Accountants, Auditors & Tax Advisors

Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and The Hague tax advisors ('belastingadviseurs') plus accountants and bookkeeping services for for expats, small business owners ('ondernemer') and freelancers.

Deloitte offers accounting and expat tax services in The Hague - Leiden - Rotterdam areas on such matters as international tax planning, VAT, estate planning, company formation and tax procedures. Schenkkade 47, Den Haag; Wilhelminaplein 1, Rotterdam
Ralphs Tax Service
U.S. tax advisors in The Hague area prepare and file U.S. tax returns for American citizens living in the Netherlands. New or amended tax filings and I.R.S. appeals handled. Office adjacent to Den Haag Centraal train station
Rotterdam area tax advisors providing financial advice and Dutch tax return preparation for personal income tax, VAT quarterly filings, questions about withholding tax, gift tax and inheritance tax. Barbizonlaan 70, 2900 AJ Capelle aan den Ijssel.
Slof & van der Meer Accountants
Bookkeeping, tax and accounting services in Delft's Voorhof area. Halfway between the Central and Zuid Delft train stations. Vulcanusweg 263A, 2624 AV Delft.
RELATED INFO: Details about Dutch income taxes related to owning a sole proprietorship business, self-employment deduction, startup deduction and small business profit exemption can be found HERE
Dutch tax advisers in The Hague - Rotterdam area specialized in expat taxes and returns, 30%-ruling, tax planning, inheritance tax. Offers no-cure, no-pay agreement, where possible. Free tax review. Jupiter 65, Poeldijk WEBSITE
Van Dongen Advies
Accountant and tax adviser in The Hague area servicing Dutch and English-speaking residents. Personal and small business tax return preparation and filing, end of year accounting statements. Havenstraat 60a, 2681 LC Monster, Zuid-Holland
Troost Accountantskantoor
Accountants and auditors providing year end accounts, tax advice and accountancy services. Maseratilaan 4, 3261 NA Oud Beijerland 
Grant Thornton
International financial consulting, accounting firm offering tax, fiscal and administrative advice, auditing services in Rotterdam, Leiden, Gouda and The Hague area (Rijswijk) offices to Dutch and foreign business clients.
Mooijman Accountants & Belastingadviseurs
Dutch accountants, tax advisors and payroll administrators located near The Hague and Delft. Hofweg 11, 2631 XD Nootdorp.
Rijksbelastingdienst Haaglanden
The Dutch tax bureau (Belastingdienst) regional office for The Hague area. Open Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00. Metro E, Tram 3/4 (Beatrixlaan). Prinses Beatrixlaan 512, 2595 BL Den Haag
The Hague area financial services firm offering payroll processing, tax and social security analysis for foreign companies, expat residents, and business owners. Johan de Wittlaan 15, 2517 JR Den Haag
GBA Adviseurs
Tax advisers and accountants providing financial, tax and fiscal advice catering to small and medium size businesses and enterprises. Eisenhowerlaan 134, Den Haag
Borrie Expatriate Services
Accounting, financial and tax services for businesses in Holland with international employees. Payroll management. Assistance for foreign companies with a Dutch business startup in Netherlands. Offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
Learn about the three residency status rules that could apply to an expat when filing a personal income tax return in Holland - resident, partial non-resident and non-resident, as well as qualified allowances, by clicking HERE.
Coney Rotterdam
Auditing of financial statements supported by data analysis. The audit approach centers around the business' processes, transactions and people. Van Nelleweg 1207, 3044 BC Rotterdam.
Accountants in The Hague area (Delft) offering payroll processing, accounting, auditing, tax advice and return preparation services (income taxes and VAT filings). International department for English-speakers. Olof Palmestraat 24, 2616 LS Delft.
Van der Zwaard Belastingadviseur
Dutch tax advisors for individuals, businesses. Financial reporting, internal auditing, funding help, profitability studies, tax and estate planning, equity valuation and tax declaration preparation and filing. Scheveningseweg 11, 2517 KS Den Haag
EY Rotterdam
International consulting firm offering accounting, tax services in Rotterdam area to organizations, business and corporations. Bookkeeping, financial and industry sector analysis. Accessible by metro (Leuvehaven). Boompjes 258, Rotterdam.
Tax advisors in Rotterdam centrum area, specializing in tax preparation, returns for foreign residents (expats). Metro A/B/C (Oostplein). Goudsesingel 170, 3011 KD Rotterdam
Smit en De Wolf
Accountants and tax advisors in The Hagues Willemspark area, offering accounting services, perparation and filing of Dutch tax returns, auditing. Accessible by trams #1, 10 (Vredepaleis). Scheveningseweg 10, 2517 KT Den Haag.
