Needing a back adjustment? Listed here are Zuid-Holland chiropractors in Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague (Den Haag), Leiden and surrounding areas offering treatments to reduce pain, increase joint flexibility and realign bones.

Chiropractie Wassenaar
Chiropractors in The Hague area (Wassenaar). Treating such conditions as upper and lower back pain, sciatic nerve inflammation, migraines, whiplash and neck injuries. Van Zuylen van Nijeveltstraat 301, 2242 LJ Wassenaar.
Chiropractie Noordzee
Chiropractors in The Hague World Forum area, offering chiropractic therapy to alleviate pain caused by muscular, skeletal or nerve issues. Mon, Thu, Fri 09:00-17:00, Tue 09:00-20:00, Wed 09:00-16:00. President Kennedylaan 19, 2517 JK Den Haag
FysioChiropractie - The Hague Area
Chiropractic offices in The Hague area offering muscular, skeletal, spinal, nerve physical therapy to decrease pain resulting from injuries, accidents, degenerative or chronic health issues. 3 locations: Scheveningen, Voorburg, Den Haag Tansvaalkwartier
Chiropractie Eikstraat
Chiropractors office in The Hague Segbroek area. Physical therapy, muscle stretching, skeletal adjustments to help reduce pain. Mon, Thu 7:30-14:00, Tue 7:30-18:00, Wed 7:30-09:00, 13:30-20:00, Fri 9-18:00. Eikstraat 2A, 2565 MX Den Haag
Chiropractor - Rotterdam
Chiropractor in Rotterdam Zuid area, near Feijenoord stadium. Tram #23 (Noordehelling). Cor Kieboomplein 227, 3077 MK Rotterdam
Chiropractie Voorschoten
Leiden area chiropractors offer new solutions for your health problems including neck, should or back pain, sports injuries, headaches, scoliosis, tingling in fingers or toes. Papelaan 85 GG, 2252 EG Voorschoten
Chiropractie Natuurlijk Rotterdam
Chiropractic office in Rotterdam Kralingen area. Treatment for muscular pain, alignment issues, headaches, back or neck trauma. Tue and Thu 14:30-19:00. Accessible by Tram 11 (Jericholaan), Metro (Gerdesiaweg). 1e Jerichostraat 66, Rotterdam
Dijkstra Chiropractie
Chiropractic offices in The Hague Zeeheldenkwartier area. Treatments for the relief of nerve and muscular pain associated with neck, back injuries, misalignments, sciatica inflamation. Tram #3 (Elandstraat). Waldeck Pyrmontkade 27A, 2518 RS Den Haag
Advanced Chiropractic Studio
Den Haag Centraal Station area chiropracter offering spinal therapy, back adjustments and general conditioning. Mon and Thu 08:00-13:00, 15:00-19:00, Tue and Fri 08:00-13:00, Wed 14:00-19:00. Turfmarkt 110, 2511 DC Den Haag.
Oud Voorburg Chiropractie
The Hague area chiropractors located in Voorburg. Relief of neck, back, head, shoulder pain, also migraines, tingling and numbness in arms, legs. Mo/We 08:00-15:30, Tu/Th 08:00-20:00, Fr 08:00-17:00, Sa 08:00-12:00. Herenstraat 51, 2271 CB Voorburg
De Ruggesteun
English-speaking Canadian-Dutch chiropractor with offices in The Hague and Rijswijk. Treatment to relieve pain caused by sciatica, accidents, sports injuries.
Chiropractie Oosterheem - Zoetermeer
The Hague-area chiropractors in Zoetermeer offering diagnostics, physio and chiropractic therapy. Mon 14:00-19:00, Tue 08:00-12:00, Wed 08:00-12:30, 14:00-19:00, Fri 08:00-14:00. Bus 165 (Gouderakstraat). Willem Dreeslaan 422, 2729 NK Zoetermeer
Chiropractie Blaauw
Chiropractors in Gouda Plaswijk area. Treatment for back, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica and other nerve disorders, pregnancy discomfort, migraines. Monday to Thursday 08:00-17:30. Bus 1 (Noorderwerf). Tjalkwerf 2B, 2804 LT Gouda
Chiropractie Delft
Chiropractors in Delft city center, near the Oostpoort. Examination and evaluation of physical condition, along with treatment, adjustments to relieve pain, restore full use. 10 min walk from Delft Centrum train station. Ezelsveldlaan 15, 22611 DK Delft
Chiropractie Natuurlijk Rijswijk & Westland
Chiropractor offers treatment for pain caused by whiplash, sciatica, auto accidents, sports injuries and mis-alignments. 2 Delft-area office locations: Rijswijk (Broekmolenweg 20E - open Mon to Thu); Honselersdijk (Endeldijk 35 - open Mon/Wed)
Stegeman Chiropractic Clinic
Chiropractors in The Hague Scheveningen area. U.K. and U.S. trained chiropractors offer alignment adjustments and treatments for neck pain, headaches, lower back pain, sciatica. Trams 1, 9 (Zwarte Pad). Zwolsestraat 197, 2587 VB Den Haag
Chiropractie Den Haag
Chiropractors in The Hague Bomenbuurt area. Muscular/skeletal treatments to relieve pain. Mon/Thu 08:00-12:00, Tue 14:00-18:30, Thu/Fri 16:00-19:00, Sat 10:00-13:00. Tram 12 (Copernicusplein). Edisonstraat 89A, 2561 BC Den Haag
Chiropractie Corsi
Rotterdam city center-area chiropractors office. Treating pain from skeletal misalignments, pinched nerves, neck or back injuries. Accessible by Metro (Leeuvehaven). Boompjes 526, 3011 XZ Rotterdam
Chiropractie Wateringseveld - The Hague
The Hague chiropractor office. Treatment for muscular and nerve issues, like sciatica, hernia, degenerative disk disease, neck injuries, headaches, dizziness, facial pain. Mon to Fri 08:00-12:00,13:00-17:30. Laan van Wateringseveld 1000, 2548 CS Den Haag