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If you are seeking legal advice, notarial services or a Dutch law firm in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Gouda or Leiden areas, choose one of the options below to find law firms and notaries in your area...

Jolanda Fluff
Specializes in employment law, cooperate law, tenancy law and collection rights among others.
Ladrak Advocatenpraktijk
Specialist law firm offers expertise in personal injury law and psychiatric patient law.
Qisolute Advocaten
Legal assistance offered for employment law, catering law, education law, privacy law and more.
Claves Advocaten
Criminal law, labor law, juvenile law, consumer law and various other legal services offered.
Çelen Advocatuur
Law firm specializes in a wide range of legal services.
Advocatenkantoor Lolcama
English speaking law firm offers expertise in real estate, employment, litigation, debtor and creditor.
Mbb Legal
Services offered include juvenile criminal law, detention rights, child protection law and more.
Berris Familierecht
Legal services offered include divorce, parenting plan, inheritance, distribution and settlements of assets among others.
Moree Gelderblom
Law firm based in Rotterdam, offers expertise in jurisdictions and personal injury.
Van den Heuvel Juristen
Dismissal cases, termination agreements, employment contracts, working conditions and various other legal services offered.
Mynta Law
Expertise offered in a wide range of legal sectors.
Grotius Chambers
Offers a wide range of legal services for  governments, international, non-governmental organizations, corporate entities and individuals.
Van Veenendaal Advocatuur
Areas of expertise include employment law, tenancy law, administrative law and more.
Rotterdam based law firm focuses on a wide range of legal sectors.
Croon Advocaten
Specialist law firm provides assistance with procurement law and construction law.