Volunteer opportunities for members of the international community in The Hague area who do not understand Dutch. We match English-speaking volunteers with openings at local non-profit organizations, schools, municipal offices. Riviervismarkt 2, Den Haag

Did you know that there are almost 300 volunteer opportunities for non-Dutch speaking internationals on Volunteer The Hague’s website? Which means that there is probably something for you in your skill set if you take a look on Volunteer The Hague.  

Volunteer The Hague provides you the opportunity to help out with the community while finding your way into the city of The Hague. It allows you to make more connections whether you are on the hunt for a job in the tough employment market, studying or just simply looking for a new way to contribute to the society.

We also host our own networking events inviting internationals in The Hague interested in volunteering as well as different local non-profit organizations. This gives you the opportunity to meet organisations face to face to understand them more in depth through their presentations and to get an exclusive chance to meet one of our special guest speakers.

During our events you are able to also connect and network with other volunteers and directly sign up for a volunteer job of your choice!

Volunteer The Hague part of the local non-profit organisation PEP Participatie Emancipatie Professionals and is sponsored by the Municipality of The Hague.

Take a look now for more information at Volunteer The Hague