The Rotterdam Little Super Stars Butterfly daycare group for babies and toddlers ages 0-4 years offers a warm, homey environment where your child can grow and develop under the care of our professional and certified pedagogical staff. 

Little Super Stars is a unique combination of professional child care with a personal approach. In a warm environment, enthusiastic, permanent and qualified pedagogical staff provide care for children ages 0 to 12 years. In our cheerful and safe rooms children can have fun. Little Super Stars is the ideal place from which a child can explore the world.

Professionalism and quality are our primary focus through the implementation of a unique and responsible pedagogical policy. Little Super Stars strives to continually improve its services and to cater to the developmental needs of your child.

Butterflies 0 - 4 Years

The Butterflies group is vertically arranged, with children up to 4 years of age having contact with the same teaching staff. They develop within their own group. The youngest learn from the older children and the older children gain self-confidence because they become leaders themselves. 

Caterpillars 3+ Years

The Caterpillars group is designed for children 3+ years of age. This toddler group follows a 3+ programme, playfully preparing the for primary school. We do this by stimulating language development, but also by purposefully developing the socio-emotional, cognitive, creative and motor skills. In addition, we also devote a lot of attention to physical activity and the children participate in peutergym every day.

Little Super Stars Benefits

 - Solid and trusted employees

 - Healthy warm meals

 - Music lessons

 - Toddler dance

 - Rabbits and exotic fish

 - Fun educational themes

 - Preparation for primary school

BSO/AfterSchool Care

BSO Little Superstars is a young, athletic, after-school program in Rotterdam South. Our concept is Sports & Games. Sports and games are not only fun, sociable and healthy but also developmentally constructive and educational. 

In a safe, trusted sports area, Little Super Stars BSO offers much more than just out-of-school care. Children like to be in motion. They are full of energy and want to do things. At Little Super Stars BSO there are no dull mandatory programs or personnel who are clock-watchers! Our big site enables us to offer a wide variety of sports.


Groenehilledijk 282 E, 3074 AE Rotterdam Zuid

Tel: 010 - 2109 254  |  Email:

LRK: 131099516

Hours: Monday to Friday 07:30-18:30

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