Driving Schools, Instructors & Lessons

Looking for a driving school in The Hague, Rotterdam, Wassenaar, Leiden, Delft, Rijswijk or other location in Zuid-Holland? Find 'autorijschools' and instructors who offer automobile driving lessons ('rijles') in English or Dutch. Some also have training for the CBR motorcycle, moped or lorry license exams. 

Verkeersschool de Flits
Driving school in The Hague area offering theory and practical training preparation for both car and motorcycle drivers license test. 2toDrive lessons from age 16.5 . Serving most of Zuid Holland. Kersengaarde 121, 2272 NC Voorburg
Van Buuren
Driving lessons in English or Dutch in The Hague - Delft - Rotterdam area. Theory and practical training preparation for Dutch drivers license test. Mon to Fri 09:00-17:30. 2 offices: Pletterijkade 36, 2515SG Den Haag; Boezemweg 57, 2641KG Pijnacker
Rijschool Fast Lane
Driving lessons in Dutch or English. School is located near De Haagse Hogeschool and Den Haag HollandSpoor train station. Practical training and assistance with theoretical exam prep. Rijswijkseweg 365, 2516 HJ The Hague
Kees Onvlee Autorijschool
Wassenaar driving school giving lessons in English, Dutch in The Hague area. Practical training and preparation for car (B), motorcycle (A) and moped (AM) license exams. Also offers refresher course for older drivers. Bus #90 (Duinrell). Kasstraat 29, 224...
All in Solo
Driving school offering lessons in Dutch or English Rotterdam Kralingse Bos area. Preparation for theory and practical exams, with guaranties. Metro (Prinsenlaan). Folkert Elsingastraat 3 - 9, 3067 NW Rotterdam.
ANWB Rijschools
ANWB (Dutch automobile association) offers driving lessons in English through local driving schools. Both practical and theoretical preparation to take Dutch driving license exam. Training available for car (B), moped/scooter (AM), motorcycle (A) and trai...
Autorijschool Forte
Driving school in Rotterdam Zuid area. Motorcycle and car driving instruction. Offers 2toDrive training for ages 16.5 or over. Can apply for CBR examination date for student. Evening/weekend lessons available upon request. Boekenrode 8, 3085 JJ Rotterdam&...
RSD Rijschool
The Hague area driving school which offers driving lessons, theoretical test preparation and exam booking in English, Turkish or Dutch languages.
Go-Car Driving School
Driving school offers English-language lessons in Rotterdam-Gouda areas. Preparation for Dutch Class B driving license exam. Various packages include 60 or 90-minute lessons. Student is picked up for the lesson.
Driving school for women. Offers theory and practical training in preparation for CBR exam to get Dutch drivers license (Class B). Based in The Hague. Lessons available in Den Haag, Leidschendam, Leidschenveen, Nootdorp, Ypenburg, Zoetermeer
Richard Verkersopleidingen
Leiden area driving school in Voorschoten to learn how to drive a car, motorcycle or moped. Lessons for all ages, beginning at 16.5 years (2toDrive program). Theoretical and practical exam preparation. Veurseweg 106, 2252 AE Voorschoten
Rijschool Delfin
Delft driving school offering lessons to prepare for the Dutch drivers license exam. Offers 2toDrive training for youth ages 16.5 and older. Operates in Delfgauw, Den Haag, Leidschendam, Nootdorp, Pijnacker, Rijswijk, Voorburg, Wateringen
Bullet Rijschool
Dutch driving school ('rijschool') which also offers lessons in English and Turkish. Locations in Rotterdam (Putsebocht 97B, Feijenoord) and The Hague (Beeklaan 2, 2562 AK Den Haag)Please mention you found us on Angloinfo!
