Estate Agents: The Hague

English-speaking real estate agents ('makelaars') in The Hague (Den Haag), Scheveningen, Rijswijk, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Zoetermeer, Wateringen and Westland who can assist expats with buying, selling or renting a home or flat.

Plink Garantiemakelaars
Real estate agents in The Hague area for apartment to buy or lease, houses for sale or rent and commercial property as well. Covering the Rotterdam, Wassenaar, Delft and Leiden area as well. Frederik Hendriklaan 59, 2582 BT, The Hague.
Borgdorff Makelaars
Real estate agents in The Hagues centrum area, near the Grote Kerk. Services for buying, selling and building properties. Consultancy and mortgage assistance. Accessible by tram # 17 (Gravenstraat). Grote Halstraat 12, 2513 AX Den Haag.
Bliek Makelaardij
Real estate agents in The Hague, offering realty services to clients interested in buying an apartment, house or other property. Property appraisals and valuation services. Goudenregenstraat 293-A, 2565 EV Den Haag
Nelisse Makelaars
Estate agents in The Hague area (Scheveningen) rservicing both private and commercial property needs. Statenlaan 128, 2582 GW, Den Haag.
Schokker Makelaardij
Real estate agent in The Hague area offering advice for buying, selling and renting apartments, houses and property in the centrum, Scheveningen, Wassenaar, Voorburg, and Leidschendam. Bezuidenhoutseweg 492, 2594 BG Den Haag, Netherlands.
V & W ERA Makelaars
Real estate agents in The Hague Willemspark area. Assistance locating a house to buy or apartment to rent, as well as for selling a property and property management. Offices in Delft also. Javastraat 136, 2585 AX Den Haag
Korporaal en Bertels Makelaars
Real estate agent and tax advisers. Apartments and houses in and around areas of The Hague, inclusing Wassenaar, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Delft. Valeriusstraat 68, 2517 HS, The Hague.
Wessels Makelaardij
Newly established estate agent handling rental and purchase as well as assistance with mortgages. Roeleveenseweg 10, 2493 ZH Den Haag
Dekker Makelaars
Real estate agents in The Hague providing service for home sales or apartment rentals in The Hague, Delft, Wassenaar, Scheveningen. Office and business properties. Stevinstraat 82A, 2587 EP Den Haag
Hoogenraad Makelaars
Real estate agency in The Hague area (Rijswijk) for commercial property and private housing. Apartments for rent in The Hague area including Rijswijk, Delft, Wateringen. Haagweg 171, 2281 AJ Rijswijk
Stuyver Makelaardij
Real estate agent in The Hague providing service to expats looking for houses or apartments to rent or buy in The Hague area and Wassenaar. Property sales, valuations and appraisals, deed issues. Van Hoytemastraat 82, 2596 ET Den Haag.
Beeuwkes Makelaardij
The Hague area real estate agency offering expat client relocation services. Assistance in buying, selling property and housing search to rent homes, apartments in The Hague, Wassenaar, Delft, Voorburg areas. Van Alkemadelaan 338, 2597 AS Den Haag.
Premium Huis Vastgoed
Renovated, completely turn key apartments and homes for sale in The Hague area, many with balconies and/or gardens. All with new kitchens, bathrooms, wood flooring and many extras. Rentals also.
Verra Real Estate
English speaking real estate and housing agents in The Hague Duinoord area specializing in international expat needs. Property sales with mortgage advice, and apartment and home rentals in Leiden, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Delft. 2e Schuytstraat 115a, 2517 XD....
Estate agency selling residential property in The Hague and surronding areas of Holland. Stevinstraat 157, 2587 ED, Scheveningen
Van Eijk Makelaardij
Real estate agency in The Hague offers brokering assistance in purchasing a home or condo in Archipel - Willemspark and surrounding areas such as the Zeeheldenkwartier, Scheveningen, Statenkwartier and Benoordenhout. Bankastraat 109, Den Haag
De Regentes
Real estate broker in The Hague offering assistance to home buyers and sellers. Also certified in property appraisals. Copernicusstraat 16, 2561 XA Den Haag
NassauHuis Real Estate
Real estate agents in The Hagues Willemspark area. Expat services for clients looking to rent or buy apartments, houses in The Hague, Delft, Wassenaar, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Leidschendam areas. Tram #1, 10 (Javastraat). Nassaulaan 19, 2514 JT Den Haag.
PSG Wonen
Real estate agency and rental agents offering expat housing search in The Hague area. Client services for individuals and businesses. Mon to Fri 09:00-18:00. Property management as well. Laan van Waalhaven 301A, 2497 GL Den Haag
Reichman & Rommelaar Makelaarskantoor
Real estate agents in The Hague offering full search and representation services to clients interested in selling, buying or renting houses and apartments in The Hague, Wassenaar, Voorburg, Scheveningen. Cornelis de Wittlaan 39, 2582 AB The Hague.
