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professional Dutch and English-speaking life coach in Netherlands

With over 10 years of experience coaching clients, Jessica Hoek has found that people facing challenges usually know deep down what needs to be done. The solution becomes apparent while answering pointed questions. Jessica is astute at identifying those key questions. Her specialty is tapping into options available to the client. Jessica likes to infuse humour and lightheartedness into her coaching sessions but isn't afraid to confront clients when necessary.

As a coach, Jessica strives to enhance each client's personal development by nurturing pro-activity and stimulating effective communication. Creativity and interaction are key stepping stones for successful growth. 

A unique scenario common for expats...

The moving boxes have been unpacked. Your partner is off to start that new job which brought you both to Holland. Now what?

It is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Inspiration is the engine that drives change, allowing you to move forward along an unfamiliar road, one which may have unexpected twists and turns. Let Jessica help you re-establish and find fulfillment in your new situation! 

About Jessica Hoek and Base Coaching & Training...

  • Jessica Hoek is a professional life coach, certified by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council of the Netherlands.
  • Jessica conducts coaching sessions face-to-face (in the Gouda office), over the phone or via Skype. Email today to set up a free intake session.
  • Read what some of Jessica's clients have to say about Base Coaching & Training HERE 

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