Apartments & Houses For Rent: The Hague Area

The Hague (Den Haag) area house and apartment rentals ('verhuur') including Wassenaar, Delft, Scheveningen, Statenkwartier, Voorburg, Leidschendam and Rijswijk. Housing agents (makelaars) with studio flats and 1-3 bedroom apartments/homes.  

Vesting Vastgoed
Short and long term rentals (rooms, studios, flats, apartments, houses) in all areas of The Hague (Scheveingen, Zeeheldenkwatier, Bezuidenhout, Centrum, Ypenburg, Statenkwartier, Rijswijk). Laan van Meerdervoort 271, Den Haag.
Direct Wonen
Housing agents with homes and apartments for rent in The Hague, Delft, Rijswijk, Wateringen, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Wassenaar, Zoetermeer. Online property portal in English. Nieuwe Duinweg 24, 2587 AD Den Haag.
van t Hof Rijnland - The Hague
Local office of Hof Rijnland property management firm. English-speaking clients services for housing needs, including both apartments and homes for rent and lease in The Hague area. Carolina van Nassaustr 351, 2595 SV Den Haag.
Real Estate City
Housing services for clients looking to rent or buy apartments, homes in The Hague area. Also offers services to those wishing to sell or lease their property. Office located in the city center at Lange Voorhout 25, Den Haag
Two highrise residential towers (formerly ministry buildings) in the downtown area of The Hague, near Central Station and the Turfmarkt. 132 residential apartment rentals on the 7th-18th floors, retail spaces on the ground floor and Leiden University The....
4-storey building in The Hague Waalsdorp area, near Bronov Hospital and Clingendael Estate. Modern kitchens with major appliances installed, garden, terraces. Open house every Thu 13:00-15:00. Model apt: Van Hogenhoucklaan 95 V, 2597 Den Haag
Property rental agents with furnished/unfurnished apartments for rent in The Hague, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Scheveningen and surroundings. Relocation assistance services also available. Van Loostraat 90, 2582 XG Den Haag
Rots-Vast Delft
Housing agents offering property search to expats, internationals and foreign students moving to Delft area (including Rijswijk, Wateringen, Nootdorp, Pijnacker, Westland). Office is in city center. Tram 1/19 (Prinsenhof). Vrouwenregt 1, 2611 KK Delft
Mixed-use property (residential/retail) located at intersection of Spui, Kalvermarkt, Grote Marktstraat in The Hague. Apartment rentals (40 units), flats for sale (36). 60 different floor plan layouts. Van 't Hof Rijnland Vastgoedmanagement
Real estate agency in The Hague and Amsterdam, providing service to Dutch and English speakers looking to buy property or apartment rentals in The Hague, Delft, Wassenaar, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden areas. Anna Paulownastraat 83, 2518 BC Den Haag
Makelaars Associatie
Registered NVM real estate agents in the Rotterdam area offering property rentals, house sales and apartment leasing. Full relocation services available. English web site. Bergse Dorpstraat 18B, 3054 GE Hillegersberg.
The Hague Real Estate Agent
Realtors in The Hague Westbroek Park area, offer leasing services for expats interested in apartment and houses for rent in Wassenaar, Delft, Den Haag, Rijswijk, Voorburg, Leidschendam. English website. Short term leases also. Banstraat 1, Den Haag
Tettero & Wetters Makelaars
NVM certified real estate agency in The Hague area. Apartment rentals and sales, house leasing or buying. Property search provided based on client criteria. Team includes brokers also licensed as appraisers. Zeestraat 38, 2518 AB Den Haag.
De Kroon
Highrise condo and apartment building in downtown The Hague, near Centraal Station. Rental units located on floors 14-40. Office space, retail stores, subsidized rental units on lower and ground floors. Lage Zand, 2511 GT Den Haag
Anders Huren
Broker for housing, rentals and accommodations in The Hague area. Family homes, spacious apartments, small flats in city center, Scheveningen and Kijkduin beach areas, Staten and Zeehelden quarters. Javastraat 271A, 2585 AL Den Haag
Oosterhof Makelaars
Real estate agency in The Hagues Willemspark area, offering residential housing for sale, rent. Koninginnegracht 34, 2514 AC Den Haag
Expat housing specialist and relocation services in The Hague area. Offers a selection of rental houses at different price levels. Focused on personal approach, customer satidfaction. Statenplein 2, 2585 EW Den Haag.
Geste Groep
Property management firm and rental leasing agent in The Hague area (Rijswijk). Apartments for rent in The Hague centrum area, Delft, Rijswijk. Verryn Stuartlaan 50, 2288 EP Rijswijk.
