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The name Netherlands (or Nederland as the Dutch say), translates in English to "lowlands", a reference the flat elevation and polder landscape characteristic of this tiny country in northwest Europe. Long ago, it was a common way to reference a region (for example, the British midlands or the Scottish highlands).

People outside the country quite often think that Holland and the Netherlands are one and the same. But in fact, Holland is a region within the Netherlands. The country of the Netherlands is divided into 12 provinces; 2 of these provinces make up the region known as of Holland. They are North Holland (in Dutch Noord-Holland) and South Holland (in Dutch Zuid-Holland). 

So why does it seem like Holland is a more popular name for the country than the Netherlands? One has to look back to the Dutch "Golden Years", when the vast majority of trade and shipping occurred in the provinces of Holland. It was where all the money and power was based. 

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