Rijschool Hillegersberg
Rotterdam Hillegersberg auto school offering driving lessons to students 16.5 and older. Theory and practical training. Student is picked up/dropped off at set location (home, school, work). Obrechtlaan 20, 3055 TK Rotterdam
Verkeersschool Robbie
The Hague driving school offers lessons in English, German or Dutch. Training for car (class B), motorcycle (class A1, A2, A) and moped (class AM) driving licences. Free trial lesson. Single or multi-lesson packages. Capadosestraat 7, 2523 AA Den Haag
Rijschool Den Haag
Driving lessons available in English in The Hague area, including Zoetermeer, Leidschendam, Pijnacker, Nootdorp, Voorburg. Discount driving lesson packages, training customized to improve weaknesses of student. Jagersbos 124, 2716 JG Zoetermeer
Rijschool Expert
Driving school offering practical training for car, trailer, motorcycle and moped drivers licence, along with theory preparation. Free trial lesson. Pelikaanstraat 21, 2312 DW Leiden
Drive-Inn Rijschool
The Hageu driving school offering theory and practical training for Dutch Class B (auto) and Class A (motorcycle) license exams. Available in: Den Haag, Delft, Leiden, Rijswijk, Rotterdam, Zoetermeer. Johanna Westerdijkplein 55, 2521 EN Den Haag
Autorijschool Delgado
Driving school in The Hague Escamp area with theory and practical training available in English, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish. 2toDrive for students from age 16.5 yrs. Tram #4 (Dedemsvaartweg). Dedemsvaartweg 1263, Den Haag
Rijschool Voorwaarts
Wassenaar based driving instructor offering lessons and training in preparation for the theoretical and practical CBR Dutch driving licence exam. Van Cranenburchlaan 60, 2241 PT Wassenaar
ACE Autorijschool
Car driving school in Leiden. Practical and theory training for Dutch Class B drivers license test. Lessons available in English. Leiden, Voorschoten, Oegstgeest, Rijnsburg, Wassenaar, Leidschendam. Apollolaan 3, 2324 BR Leiden
Route 38 Driving School
Theoretical and practical training driving lessons in English in The Hague area (Delft). Multi-lesson packages and exam preparation study guides available. Accessible by trams 1, 19 (Wateringsevest). Kuyperweg 110, 2613 XG Delft.
Autorijschool Jeanette Mens
Driving school in Noordwijk area. Lessons for beginners (from age 16.5 and up) leading to the Class B drivers license exam. Package price for both practical and theory training. Hofzicht 67, 2181 AE Hillegom
Verkeersschool Philippo
The Hague driving school offers lessons in driving a car, motorcycle, trailer and scooter to prepare for Dutch license exams (Class A, AM, B, E). Over 35 vehicles used for training. Located in Valkenboskwartier. Valkenboslaan 173, 2563 CK Den Haag
Verkeersschool Metro
The Hague Escamp-area auto school, offering driving lessons to qualify for a standard drivers license, or motorcycle, bus, truck or trailer driving licenses. Escamplaan 216, 2547 GN Den Haag.
Verkeersschool Noordzee
Driving lessons in English or Dutch to prepare for car, motorcycle, moped or trailer driving test. Operating throughout The Hague - Delft area. Mon to Fri 10:00-17:00, Sat 10:00-13:00. Tram 1,19 (Prinsenhof). Adriaan Pauwstraat 54, 2613 DB Delft
Autorijschool Van Laar
Driving school in The Hague Laakkwartier area. Offers theory and practical driver training. Experience teaching students with ADHD, ADD and fear of driving. Stokroosstraat 229, 2565 BP Den Haag
Autorijschool Easy Drive
Driving school in Rotterdam offers practical and theoretical driver training in Schiedam, Capelle aan den Ijssel, Barendrecht, Vlaardingen and Maassluis. Veluwemeer 6, 3068 KM Rotterdam
Rijschool Haan
Rotterdam area driving school offers lessons to prepare for Dutch license exam B (automobile), A (motorcycle), AB (moped) and E (trailer). Private lessons available in English for those who dont speak Dutch. Slaak 86, 3061 CZ Rotterdam
Motorcycle driving lessons in English for expats and internationals age 24 . The training prepares you for the Dutch Class A driving license. After riding lessons, CBR exam is taken in Rijswijk. Hugo Verrieststraat 78, 2524 CG The Hague
De Rijscholen Concurrent
Rotterdam based driving school offers driver training lessons in English to prepare for the category 'B' (automobile) driver license CBR exam. Lessons also for learning to ride a motorcycle and prepare for the category 'A' (motorcycle) CBR license exam. T...
Rijschool EasyDriving
Driving lessons to prepare for category B (car) and category A (motorcycle) Dutch driving license exams. Based in The Hague and also serving Zoetermeer, Delft and Westland. Rhenenstraat 59, 2546 TR Den Haag
Rijschool HERS
Theory and practical driving lessons in English for Dutch drivers license exams. Theory study aids available in English. Training courses for both Class A (motorcycle) and Class B (car) driving license in Holland. Bergselaan 233C, 3038 CB Rotterdam
Rijscholen Zwijndrecht
Dordrecht area driving school in Zwijndrecht offers instruction and exam prep for licenses A (motorcycle), B (car), AM (moped) and BE (truck). Maasplein 65, 3331 LC Zwijndrecht.
