCUSSIONS and CLASSIFIEDS

Angloinfo South Holland Expat BLOGS offer exclusive insight to international life in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands:

The HOW TO section is broken down into 8 key topic areas

  • Moving to Holland (information on immigration, Dutch citizenship, residency, moving pets, Netherlands country overview and South Holland regional facts and figures)
  • Housing in Holland (information on renting an apartment, buying a home, building permits and Dutch property terms)
  • Working in Holland (information on finding a job, work permits, Dutch employment contracts, unemployment benefits and starting a business in the Netherlands)  
  • Finances in Holland (information on Dutch income taxes, vehicle taxes, sales taxes, banking and social security)
  • Family Life in Holland (information on education and schooling, children's health, Dutch childcare, youth programs, marriage and partnerships)
  • Healthcare in Holland (information on health insurance requirements, rights for the disabled, Dutch medical terms, pregnancy and birth) 
  • Transportation in Holland (information on trains and public transport, local airports, driving on Dutch roads, vehicle ownership and driver licenses)
  • Sports in Holland (information on Dutch national sporting associations, golfing, sailing, hunting and fishing)
  • Food & Drink in Holland (information on Dutch cuisine, grocery shopping, alcohol and smoking laws)
  • Lifestyle in Holland (information on English-language entertainment, festivals, shopping and sightseeing in South Holland)


The BUSINESS DIRECTORY is broken down into 15 major categories


The EVENTS section can be sorted by type of event, such as

The DISCUSSIONS forum is divided into 10 topic categories

 The CLASSIFIEDS section is divided into 6 categories