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South Holland based electricians and plumbers for all repairs, maintenance and installation services anywhere in Randstad area including Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Delft, Wassenaar, Amsterdam, Utrecht. Stadionweg 43C, Rotterdam

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De Woningwachter | The House Guardian is your all-around home repair and home improvement service for Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht and the entire Randstad area.

De Woningwachter services:

Looking for a painter who can repaint a room or the outside of your house? De Woningwachter painters will advise you of the options and make sure your home is painted just as you want it.

Handyman Services
For all repairs and maintenance inside and outside your home, De Woningwachter can handle all your needs. From connecting new appliances, fixing leaks and clearing clogged toilets or drains to putting together ready-to-assemble furniture, refinishing floors or repainting a room.

Kitchen/Bathroom Renovations
Our construction contractors handle your larger projects like kitchen/bathroom remodels, basement/attic room conversions and patio decking.

Window Replacement
Broken or cracked window pane? No matter what the size or type of glass, De Woningwachter can provide a temporary solution for emergencies and replace the glass as soon as possible. If you want to replace old, drafty windows, we can handle this for you as well.

Is your heating system malfunctioning, sewer clogged or faucet leaking? Our licensed plumber will fix it for you.

Do you have a short-circuit causing issues in your home? Or perhaps you want anew ceiling light installed or want to add some additional electrical outlets to a room? Whatever your electrical needs, our certified electrician is on standby.

Damaged roof caused by a storm or a leak in the ceiling? Our roofer is on standby to fix it. If it can't be repaired straightaway, a temporary solution will be provided.

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About De Woningwachter

"De Woningwachter" (The House Guardian) is the reliable, trustworthy partner for all home-related repair, maintenance and improvement services no matter where you live in Zuid-Holland or the Randstad area.

Subscription and One-Off Service

De Woningwachter offers subscription services at 3 levels of care: Basic, Plus and Premium. The House Guardian is all about care-free living. No longer will you need to worry about something breaking or becoming damaged. With a De Woningwachter subscription, you can rest assured it will be repaired by an experience professional.

De Woningwachter also offers one-off care, for those emergency situations or when you are interested in a specific home improvement such as repainting, exterior facade cleaning or a room remodel/conversion.


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