Rijschool Van de Ruit
Auto school in The Hague - Wassenaar area. Driving lessons in Dutch, English, French, Dutch. Theoretical and practical training for Class B (car), Class A (motorcycle) license exams. Prinses Arianelaan 10, 2496 XB Den Haag
All 4 U Rijopleidingen
Driving school in The Hague Ypenburg - Delft area offers training lessons for driving cars (Class B license), motorcycles (Class A license) and mopeds (Class AM license). Rush courses and Saturday lessons possible. Veenwortel 30, 2498 EL Den Haag
Jansen Verkeersschool
Delft driving school offers training to prepare for car driving license exam (cat B), motorcycle license exam (cat A/A1/A2), moped license exam (cat AM). Open Mon to Fri 08:30-18:00, Sat 08:30-13:00. Papsouwselaan 438, 2624 EP Delft
Verkeersschool Adrian
Auto school in Delft offering driving lessons for cars, motorcycles and mopeds in English in The Hague, Delft, Den Hoorn, Nootdorp, Pijnacker, Schipluiden, Rijswijk and Ypenburg. Molenweide 78, 2614 LK Delft
Verkeersschool Fly-Over
The Hague driving school offering lessons for practical, theoretical driving exams. Instruction for attaining a car, moped/scooter or truck license. 2 Den Haag locations: Vreeswijkstraat 669 (Leyenburg), Rijswijkse Landingslaan 396 (Ypenburg)
Driving lessons, instructors in Rotterdams Hillegersberg-Schiebroek area. Theory instruction and practical training to prepare for the Dutch driving license test. Accessible by tram #8 (Bergpolderplein). Uitweg 48, 3051 JR Rotterdam.
Rays Rijschool
Driving school, instructors in The Hague Zuiderpark area offers theory and practical training for the Dutch driving license exam (both automobile and motorbike). Tram #16 (Hardenbroekstraat). Loevesteinlaan 474, 2533 CG Den Haag.
Rijschool Lente
Auto school offering driving lessons in English in Delft - The Hague area. Theoretical instruction and practical driving training.
Avanti Verkeersschool
Rotterdam driving school offers lessons and theory training in English to drive a car and ride a motorcycle. 6, 8 and 10-week crash courses available. Located near Centraal Station. Stadhoudersweg 6-E, 3039 CA Rotterdam.
Han Lacourt Autorijschool
Leioden driving school offers lessons to prepare for the car driving exam (category B), motorcycle riding exam (category A) or trailer exam (category BE). 4, 6 and 8-week courses available. Maresingel 56, 2316 HE Leiden
Born 2 Drive
The Hague-area auto school offers driving lessons in English to prepare for the Class B Dutch drivers license. Also taxi training, performance anxiety coaching, refresher courses. Located in Bezuidenhout. J.P. Coenstraat 15, 2595 WP Den Haag
Falke Opleidingen
Traffic school in The Hague area offers driver training in English in preparation for Dutch license B (car), license A (motorcycle), License AM (scooter). Office open Mon to Sat. Geestbrugweg 101, 2281CJ Rijswijk
Rijschool Snel Vooruit
Driving lessons to prepare for the Dutch driving exam (Class B license). Lessons are 1 hour. Pickup/dropoff from home. Theory instruction given. Operates in The Hague, Rijswijk, Delft, Zoetermeer, Westland. Deimanstraat 39, 2522 BC Den Haag
Verkeersschool Tempo
Driving school offering practical lessons and theory preparation for the Dutch car drivers license exam. Training also for moped, motorcycle, caravan and trailer licenses. Office locations: The Hague, Leiden, Rotterdam, Spijkenisse, Zoetermeer
Driving lessons in English in Wassenaar - Leiden- Voorschoten area for young drivers just learning and experienced expat drivers new to Holland to help understand Dutch traffic rules. Training to prepare for Class B (car) drivers license exam.
Rijschool Delft
Driving school near The Hague offers driving lessons (for cat B Dutch license exam) in Delft, Den Hoorn, Pijnacker, Delfgauw and Schipluiden. Accessible by Tram 1, 19 (Abtswoudsepark). Libanonstraat 16, 2622 HS Delft
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