Frisia Makelaars
Housing specialists which offer a large number of apartment rentals in various buildings throughout The Hague area. They also offer help with purchasing flats, securing mortgages and insurance advice. Office in Willemspark: Javastraat 1a, 2585 AA Den Haag
Schokker Makelaardij
Real estate agent in The Hague area offering advice for buying, selling and renting apartments, houses and property in the centrum, Scheveningen, Wassenaar, Voorburg, and Leidschendam. Bezuidenhoutseweg 492, 2594 BG Den Haag, Netherlands.
Expat apartment rentals in The Hague area including Leidschendam-Voorburg, Wassenaar, Rijswijk, Scheveningen. Relocation services include viewing properties, settling assistance, finding schools, arranging utilities. Binckhorstlaan 16, Voorburg
ARE Makelaars
Housing agents offer apartments for rent in The Hague, Leidschendam, Voorburg areas. Studio flats to 3 and 4 bedroom homes. Office located in Bezuidenhout. Accessible by tram #6 (Carel Reinierszkade). De Eerensplein 8, 2593 NA Den Haag
Marma Vastgoed
Real estate agency located in the Palace Noordeinde area of The Hague. Real estate brokering for individuals and businesses, whether it is apartments and houses to rent or buy, or commercial real estate for businesses. Oranjestraat 8a, 2514 JB Den Haag
Kimmel & Co
Estate agent offering apartments rentals and homes for sale or rent. Property management available including rent collection, inspections and repairs. Wassenaarseweg 31, 2596 CE Den Haag.
Vestia Den Haag
One of South Hollands largest real estate companies in construction, property management and apartment/home rentals and sales. The Hague area offices in Moerwijk (Loevesteinlaan 627), Scheveningen (Dr. Lelykade 10b), Zoetermeer (Bijdorplaan 12)
Brix Expat Expertise
Housing agents with apartments and homes for rent in Voorburg, Leidschendam and The Hague. Also offers relocation services such as setting up utilities, school and child care options, letting your property. Van Arembergelaan 74, 2274 BW Voorburg
Lutz Real Estate
The Hague, Wassenaar, Scheveningen, Rijswijk, Voorburg preoperty rentals including apartments, homes, townhouses. Complete package of expat relocation services also available. Sweelinckplein 9-11, Den Haag
Housing corporation in the Netherlands, offering apartments for rent in The Hague, Scheveningen, Delft, Rijswijk. Main office next to Den Haag Centraal Station. Mon to Thu 08:30-18:00, Fri 08:30-17:00. Koningin Julianaplain 2, 2595 AA Den Haag.
New Babylon
Exclusive, new apartments for sale in The Hague in the two luxury towers of the New Babylon. Situated adjacent to the new Eden Babylon Hotel and to Den Haag Centraal Station. Apartments for rent also available. Bezuidenhoutseweg 63, 2595 AA The Hague
Van Eijk Makelaardij
Real estate agency in The Hague offers brokering assistance in purchasing a home or condo in Archipel - Willemspark and surrounding areas such as the Zeeheldenkwartier, Scheveningen, Statenkwartier and Benoordenhout. Bankastraat 109, Den Haag
Reichman & Rommelaar Makelaarskantoor
Real estate agents in The Hague offering full search and representation services to clients interested in selling, buying or renting houses and apartments in The Hague, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Scheveningen. Cornelis de Wittlaan 39, 2582 AB The Hague.
De Regenbogen Beheer
Apartments for rent in The Hague area, Rotterdam area, Delft, Voorburg and Leidschendam. Furnished or unfurnished. Also manages some historic residential buildings. Laan van sGravenmade 76, 2495 AJ Den Haag
123 Wonen | Den Haag
Den Haag rental property agents. Apartment and home rentals in The Hague city center, Scheveningen, Zoetermeer, Statenkwartier, Willemspark, Archipelbuurt, Duinoord, Duindorp, Benoordenhout. Van Gijnstraat 17, 2288 GB Rijswijk
VastNed Groep
International real estate and property management firm owning over 300 retail properties in Holland. The properties include apartments for rent in The Hague, Delft, Rijswijk, Voorburg, Westland. Offices: Lichtenauerlaan 130, 3062 ME Rotterdam
Wobeco Housing Agency
Real estate agency offering a personalised service in short and long term rental properties for Expatriates in The Hague and Scheveningen areas. Quality fully and semi-furnished houses, apartments and studios. Gentsestraat 26a, 2587 HT Scheveningen.