Van t Hof Makelaardij
Real estate agents in Zoetermeer offering housing services to clients in search of homes to buy, apartments for rent in Zoetermeer, The Hague, Pijnacker areas.
Large housing, property management, real estate company in the Netherlands, offering homes, apartments for sale in The Hague area. Mon to Thu 08:30-18:00, Fri 08:30-17:00. Koningin Julianaplain 2, 2595 AA Den Haag.
Kriga Real Estate
Certified real estate broker in The Hague area for buying, selling and appraisal of property. Offices located in the Zeeheldenkwartier. Accessible by tram #3 (van Speijkstraat). Laan van Meerdervoort 86, 2517 AP Den Haag.
Estata Makelaars
Real estate agents in The Hague Scheveningen area. Assisting clients with home buying or selling, property search and property managemernt. Expat services for those moving to Wassenaar, Voorburg, Delft, The Hague. Badhuisweg 234, 2597 JS Den Haag.
Burger van Leeuwen
Real estate advisors in The Hague Scheveningen area offering services to clients looking to purchase or rent homes/apartments in The Hague - Wassenaar - Delft areas. NVM licensed. Accessible by tram #9 (Stevinstraat). Stevinstraat 157, 2587 ED Den Haag.
RM Wonen
Real estate agent representing apartments for rent in The Hague area (Voorburg, Wateringen, Wassenaar), and houses for sale. Near the international zone. Tram #17 (Waldeck Pyrmontkade). M-F 9:00-18:30, Sa 11:00-15:00. Ln v Meerdervoort 136, Den Haag
Home Run Makelaars
Real estate agents based near the International Zone, offering assistance when buying or selling property in the Netherlands. Assistance for expats, foreign businesses and companies based in Holland. Tram 17 (Statenplein). Statenplein 2, 2582 EW Den Haag.
Wobeco Housing Agency
Real estate agency offering a personalised service in short and long term rental properties for Expatriates in The Hague and Scheveningen areas. Quality fully and semi-furnished houses, apartments and studios. Gentsestraat 26a, 2587 HT Scheveningen.
Mark & Marchand
Real estate agent in The Hague area. Serving the needs of the expat looking for an apartment or house to rent in The Hague area, Rotterdam Leiden, Wassenaar, Delft. Benoordenhoutseweg 21-23, 2596 BA The Hague.
De Jong Makelaardij
Real estate agents in The Hagues Laakkwartier-West area, providing services for clients looking to buy or sell property, as well as rent. Mortgage advice. Accessible by trams #16, 16 (Jonckbloetplein). Goeverneurlaan 504, 2523 CL Den Haag.
Tettero & Wetters Makelaars
NVM certified real estate agency in The Hague area. Apartment rentals and sales, house leasing or buying. Property search provided based on client criteria. Team includes brokers also licensed as appraisers. Zeestraat 38, 2518 AB Den Haag.
Woongalerie Haaglanden
Real estate property management firm renting offices, apartments, offices in The Hague, Delft, Voorburg, Leidschendam, Leiden areas. Haaglanden area properties handled out of regional office: Harpsingel 2A, 2287 BA Rijswijk. Tram #17 (In De Bogaard).
Langezaal Makelaars
Real estate agents in The Hague Bezuidenhout-Midden area. Client services for residential and commercial property purchase. Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30. Schenkkade 209, 2595 AT Den Haag.
Duttendael Makelaardij
Real estate agency in The Hague Scheveningen area, providing housing search services for clients interested in buy property or renting apartments or houses. Open daily 09:00-17:30. Bus #22 (Pompstationsweg). Han Stijkelplein 15, 2597 NS Den Haag
Onesta Vastgoed
Relocation, housing and real estate services in The Hague area. Working with clients to find the right homes and apartments to buy or lease in Holland. Denneweg 8, 2514 CG Den Haag.
Korff de Gidts Makelaardij
The Hague Houtrust-area real estate agency assisting expats with locating, buying or selling a home/apartment. Certified property appraisers. Home insurances. Van Boetzelaerlaan 1, 2581 AA Scheveningen - Den Haag
Vesting Vastgoed
Real estate agent for temporary housing solutions in all parts of Holland. Laan van Meerdervoort 301, 2563 AE The Hague 
TVN Real Estate
Real estate agency for The Hague area in South Holland. Handling apartment and houses to buy and property rentals. 
