Fun activity for kids in Rotterdam city center area. Largest indoor mini world replica in Benelux. Trains move through the Dutch countryside and in the city. Watch streetlamps illuminate as night begins to fall. Open Wed to Sun. 5-min walk from Central Station.


The greatest in the smallest details

Miniworld Rotterdam has been awarded the public prize of ‘Most Fun Attraction’ in the South of Holland in 2012, 2013 and again in 2015! For a unique experience, this is the place to be. Come along to this wonderful 535m² miniature world and enjoy the recognizable Dutch landscapes with numerous scenes which will arouse the imagination. There is a whole world to discover! 

Unique experience for all ages

Vast, rural polder landscapes are combined with the modern and historic architecture of the city of Rotterdam in miniature, including the largest indoor miniature port of Europe where 27,000 residents live and work. Look closely and you will discover many surprising details. 

Day and night

Experience an entire Miniworld day in less than half an hour. Every 24 minutes, night falls on the miniature world. Overhead lights in the Miniworld showroom dim while the lights from miniature lamp posts, buildings and vehicles come on, giving visitors an enchanting night view.