Law Firms & Notaries: The Hague Area

Looking for an English-speaking attorney, international law firm or Dutch notary in The Hague, Delft, Wassenaar, Rijswijk or Voorburg? Below are professional legal advisers in offering representation in such matters as divorce, inheritance, child custody, immigration, real estate, corporate, tenancy, employment and EU law.  

Fakiri & Van Beuningen
Mid-size law firm specialized in property law, tenancy law, labor law, corporate law and contracts law.
Gmw Advocaten
International law office in The Hague, offers legal advice to business clients and private individuals.
Matzinger Eversdijk
Offers legal documenting of real estate transactions, cohabitation agreements, last wills and testaments among others.
Clingendael Advocaten
Specialists in employer liability, corporate restructuring, collective bargaining and mergers.
Legal Expat Desk
English-speaking attorneys offer Dutch legal advice to expats in Holland.
Delissen Martens
Mid-size law firm specializes in family, immigration, tax, criminal and employment Law.
Meijer Advocaten
Legal representation and advisory services offered for individual, small-to-midsize businesses and entrepreneurs.
Caminada Notarissen
Rijswijk notary office offers service for both general and highly specialized deeds. large property deals, reorganization of companies and more.
Bird & Bird
International law firm offering legal advice for healthcare, communications, energy and intellectual property among others.
Ellens & Lentze
Legal notary services offered for private and business clients.
Hofwijck Advocaten
Offers legal advice and representation to English-speaking private individuals, small businesses and corporations.
Chambers Advocaten
Law firm with English-speaking attorneys specialized in family law.
Buren Legal
International corporate law firm in The Hague - Scheveningen area.
Legal advisory and research institute based in The Hague.
Advocatenkantoor Pit
Wassenaar law office specializing in commerical law with emphasis on real estate property, rent law, business property and more.
Pels Rijcken
International law firm and civil law notaries based in The Hague.
Wladimiroff Advocaten
Criminal law firm offering defense attorneys in The Hagues Willemspark area.
Ebh Legal
Legal areas include corporate, real estate, government, environmental, criminal, employment and family law.
Business and employment law specialist.
Dahl International Tax Law
American lawyer offers services for tax problems and provide legal advice and representation on all IRS matters.
Udink & De Jong
Specializes in financial and business law.
Grijmans Dierckxsens
English-speaking notary services in The Hague Central Station area.
Nolet Advocaten
Offers advice and counsel services from specialized criminal, civil, business and immigration lawyers.
WiseMen Advocaten
Offers legal advice in the areas of intellectual property law, corporate law, Dutch employment law, media and marketing law.
Ktd Legal
Attorney and legal advisers specialized in employment, business and contract law.
Notariaat De Gier
Offer legal advice and documentation for transfer of property, wills and testaments, employee contracts and more.
Mid-size law firm in The Hague working with Dutch and multi-national businesses.
Dutch immigration and tax law firm assists international companies to deal with various matters.
Jaw Advocaten
General legal advisory services offered to private individuals and business clients.
Kaarls Criminal Defense
Criminal defense lawyers providing legal advice and representation for clients throughout the Netherlands.
Hjf Advocaten
Legal advisory services offered for labor, administrative, building and real estate, intellectual property and more.
BG & Partners
Romanian Dutch international law firm in The Hague offers legal advice in the areas of civil law, business law, labor law and more.
Ekelmans & Meijer Lawyers
Employment law, corporate law, property and real estate attorneys for Dutch and international clients.
Van Buttingha Wichers
Notary specializing in family law, real estate transactions and corporate law.
Solon Advocaten
Attorneys specializing in employment, banking, contract, tenancy, intellectual property and insolvency law among others.
Fdj Advocaten
Specialize in civil litigation, real estate and zoning law.
Scheer Sanders
Mid-sized law firm offering legal advice to individuals on family, employment, residential and health care law.
Buisman Notaries
Notary services offered for property transfers, marriage and divorce agreements, wills and testaments among others.
Bracke Advocatuur
General legal advice for persons, entrepreneurs and businesses in The Hagues Statenkwartier area.
Notarissen Statenhaghe
Services include drafts and records of legal documentation relating to property and mortgage deeds, family matters and setup of Dutch company.
Ad iure Advocatenkantoor
Specializes in the legal fields of administrative law, employment law, civil law, family law and personal injury law.
Brugrecht Advocaten
English-speaking Dutch lawyers specialised in rental, construction, property and housing law.
Drost Juten Notarissen
Legal notary services offered for individuals, entrepreneurs and BV/NV type companies.
Lont & Lalmahomed
Offers drafting and certifying of documents for real estate transactions, wills, prenuptial, cohabitation and more.
Haagsche Meesters
Employment, civil, family and residential law services offered.
Letselschade Service
Personal injury lawyers offer legal advice including an assessment of liability, requesting medical records and more.