Counselling & Therapists

English-speaking counselors in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden areas who offer well-being support through therapy for issues such as depression, isolation, stress, divorce, grief and strained relationships. For adults, children, teens, couples and families. 

Thrive Qube
Unzela Haider - English speaking Psychologist for expats and adults who were third culture kids for life transitions, burnout and challenges at work.
Poradnia NL Psychological Practice
Psychological counselling practice based for expats and international students in the Netherlands. Individual counselling or life coaching, group training workshops. Face-to-face sessions available in The Hague, Rotterdam and Delft.
Kühler & Trooster International Mental Health
Mental health care and counselling for expats in. Psychiatrists, psychologists and social psychiatric nurses. English, Dutch, French, Japanese, Bulgarian spoken.
Lucille Wayne
Rotterdam (South Holland area) expat psychologist. Helps adults with depression, anxiety, burnout and life changes. Offers talk therapy, art therapy, IFS and 12-step work. Free initial consultation.
Giovanni Luca Ianni
English, Spanish and Italian-speaking psychologist with offices in The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam offers psychological guidance and counselling.
Tamar Gass
Psychologist specialised in family, relationships, addiction, sex, adolescents, stress, work issues. Therapy in English for individuals, couples, groups and families. Online sessions possible.
Ann Kuis
English-speaking counsellor offers therapy and counselling for adults, couples, teens and families dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, loss, anger and relationship issues.
Physical and mental rehabilitation centre in Rotterdam.
Peter Paffrath
Expatriate counselling and psychotherapy services throughout the Randstad. Help dealing with depression, anxiety, loss of direction, life changes or other challenges.
Expatriate Counselor
Expat psychologist offering counselling services for expatriate employees and their families dealing with stress related to being in a foreign country, isolation, work and social relationships. 
Cristina Baroncelli
Psychiatric guidance and support for children, adults and seniors dealign with issues including ADHD, autism, anxiety and mood disorders, stress and career burnout, relationship problems, trauma (PTSS). 
Dieneke Oostindier
English-speaking psychologist offers counselling, psychotherapy and coaching for individuals. Specialised in EMDR for trauma and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
International Counselling Connections
Group of independent counsellors and psychologists in Holland, offering a range of counselling services to the expat and Dutch communities for adults, children, adolescents and couples. 
Growing Potential
Professional psychological services available in English, Greek and Dutch. Private practice located in Leiden offers individual therapy, relationship counseling and online therapy.
Katherine Fortier
Educational and child psychologist offers one-on-one sessions for children and teens of age 6 and up. Also offers family sessions. 
Katarina Gaborova
Multi-discipline psychologist, EMDR therapist and life coach offers support for expats and international clients. Works with teenagers, adults and families from different cultural backgrounds. 
Creating Waves
Therapeutic counselling to help build resilience via one-on-one sessions in Leiden area. 
Bloom - House Of Health
Health centre in The Hague offers the international community a wide range of wellness services including counselling for depression, career burnout, bereavement, life coaching, mindfulness therapy and more.
Joanne B. Rahusen
Multi-lingual Counselling Psychologist works with individuals, couples and young adults.
Camila Marques
Occupational and health psychologist counsellor fluent in English, Dutch, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish. Client services for business and individuals.
Psychologists that offer support to the international community both in the Hague and online in English, Danish and Finnish.
Richard ter Haar
Life coaching and integrated psychotherapy counselling in Gouda area for individuals. 
Vassia Sarantopoulou
Counselling services and support for anxiety, loneliness, depression, transition, relationship issues, divorce, grief. Private sessions, online counselling, workshops and support groups. 
Embracing Horizons
Psychological support for expat children and/or expat parents to help deal with the unique challenges of growing up, or parenting children, in an expatriate setting. 
Expat Nest
English-speaking expat psychologist in Leiden with specialty in parent and child therapy for international families. She also speaks French, Greek and basic Dutch. 
Kindertherapie Den Haag
Children's therapist provides counselling services for younger children, adolescents and families dealing with problems such as isolation, alienation, rebellious behaviour. 
Reginald Markes
Relationship and family therapist based in Zoetermeer.
Psychological and psychiatric services for expat workers, families and students in Rotterdam area. Services include consultation, advice, assessment, diagnostics and psychotherapy. 
Elizabeth Pick
Clinical counselling for adults, individuals and couples. Helping to address factors causing stress, burnout, discontent, addiction, sleeping difficulties, communication issues and conflicts. 
Angelika Matthias
German and English-speaking psychotherapist in The Hague offers counselling services for expat couples and individuals. 
Lilly Todorovic
Counselling for depression, anxiety, grief, burnout, trauma, professional stress, and children's developmental issues. In-person and online therapy available.
Nicole Rand
Counselling psychologist working with adults, individuals, couples and groups. Helping clients with relationship, sexual and woman's issues, depressions, eating disorders, substance abuse and anxiety. 
Marie Dewulf
Multi-lingual expat life coach provides face-to-face and skype coaching sessions to help client with cultural differences, life changes, stress reduction, organising, problem-solving to relieve anxiety and move forward. French and English spoken.
The Happiness Boost
We help people of all walks of life obtain knowledge and skills to live a meaningful and joyful life. Individual face-to-face and online counselling sessions and workshops.
Specialised psychiatric care for expats and internationals. Treatment for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, substance abuse.
Tanja Mitrovic
Health psychologist and therapist working with children, adolescents, adults and families in English, Dutch and Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian.
Expat Counselor
Greek and English-speaking counsellor assisting adults, teenagers and families dealing with anxiety, depression, relationships, self-development and cultural acclimation. 
Expat Wellbeing
Body-oriented therapy to help people deal with a range of issues including stress/burnout, depression, self/body-image and trauma. No prior dance experience needed. English, Dutch, Indonesian spoken.
Jennifer Glaese
English-speaking couples counsellor in The Hague, licensed in clinical mental health. Relationship problems, depression, loneliness, adjustment, grief, general malaise, womens issues. Tram 17 (Groot Hertoginnelaan). Sweelinckplein 9-11, Den Haag
Helene Deguise
The Hague area English, Spanish and French speaking expat psychotherapist and coach specialized in ADHD, career and work burnout, life transitions and depression. For individuals, couples and families. Private office in Wassenaar.
Base Coaching & Training
English speaking life coach helps to motivate change and inspire growth.
Healthy Mind Works
Psychotherapy, counselling, coaching for individuals and families. Services in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. 
Haroun Busby
Psychotherapy. Services offered include: individual, group, couples and online therapy.
Carolyn Tabak
One-to-one psychotherapy for adult. Practice located in The Hague Duinoord area. English and French spoken.
Neo Coaching
Life coach offers mentoring support to expats to help achieve their personal goals. Group and one-on-one sessions in Delft.