Estate Agents: Delft

Looking for an English-speaking realtor in Delft area (including Pijnacker, Westland and Wateringen)? You'll find them listed here, offering real estate services for apartment and home buyers and sellers. Many are also licensed property appraiser. 

Woonnet Haaglanden
Real estate firm offers homes and apartments for sale in Delft.
Q Makelaars
Chain of independent Dutch real estate agents with an office location in Delft. Brokers property sales and purchases, along with valuations. 
V&W Makelaars Delft
Real estate agents offering advice for buying or selling property and renting apartments in and around Delft. Valuation and taxation advice as well. 
Roepman Makelaardij
Sale, rental, purchase and appraisals.
Maat & Raad makelaars
Westland real estate agents in Delft area offer advice for property buyers and sellers. Mortgage and valuation services also.
Marloes Makelaars
Real estate agent specialising in the the letting of apartments and homes from the owners to the rentors. 
Bjornd Makelaardij
Real estate agents in Delft city center area. Assistance for apartment and home rentals and purchase in the Delft- Rijswijk area. 
Bergklis Makelaars
Delft real estate agents providing assistance to private clients looking to purchase or sell a residential property, or lease a home or apartment.
Reedijk Real Estate
Rental agent in Delft and surrounding areas. At Hof van Delftlaan 135a, 2613 BM Delft, Netherlands.
Bayense Makelaars
Delft real estate agency offers services to clients looking to purchase or sell property. 
Van Daal Makelaardij
Real estate agency in Delft centrum area, servicing clients looking to purchase or lease homes or apartments in the Delft, Rijswijk and Den Hoorn areas.