Residential being constructed in the Loosduinen area of The Hague. Purchase a plot and have your custom designed home built or move into a pre-fab villa or house already built. Nearby the duins, beach, intl school, sports. Vroonhoevelaan 2, Den Haag
be Home
Apartments for rent in Delft: multi-room homes, flats, studios and single rooms. Mediation between potential rentor and property owner. Properties also in surrounding areas: Rijswijk, Delfgauw, Den Hoorn. Achterom 117, 2611 PM Delft
van t Hof Rijnland - Zoetermeer
Main office of Hof Rijnland property management firm. English-speaking clients services for housing needs, including both apartments and homes for rent and lease in the Voorburg, Leidschendam and The Hague area. J.L. van Rijweg 20, 2713 JA Zoetermeer
The Hague For Rent
Housing and listing agent for apartments to rent in The Hague area. Website in English. Properties in The Hague centrum area, Scheveningen beach and harbor areas, Rijswijk, Voorburg. Regentesselaan 325, 2562 EC Den Haag.
RotsVast Den Haag
The Hague real estate agency is part of the national RotsVast group. This branch offers house and apartment rentals throughout Den Haag including Scheveningen plus Voorburg-Leidschendam. Anna Paulownastraat 73, Den Haag
BW Housing
Real estate agency representing apartments to rent or buy in The Hague and Rotterdam areas. Partly and fully furnished apartments and houses. Handling of additional tasks such as utility connections. Statenlaan 43, 2582 GC Den Haag
RM Wonen
Real estate agent representing apartments for rent in The Hague area (Voorburg, Wateringen, Wassenaar), and houses for sale. Near the international zone. Tram #17 (Waldeck Pyrmontkade). M-F 9:00-18:30, Sa 11:00-15:00. Ln v Meerdervoort 136, Den Haag
Stuyver Makelaardij
Helping expats and internationals with apartment rentals and house leasing in The Hague area. Furnished or unfurnished. Van Hoytemastraat 82, 2596 ET Den Haag.
Dekker Makelaars
Real estate agents in The Hague providing service for home sales or apartment rentals in The Hague, Delft, Wassenaar, Scheveningen. Office and business properties. Stevinstraat 82A, 2587 EP Den Haag
Wessels Makelaardij
Newly established estate agent handling rental and purchase as well as assistance with mortgages. Roeleveenseweg 10, 2493 ZH Den Haag
Woongalerie Haaglanden
Property management company with homes for lease, apartments for rent in The Hague area: Delft, Rijswijk, Wateringen, Wassenaar. The Hague area rental properties handled out of the Rijswijk office. Harpsingel 2A, 2287 BA Rijswijk.
Van t Hof Makelaardij
Real estate agents in Zoetermeer offering housing services to clients in search of homes to buy, apartments for rent in Zoetermeer, The Hague, Pijnacker areas.
Apartment rentals for expats in The Hague area, including search of NVM property inventory to find homes or flats matching needs of the client. Letting and management services for owners of units (landlords). Javastraat 98A, 2585 AV Den Haag.
Real estate agents in The Hague Ypenburg area offering houses, apartments for sale, rent in The Hague east, Ypenburg, Pijnacker, Voorburg areas. Tram #15 (Plesmanlaan), Open Mon to Thu 08:30-16:30, Fri 08:30-12:30. Frits Diepenlaan 63, 2497 DN Den Haag
Estata Makelaars
Property listings of apartments, flats for rent in The Hague-Scheveningen area. Office accessible by tram 9 (Wagenaarweg), bus 22 (Badhuisweg). Badhuisweg 234, 2597 JS Den Haag.
Housing agents specialized in expat apartment and home rentals in The Hague, Scheveningen, Wassenaar and surroundings. Services include providing a list of properties meeting the client's requirements, setting up viewing appointments, negotiating lease wi...
Website listing properties (houses and apartments) for rent in The Hague area: Delft, Leidschendam, Rijswijk, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Wassenaar. English-option website. Furnished and unfurnished.
PR Housing
English-speaking housing agents providing assistance to expats looking for apartment rentals or house leasing in The Hague including Scheveningen, Statenkwartier, Zeeheldenkwartier, city center. Bezuidenhoutseweg 72-U, 2594 AW Den Haag
Belderbos Makelaars
Housing search assistance with apartments for rent The Hague area. House leasing and properties for sale. Lan van Meerdervoort 708a, 2564 AM Den Haag.
