English-speaking consultants advising expats living and working throughout Holland on financial matters including mortgages, investments for retirement and life planning. Call for an appointment in The Hague area (Gang 3, Wassenaar) or Amsterdam (J. Verhulststraat 163hs).

FVB De Boer financial consultants mortgage advisors for expats in The Hague Amsterdam Netherlands

When it comes to expat mortgages, FVB De Boer Financial Consultants is always committed to what is best for the client. We earn your trust by providing the best independent advice with absolutely no ambiguity. The recent changes in the European Mortgage Credit Directive have adversely impacted expats ability to secure home loans, especially those who are paid in a currency other than the Euro. FVB De Boer Financial Consultants are the only advisors in the Netherlands who have come up with solutions for many expats that have been impacted by the new regulation. This includes expats who are paid in currencies such as US Dollars, Swiss Francs, Japanese Yen and Indian Rupees.   

How can FVB De Boer Financial Consultants help you with your home loan, financial investments, insurances or life planning when living in Holland?

Here is just an overview...

  • Initial meeting to evaluate the clients financial needs (with follow up meetings if needed)
  • Customized advice on the appropriate types of types mortgages available
  • Client profile creation
  • Analyse clients personal financial situation
  • Compilation of interest rate quotations from various banks
  • Guidance in selecting the most suitable financial instrument
  • Appraisal request
  • Document review and filing
  • Provide civil-law notary options and initiate contact
  • Review property deed and final settlement
  • Review options for required home insurances
  • If necessary, attend closing
  • Ongoing communication during the entire mortgage process
  • Arrange for provisional income tax refund if required
  • Administer any (employment, family, living situation) change submissions to mortgage bank if required
  • Ongoing availability post-settlement to advise and answer any client questions 



FVB De Boer

Financial Consultants

Wassenaar/The Hague  T: +31 (0)70 511 8788
Amsterdam  T: +31 (0)20 664 5578



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