Gerrits Accountants
Corporate accounting, audting, financial lawyers and Dutch tax advisors in Rotterdam city center. The firm's partners have extensive experience with international companies in areas such as labor and tenancy law. Westplein 11, 3016 BM Rotterdam
U.S. tax consultant in The Hague solves IRS problems and prepares US income tax returns and foreign bank account reports for Americans living abroad. Office located in The Hague.
Tax & Service Solutions
Tax advisors in Dordrecht helping expatriates to file their tax declarations in an easy, accessible and professional way at an affordable rate. Riouwstraat 12, 3312 XL Dordrecht
EY The Hague
International financial consultants offering tax and accounting services in The Hagues Benoordenhout area to organizations, business and corporations. Bookkeeping, financial and industry sector analysis. Wassenaarseweg 80, 2596 CZ Den Haag
Tax Consultants International
Rotterdam tax consulting firm offering financial accounting, legal tax advice to Dutch or international companies and individuals. Income tax preparation, business startup/ structuring, payroll services, compliance, VAT. Stationsplein 45, Rotterdam
Maurits Advies
Tax consultants and advisors in The Hague. Financial advice, tax filing for individuals, businesses, organizations. Expat services for residents and for companies (foreign/domestic) employing workers in the Netherlands. Eisenhowerlaan 114, Den Haag
Baker Tilly Berk
International accounting firm with Zuid-Holland offices in The Hague, Leiden, Gouda, Rotterdam. Expat tax consult, tax return prep/filing, social security/pension advice. Corporate tax services and assistance setting up a business in the Netherlands.
Residentie Financial Services
Professional accountants providing general accountancy and bookkeeping services. Tax return preparation in The Hague area. Advice on the 30% tax ruling, setting up a business, and other expat related issues. Papelaan 12, Monster
Djent Administratie
Financial administration services for expat residents, entrepreneurs and international businesses operating in the Netherlands. Income tax advice for individuals, quarterly VAT tax filings and annual P&Ls for companies. Groningseweg 1, Barendrecht
PWC Rotterdam
PWC has multiple locations in South Holland. Accountants and tax advisors in the Rotterdam area. Return preparation and filing. Private individuals, small businesses or corporations handled. Fascinatio Boulevard 350, 3065 WB Rotterdam
Laureau Tax Services
Tax services for expats include personal income tax returns, social security advice, application filing for 30% tax ruling, communication with Dutch tax department on behalf of client. Located in The Hague Statenkwartier. Bentinckstraat 15A, Den Haag
BDO Accountants
Worldwide B2B accounting, auditing and tax advice firm with Zuid-Holland, Netherlands office locations in The Hague (Rijswijk), Dordrecht, Leiden, Rotterdam and Alphen aan den Rijn. Also estate planning for high-wealth individuals, business consulting.
Blue Clue
Tax advisors in The Hague (Rijswijk) and Amsterdam (Schiphol), offering financial consulting, accounting and tax advice to international companies and expats. Corporate restructuring, auditing, litigation, immigration, trusts.
Dutch accounting and tax firm with South Holland offices in The Hague, Rotterdam and Capelle aan den Ijssel. Advice for high wealth individuals and entrepreneurs. Watermanweg 80, 3067 GG Rotterdam
PWC The Hague
PWC has multiple locations though out the Netherlands. Providing tax advise, return preparation and filing for Dutch taxes to the international individual, small business or corporation. Prinses Margrietplantsoen 46, 2595 BR Den Haag
Van Oeveren Accountants
Administrative consultants providing salary administration, advice and accountancy services. Laan De Veren Naties 99, 2622 PD Delft.
The Hague - Rotterdam area Dutch tax consultants offer services for expats including tax return preparation/filing, a review of past years' returns, quarterly VAT filings and annual statements for business owners. Jupiter 65, Poeldijk
Bunnig & Partners
Dutch accounting firm in Leiden offers financial administration (bookkeeping), tax advice (corporate and small business) and salary/payroll administration services. Located in the Fortuinwijk area. Vijf Meilaan 135A, 2321 RK Leiden
LIMES International
Dutch tax advisers and accounting firm in Leiden-Wassenaar area offers services to corporations (operating in Holland and internationally), private indivduals and expat residents. Also payroll, legal and HR support. Voorschoterweg 23G, Valkenburg&nbs...
Park Lane Tax Consultants
English-speaking accountant and Dutch tax advisor in The Hague offers personal tax return preparation and filing, annual reports for businesses and related services. WTC - Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33, 2595 AM Den Haag 
Visser & Visser Accountants
Corporate and small-business accounting services in Dordrecht-Rotterdam area: offices in Barendrecht, Dordrecht, Gouda, Middelharnis and Oud-Beijerland. Auditing, payroll processing, tax advice. Wilgenbos 2, 3311 JX Dordrecht.