Real estate agents in The Hague Ypenburg area offering houses, apartments for sale, rent in The Hague east, Ypenburg, Pijnacker, Voorburg areas. Tram #15 (Plesmanlaan), Open Mon to Thu 08:30-16:30, Fri 08:30-12:30. Frits Diepenlaan 63, 2497 DN Den Haag
The Hague real estate agents assisting expats with the purchase or rental of a home or apartment. Plus property management and letting services. Additional advice on legal, tax and insurance matters. Laan van Oostenburg 25, 2271 AN Voorburg
Real estate agency in The Hague and Amsterdam, providing service to Dutch and English speakers looking to buy property or apartment rentals in The Hague, Delft, Wassenaar, Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden areas. Anna Paulownastraat 83, 2518 BC Den Haag
Duinzigt Woonservice
Real estate agents in the Hagues Zeeheldenkwartier area, helping international clients with housing needs. Full relocation service available. Accessible by trams # 1, 10 (Mauritskade). Zeestraat 48, 2518 AB Den Haag.
Maat and Raad Makelaars
Real estate agent and mortgage advice in The Hague and Delft areas. Located in the Westland area. Industriestraat 12, 2671 CT Naaldwijk.
Atta Makelaars Zoetermeer
Real estate agent located in the The Hague area. Apartment rentals, home sales, and property leasing. Office open Mon to Fri 9:00-17:30, Sat 10:00-13:00 (except during the summer). Oranjelaan 1-3, 2712 GA Zoetermeer.
Van Brero en Breugem
Real estate agent in The Hague area representing apartments and houses for sale. Property rentals also. Dorpsstraat 14, 2712 AK, Zoetermeer.
ARE Makelaars
Real estate agents The Hagues Bezuidenhout area, near Leidschendam. Servicing clients interested in buying/selling real estate property, or those looking for apartments for rent in The Hague, Wassenaar, Leidschendam. De Eerensplein 8, 2593 NA Den Haag
The Hague Real Estate Agent
Real estate agents in The Hague area with English-language service (and website) to international clients in the Netherlands or moving to the Haaglanden area. Wassenaar, Delft, Rijswijk too. Short term housing also available. Banstraat 1, Den Haag
Oosterhof Makelaars
Real estate agency in The Hagues Willemspark area, offering residential housing for sale, rent. Koninginnegracht 34, 2514 AC Den Haag
Dekker de Groot Makelaardij
Real estate agency in the Statenkwartier area of The Hague. Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30, Saturday 11:00-14:00. Van Boetzelaerlaan 110a, 2581 AN Den Haag.
Marma Vastgoed
Real estate agency located in the Palace Noordeinde area of The Hague. Real estate brokering for individuals and businesses, whether it is apartments and houses to rent or buy, or commercial real estate for businesses. Oranjestraat 8a, 2514 JB Den Haag
C&D Real Estate
The Hague area real estate agency offering assistance and guidance through the home buying or apartment renting process. Dutch and English-speaking agents. Parkweg 245, Voorburg
Kimmel & Co
Estate agent offering apartments rentals and homes for sale or rent. Property management available including rent collection, inspections and repairs. Wassenaarseweg 31, 2596 CE Den Haag.
Koenders Makelaardij
Real estate agents in The Hague-Delft area, providing English-speaking service to international residents looking for apartments and houses for rent or home property to buy. 2e Schuytstraat 164, 2517 XK Den Haag.
De Vries Robbe
Real estate brokers in The Hague area servicing Dutch and international expat clients. Representation for customers interested in buying and leasing apartments or homes. Trams #6,10,16,17 (Dr. Kuyperstraat). Nieuwe Uitleg 34, 2514 BR Den Haag.
Rijnbeek Real Estate
The Hague real estate agents located in the Willemspark area, offering property search, buying or selling representation, and home leasing negotiation. Investment property also handled. Tram 1 (Javastraat). Javastraat 98A, 2585 AV Den Haag.
Van Passchen Makelaardij
Real estate agency in The Hagues NOI area, providing services to English-speaking clients as well as Dutch. Showing apartments for rent in The Hague, Scheveningen, Delft, Wassenaar. Houses and apartments for sale. Laan van NOI 1, 2593 BH Den Haag
Woonaccent Makelaars Den Haag
Real estate agency in The Hagues Zuiderpark area. Covering the Wassenaar, Leideschendam, Voorburg, Rijswijk and Zoetermeer areas. Accessible by trams # 8,9, 16 (Leyweg/ Melis Stokelaan). Leyweg 1242, 2545 HK Den Haag.
Real Estate City
Housing services for clients looking to rent or buy apartments, homes in The Hague area. Also offers services to those wishing to sell or lease their property. Office located in the city center at Lange Voorhout 25, Den Haag