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The Hague Netherlands cosmetics clinic for botox fillers anti-aging treatments

Kliniek MCL, located in The Hague (Den Haag) Loosduinen area of the Netherlands, offers a range of cosmetic procedures to improve skin quality, remove scars and reduce the effects of aging…

Softening Wrinkles and Frown Lines - Wrinkles and frown lines are a natural occurrence with aging, as the skin starts to loss elasticity and facial muscles get tighter. To combat this there are two common treatments: Bocouture injections which (temporarily) paralyzes the muscles causing the wrinkles and Juvederm or Stylage injections to fill the existing wrinkles.

Replacing Lost Face Volume - Facial volume loss is caused by a reduction of subcutaneous fat, muscle and bone. This can be addressed with a filler treatment such as Radiesse.

Minimizing Puffiness and Dark Circles - This condition happens as older skin becomes thinner and sags. To offset this effect, a hyaluronic acid is used as a filler. The brands we use are Juvederm and Stylage.

Smoothing Acne and Surgical Scars - Pimples can happen at any time, young or old. Heightened hormones cause pores to enlarge, which in turn increases the possibility of bacteria or dead skin cells getting caught in the pores. The result is the minor inflammation known as a pimple. Scarring happens when pimples become infected. The best treatment for getting rid of acne or surface-level surgical scars is a chemical peel.

Treating Excessive Sweating - If you suffer from excessive sweating (most common places are the armpits, hands and feet), botulinum toxin (the active ingredient in Botox) is an effective treatment. It is injected into the specific area which deadens the nerves responsible for sending signals to the brain to produce sweat. We use the brand Bocouture.

Reversing Hair - Loss Hair loss is a common occurrence with aging, caused by the body's natural reduction of hyaluronic acid. XL Hair is a successful treatment for hair loss. It is a mixture of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and nutrients. Replenishing the body's level of hyaluronic acid nourishes the scalp and reactivates growth in hair follicles.

Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Facelift - PRP treatments provide results similar to those you get with a surgical face lift by stimulating collagen production which firms up the skin, restores facial volume and reduces fine wrinkles.

Lany Pradjarahardja is a licensed cosmetic doctor ('cosmetisch arts') certified by the NVCG.

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