Building & Renovation

Here are The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden and Delft area building contractors specialized in new kitchens and bathrooms, room conversions and additions, home repairs and handyman services. 

Doel Construction
South Holland English-speaking builder and renovations contractor based in The Hague - Delft area offers general repairs, new kitchens and bathrooms, tile and laminate flooring, replacement windows, exterior home and garden work.
Swiebel Bouwservice
Building and renovations contractors located in The Hague. Services for private individuals, condo associations, business properties. Window installations, roof repairs, home expansions, complete remodels. Neherkade 2262, 2521 RN Den Haag
Building, carpentry and renovation services for The Hague, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Rijswijk, Scheveningen. Specialists in interiors, remodels, room conversions, new kitchens and bathrooms, painting, woodwork and floors. Laan van NOI 72, Den Haa...
Raul Onderhoudsbedrijf
Handyman in The Hague area. Hanging, fixing, painting, plastering, tiling, floors, windows, lock replacement, leaks and repairs. Van for removals or moving large items. Koningin Wilhelminalaan 295, 2274 AH Voorburg
Rotterdam-based building contractors. Services for individuals, property managers, businesses. Renovations (room conversions, extensions), repairs (plumbing, leaks, breaks), installations (kitchen, bathrooms, custom work). Seinhuiswachter 17-19, Rotterdam
Yankee Construction
Expat home improvement company with over 24 years serving the international community in Holland. Bathrooms, kitchens, painting, all types of renovations. Based in The Hague area. 
R. de Vries Bouw
Building contractor in Delft specializing in renovations for elderly, handicap or mobility-challenged. Carpentry, masonry, flooring, electrical, painting, plastering, plumbing. Adapting homes to assist in independent living. Dynamoweg 14, 2627 CH Delft
Bouwbedrijf W.A.A. van der Kooij & Zn
Building contractors for new home construction, remodels, room additions, basement conversions and the like. Servicing The Hague, Voorburg, Leiden and surroundings. Verlengde Hoge Klei 56-58, Wassenaar
MR Bouwbedrijf
Rotterdam area building contractors in Rotterdam area offering services for repair, renovation and home improvements. Large and small projects. Free estimate. Kitchen, bathroom, pipes/plumbing, electrical, masonry, paving, plaster and painting.
Smit Construction
The Hague building contractors for all residential home projects including renovations, extensions, room conversions, interior/exterior painting, plumbing, carport construction, new flooring. Den Haag, Voorburg, Wassenaar, Leidschendam, Rijswijk
BOB Groep
The Hague construction contractors handle small to large remodels and renovation projects both residential and commercial. Plus home repairs, service and maintenance. Rhone 24, Den Haag
The Hague residential building company installs new kitchens and bathrooms, converting attics or basements, replacing windows, painting and other general interior and exterior work around the home. Breitnerlaan 259, 2596 GZ The Hague
Klusbedrijf Miklos
Handyman in The Hague offering repairs to all home-related problems: plumbing, wood work, electrical, windows/doors, painting, appliance installation. Servicing Den Haag, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Rijswijk, others. Harderwijkstraat 321, 2573 ZK Den Haag
AJM van Houdt
Building contractors for all renovations, remodels and restoration work. Assembles team of independent specialists for each project based on specific needs. Burg van der Werffstraat 195, The Hague
The Hague area handyman services for home repairs/maintenance, room renovations, appliance installations, stucco, carpentry and tile work, interior/exterior painting, laminate flooring, electrical, plumbing. Leidschendam, Voorburg, Wassenaar, Voorschoten
Ed van der Kooij Aannemersbedrijf
Building contractors in Leiden area for renovations and new construction, project development, tiling work, maintenance and repairs, dormer window installations, joinery and flooring. Wassenaarseweg 75, 2241 JC Katwijk 
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Bouwbedrijf Niersman
Construction company in Leiden - The Hague area handles new building projects and renovations to existing business and residential properties. Veurseweg 79, 2251 AA Voorschoten
Jan W. van der Aa Aannemers
The Hague area contractor for home insulation, roof repairs, new kitchens or bathrooms, replacement windows, remodels and new additions. Baronielaan 2, 2242 RC Wassenaar
No Job Too Small
General maintenance and handyman services serving the international community in and around Wassenaar. Room renovations, window/door replacement, painting, laminate flooring, IKEA-type furniture assembly and all odd jobs.
D.C. vd Boogaard Aannemers
Building and construction project contractors working with residential and business clients for renovations, restorations, additions and conversions. Offices located in The Hague Moerwijk district: Willem Dreespark 322, 2531 SX Den Haag
Burgy Bouwbedrijf
Construction firm in Leiden specializes in the restoration of monumental and historic buildings, but also handles renovations/remodels on more modern properties including private residential homes. Amphoraweg 1, 2332 ED Leiden
Rumling Bouw
General building contractors in Leiden, offering home construction, renovation and maintenance work. Bathrooms, kitchens, roofs, drywall, painting, room additions, divisions and conversions. Steneveltpark 8, 2315 MH Leiden
Citroen Aannemers
Building contractors in The Hague for new construction proects or renovations to existing homes, apartments. Porch and loft conversions. New kitchens, bathrooms. Roofing and flooring work. Laan van Waalhaven 128, 2497 GP Den Haag
Bouwbedrijf De Wit
The Hague-area building and construction contractor for renovations, remodels, installations, home extensions, additions or room conversions. Architect and surveyor support. Filing of necessary permits. Windlustweg 4, 2242 HL Wassenaar
Handyman services offered by DIY store chain. All major/minor home repairs: fixing leaks, replacing locks, repairing home appliances (washering machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators). Available in The Hague, Leiden, Gouda and Rotterdam areas.
Bouwbedrijf Leiden
Leiden building contractors for all remodeling and renovations, carpentry work, new construction projects. Building permit applications (when required). Architectural schematics and technical drawings service available. Bloemistenlaan 50A, Leiden
KBR Bouw
Remodels and renovations contractors in South Holland for all types of projects: new kitchens/bathrooms, attic and basement room conversions, painting, roofing, electrical and plumbing work. Ohmstraat 40, 3335 LT Zwijndrecht
Home repairs, installations and renovations building contractors in Zuid-Holland serving The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam, Wassenaar, Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht and all surrounding areas. From minor fixes to major remodels incl. new bathrooms/kitchens.
Marwid Schilders & Renovatiebedrijf
Business, commercial and residential renovations contractors in Leiden for drywall, stucco, attic/basement conversions, room additions and painting jobs. Servicing all of Zuid-Holland. Verdistraat 47, Leiden
Gosker Ontwerp
Interior renovations architects in The Hague offering advice on room styling/decor for remodels, provide required technical drawings to obtain building permits, manage entire construction project. Frederikstraat 565, 2514 LR Den Haag