Balloons, Paragliding & Flying Clubs

Here are hot air ballooning options, sightseeing plane rides, flying lessons, skydiving clubs in The Hague (Den Haag), Rotterdam, Wassenaar, Leiden, Delft, Dordrecht and Gouda.

Ballooning from Dordrecht
Hot air ballooning over Dordrecht, Rotterdam and the surrounding Dutch countryside. Pre-planned and custom balloon day trips for parties up to 10 people. Scenic views of Holland from the air.
Zuid-Hollandse Vlieclub
Sailplane glider flying club operating out of Valkenburg Air Field in Leiden-Wassenaar area. Beginner, intermediate and experienced memberships. Flying lessons in 2-person glider. Club office: Heemraadlaan 24, 2352 RH Leiderdorp
Vliegclub Rotterdam
Flying club at Rotterdam-The Hague Airport; largest in the Netherlands with over 600 members. Flying lessons to attain private pilots or commercial pilots license. Zaventembaan 1, 3045 AR Rotterdam
Helicopter Flying
Helivliegen offers 'Try-to-Fly' sessions which include a 30-min theory portion followed by a helicopter ride where you control some of the flying with the pilot. Flight times from 20-40 mins (priced accordingly). 
American Flight Services
Flight training on American-registered aircraft at Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (EHRD). Instruction and practice to prepare for various certifications, including mountain training. Also operates from La Seu dÚrgell (LESU) and Megeve (LFHM).
Paragliding Holland
Paragliding school in The Hague area offers theory and practical training for both field and mountain paragliding. Tandem paragliding is available for those without experience or training. Location is outside of Zuid Holland. Turfschipper 96, Wateringen
Aerostat Ballooning
Largest hot air balloon ride provider in South Holland. Individuals and businesses, 1-150 people. Depart locations throughout South Holland. For groups of 5 or more, can request location closest to ones hometown. Ambachtweg 59, 2841 MB Moordrecht
High-Level Ballooning
Hot air ballooning, flights and rides in Rotterdam area. Also balloon advertising available. Vloedlyn 27, 3225 BX Hellevoetsluis.
Skydive Rotterdam
Zuid-Holland skydiving in Rotterdam. Offers both tandem and solo jumps (from 12,000 feet). Training for solo skydiving is one-on-one. AFF course includes 7 jumps. Also organizes company events. Zaventembaan 5, 3045 AR Rotterdam
IST Flight Training
Zuid Holland flight simulation training in Leiden area. Instructors are certified pilots, most with large airlines or transport carriers. Bus 2 (IJzerweg). Kalkovenweg 22, 2401 LK Alphen aan den Rijn
Balloon Adventures
Hot air balloon rides from various takeoff locations. South Holland fixed boarding locations include Gouda, Rotterdam, Nieuwerkerk, and Gorinchem. Flights last minimum of one hour and travel approximately 10-20 km. Balearen 6, 2904VD Capelle a/d IJssel
Hot air balloon rides over South Holland with departures from Alphen aan den Rijn (near Leiden) or Waddinxveen (near Gouda).
Sand Air
Personal plane tours over and around Holland. Departure from Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. Aerial views of the coast, harbors, windmills, tulip fields. Gift certificates available. Rotterdam Airportplein 56, 3045 AP Rotterdam.
Hand and paragliding in The Hague area on offer; tandem flights with a qualified instructor. Accessible by bus $45 (Rozenrust). Veursestraatweg 98, 2265 CG Leidschendam