Housing agents with inventory of homes and apartments for rent in The Hague area (including Wassenaar, Delft, Rijswijk, Voorburg and Scheveningen). They also offer a letting service for property owners. Bezuidenhoutseweg 108, Den Haag
Duinzigt Woonservice
Apartment rental help in The Hague area. Property for sale and management. Houses to lease or buy. Monday to Friday 09:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-18:00. Zeestraat 48, 2518 AB, Den Haag
Q Makelaars
Housing agents offer a selection of apartments and homes for rent in Delft, Rijswijk, Wateringen, Pijnacker, Nootdorp. Tram 1 to De Hoven Passage shopping center. Papsouwselaan 474 C, 2624 EP Delft
Van Passchen Makelaardij
Real estate agency in The Hagues NOI area, providing services to English-speaking clients as well as Dutch. Showing apartments for rent in The Hague, Scheveningen, Delft, Wassenaar. Houses and apartments for sale. Laan van NOI 1, 2593 BH Den Haag
Home Run Makelaars
Housing and property agents in The Hague International Zone area. Apartments, flats and studio rentals in Scheveningen, Statenkwartier, Zeeheldenkwartier, Archipel, Willemspark, Wassenaar, Voorburg. Statenplein 2, 2582 EW Den Haag.
Expat Housing
Listing of apartments to rent and homes for lease. English-language website for expats. Properties include studios, efficiency, flats and 1-4 bedroom apartments. Business based in The Hague, Zuid Holland: Prins Mauritslaan 44, 2582 LS Den Haag
NassauHuis Real Estate
Real estate agents in The Hagues Willemspark area. Expat services for clients looking to rent or buy apartments, houses in The Hague, Delft, Wassenaar, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Leidschendam areas. Tram #1, 10 (Javastraat). Nassaulaan 19, 2514 JT Den Haag.
Marloes Makelaars
Property agent offering home and apartment rentals in Delft and surrounding area. Free registration. Available properties can be found on website. Office located in city center. Molslaan 56, 2611 RM Delft
Palladium Willemspark
1928 building in The Hague Willemspark has 66 apartment rentals ranging in size from 70-285 sqm. Most offer modern kitchen, in unit washer/dryer, private balcony. Community fitness room. On-site manager. Zeestraat 95-257, 2518 DH Den Haag
Rottgering Makelaars
Real estate agents in The Hague area providing service to expats looking for housing. Breitnerlaan 287, 2596 HA Den Haag.
Palladium Denneweg
Recently renovated building in The Hague Voorhout area (on the Denneweg) offers 3 rental apartments: one smaller unit, two larger (2 BR/2 BA) units. Nearby shopping, restaurants. 5-min walk to city center and public transport. Denneweg 4, Den Haag
Sonar Apartmenten
Apartment rentals in the Scheveningen beach and harbour area of The Hague. Furnished or unfurnished, short or long term. Office location accessible by Tram #1 (Scheveningseslag). Gevers Deynootweg 126, 2586 BP Den Haag
CMT Real Estate
Property sales, apartments for rent (short term or long) in The Hague area. Housing advice for expatriates. Noordwal 10, 2513 EA Den Haag
The Hague Property, Fred Smit Vastgoed
Apartments for rent in The Hague (including Statenkwartier, Achipel, Duinoord, Benoordenhout, Bezuidenhout, Belgisch Park, Laakkwartier areas), Voorburg and surroundings. Laan van Oostenburg 25, 2271 AN Voorburg
Realtor services with an inventory of houses, flats, studios and apartments for rent in The Hague area, including Statenkwartier, Scheveningen, Loosduinen, Segbroek, Zeeheldenkwartier. Kranenburgweg 131, 2583 ER Den Haag
Welp of Wassenaar
The Hague area housing and rental specialists offer homes and apartments for rent in Wassenaar, Voorburg, Voorschoten, Den Haag (s-Gravenhage). Office open Mon to Fri 09:00-17.30, Sat 10.00-14.00. van Hogendorpstraat 16d, 2242 KZ Wassenaar
Property rental firm with over 50,000 properties, including home and apartment rentals in The Hague area. Other MVGM divisions include property management services, insurance, lending and property valuation. de Bruyn Kopsstraat 9 k, 2288 EC Rijswijk
NetherRent - The Hague
Housing search firm offering assistance to expats in finding appropriate home and apartment rentals in The Hague area. Office located in Zeeheldenkwartier-Stadhoudersplantsoen area. Tram 11 (Weimarstraat). Suezkade 47, 2517 BV Den Haag
Geste Groep
Property rental agents offering homes and apartments for rent in and around The Hague including city center, Scheveningen, Benoordenhout, Bezuidenhout. Verrijn Stuartlaan 50, 2288 EP Rijswijk.
Verra Real Estate
English speaking housing agents in The Hague Duinoord area experienced in servicing expat needs, offers a range of apartment and home rentals from 1-5 bedrooms in Leiden, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Delft. 2e Schuytstraat 115a, 2517 XD Den Haag