Health & Medical Insurance

Here you can find Zuid-Holland health insurers based in The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden and surroundings which offer the basic insurance policies required by Dutch law, as well as premium policies offering additional coverage for services such as dental procedures, vision care, dietitians and dermotologists.

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ZJHT Risk & Insurance Specialists
Insurance agents in The Hague area (Wassenaar) offering options for expat health insurance policies in the Netherlands. Medical, dental as well. Mailing address: Rijksstraatweg 675, 2245 CB Wassenaar
Meeus - Rotterdam
Division of Aegon, offering medical and health insurance in Rotterdams Kralingen-Crooswijk area. Accessible by tram #21 (Woudestein). Oostmaaslaan 57, 3063 AN Rotterdam
Meeus - The Hague
Dutch company offering health insurance in the Netherlands. South Holland office located in The Hagues Voorburg area. Accessible by bus #23 (Theresiastraat). Laan van Nieuw-Oost-Indië 123, 2593 BM Den Haag.
JoHo Insurances - The Hague
Insurance company with head office in The Hague Zuidwal area, offering health coverage policies for travelers, students, au pairs and expat residents in the Netherlands. Trams #2,3,4,6 (Grote Markt). Paviljoensgracht 18, 2512 BP Den Haag.
De Goudse
Dutch health insurer offering medical cover/ health insurance policies to residents in the Netherlands. Business and individual packages. Available through agents located throughout Zuid-Holland, including The Hague - Rotterdam - Leiden areas.
JoHo Insurances - Leiden
Student and expat health insurance office in Leidens Centraal Station area. Health and medical cover policies in the Netherlands through JoHo Insurances. Monday to Saturday 10:00-17:30. Stationsweg 2d, 2312 AV Leiden.
Dutch automobile association offering travel, auto and health insurance in the Netherlands. Retail offices throughout the Leiden- The Hague- Rotterdam areas.
Zorg & Zekerheid
Health insurance coverage for expat residents in Holland. Supplemental including dental. Package options for singles, couples, families. Policy descriptions in English. Register online, by phone, or in store. Customer service Mon to Fri 08:00-18:00.
Oom Verzekeringen
South Holland health insurance provider in The Hague area offers policies to those who do not qualify for the Dutch national insurance program. This includes new residents awaiting their residence permit, students, aupairs, extended-stay tourists or busin...
Zilveren Kruis Achmea
Dutch health cover insurer offering medical, dental, health insurance in the Netherlands. South Holland office in Leiden area. English website available. Client services available Mon-Fri 08:00 - 21:00, Sat 10:00-14:00. Dellaertweg 1, 2316 WZ Leiden
South Holland based Dutch health insurance provider of the basic national insurance policy (required of all residents in the Netherlands), and additional elective policies covering services such as dental and vision care. Division of Achmea. Dellaertweg 1...
DSW Health Insurer
Dutch medical and health insurance company located in Rotterdam area offers individual policies to private individuals as well as corporate programs to businesses with employees. 's-Gravelandseweg 555, 3119 XT Schiedam
Azivo Health Insurance
Health insurance policies for residents of The Hague, Rijswjk and Zoetermeer. Basic insurance, additional insurance options. Discounts at local gyms and health centers. Telephone care advisors. Postbus 13731, 2501 BP Den Haag
Meeus - Leiden
Dutch medical cover insurer offering health insurance in the Netherlands. Various dental, vision and health care options. The Leiden office is accessible by train (Leiden Centraal). Rijnsburgersingel 61, 2316 XX Leiden
JoHo Insurances - Rotterdam
Tourist, student and expat health insurance office in Rotterdams Centraal Station area. Health and medical cover policies in the Netherlands through JoHo Insurances. This office only open Wed 11:30-17:30. Schaatsbaan 41-45, 3013 AR Rotterdam
Zorgverzekeraars Nederland
National health care association for the Netherlands. Interacts with government, health insurance providers and consumers by communicating regulations and policies, monitoring the industry to ensure execution.
VGZ Health Insurance
Basic and supplemental health insurance policies for residents in the Netherlands. Medical and health coverage options includes dental care, physical therapy, maternity care, preventative medicine, hospitalization, glasses and contacts, prescriptions.
ONVZ Health Insurance
International and expat health insurance provider in Holland. Policies for basic health coverage, supplemental insurance, dental, international or combinations of these. Consultants available Mon to Fri 08:30-21:00, Sat 09:00-13:00.