Building & Renovation

Here are The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden and Delft area building contractors specialized in new kitchens and bathrooms, room conversions and additions, home repairs and handyman services. 

R. de Vries Bouw
Specialising in renovations for elderly, handicap or mobility-challenged. Carpentry, masonry, flooring, electrical, painting, plastering and plumbing.
AJM van Houdt
Building contractors for all renovations, remodels and restoration work. At Westvlietweg 61-G, 2491 ED Den Haag, Netherlands.
Bouwbedrijf W.A.A. van der Kooij B.V.
Building contractors for new home construction, remodels, room additions and basement conversions.
FixPlan B.V.
Rotterdam-based building contractors. At Seinhuiswachter 17 - 19 3034 KH Rotterdam.
Building, carpentry and renovation services. At Laan van Nieuw Oost Indie 72 2593 BW The Hague.
Specializes in the restoration of historic buildings, also handles renovations on more modern properties including private residential homes. 
Rumling Bouw
General building contractors offering home construction, renovation and maintenance work.
D.C. v.d Boogaard b.v
Building and construction project contractors working with residential and business clients for renovations, restorations, additions and conversions. 
Bouwbedrijf De Wit
Building and construction contractor for renovations, remodels, installations, home extensions, additions or room conversions. Architect and surveyor support.
Swiebel Bouwservice B.V.
Building and renovations contractors offers services for private individuals, condo associations and business properties.
Aannemersbedrijf Jan W. van der Aa B.V.
Contractor for home insulation, roof repairs, new kitchens or bathrooms, replacement windows, remodels and new additions. 
Onderhoudsbedrijf Smit B.V.
Building contractors for all residential home projects including renovations, extensions, room conversions, painting, plumbing and new flooring.
Handyman services for home repairs, maintenance, room renovations, appliance installations, stucco, carpentry and tile work, interior and exterior painting, laminate flooring, electrical, plumbing. 
Roever Bouw B.V.
Kitchens and bathroom renovations, converting attics or basements, replacing windows, painting and other general interior and exterior work around the home. 
Ed van der Kooij Aannemersbedrijf BV
Building contractors for renovations and new construction, project development, tiling work, maintenance and repairs, dormer window installations, joinery and flooring.
BOB Groep
Construction contractors handle small to large remodels and renovation projects both residential and commercial. 
Marcin Widelski
Business, commercial and residential renovations contractors in Leiden for drywall, stucco, attic conversions, room additions and painting jobs.
Yankee Construction
Expat home improvement company serving the international community in Holland. Bathrooms, kitchens, painting, all types of renovations. 
Bouwbedrijf Leiden
Contractors for all remodelling and renovations, carpentry work and new construction projects. Architectural schematics and technical drawings service available. 
Remodels and renovations contractors in South Holland for new kitchens, bathrooms, attic and basement room conversions, painting, roofing, electrical and plumbing work. 
Citroen Aannemers
Building contractors for new construction projects or renovations to existing homes, apartments, porch and loft conversions. new kitchens, bathrooms, roofing and flooring work. 
Bouwbedrijf Niersman
Construction company for new building projects and renovations, existing business and residential properties.