Boutique Pilates studio in The Hague Willemspark area specialised in private sessions with a highly personalized programme and remedial work with Balanced Body apparatus. Call for booking. Tram 9. Bloom | House of Health - Koninginnegracht 28, Den Haag

Pilates studio for expats diplomats internationals located in The Hague Netherlands

You only have one body. Listen to it! Learn it! Love it!

Located in an elegant historic building at Koninginnegracht 28 in The Hague Willemspark-Archipel area is ASPIRE Pilates, a boutique studio dedicated to effective Pilates practice.

With an abundance of natural light and view of the garden, it provides an ideal setting for the discerning Pilates student.

The ASPIRE Pilates studio offers one-to-one customized workout sessions. Equipment work is performed on Balanced Body apparatus, the California brand at the forefront of Pilates technology and innovative design.

Pilates at Aspire is not a mere set of exercises performed ad nauseam; we teach connections and communication: You to You; your mind to your body; your body to your mind. Specific results might vary from student to student; but there is one common denominator — transformation! 

Our Pilates studio welcomes people of all ages and experience levels.

ASPIRE quality instruction. Open seven days a week.



ASPIRE Pilates

by No Big Names
Koninginnegracht 28
2514 AB The Hague
TEL: 061 153 3323