Physiotherapists: The Hague Area

Are you recovering from an injury? These physical therapists in The Hague area (including Voorburg, Wassenaar, Leidschendam, Rijswijk and Delft) are certified in the Netherlands and offer rehabilitation assistance when recovering from broken bones, pulled muscles, torn ligaments and various surgeries.

Mike Soyer Fysiotherapie
The Hague area physical therapy centers. Sports injury rehabilitation, manual manipulation therapy, edema, back and joint therapy. 3 locations: Vinkenborghlaan 3-4, Leidschendam; Parkweg 294, Voorburg; Broekslootkade 20A, Voorburg
Aan de Laan
Physiotherapist in The Hague Bezuidenhout - Mariahoeve area which offers treatment for rehabilitation of injuries of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Laan Van Nieuw Oost Indie 256, Den Haag
Physical therapy and rehabilitation center for injuries involving the back, shoulder, neck, hip, knee, ankle, foot, elbow or wrist. Medical taping, ultrasound, isokenetic procedures. Tram 11,17 (Groot Hertoginnelaan). Sweelinckplein 46, 2517 GP Den Haag
Fysiotherapie Statenhoek
Physiotherapist office in The Hague Scheveningen area. Mon, Tue, Thur 07:00-18:00. Tram #11 (Statenlaan). Statenlaan 144, 2582 GW Den Haag
Active Fysio
Physiotherapy, massage, sport injury wellness, taping, fitness in The Hague International Zone area. Monday to Friday 8:30-18.00, Saturday 8:30-12:00. Trams 1, 17. Located inside Novotel Hotel World Forum. Johan de Wittlaan 42-44, 2517 JR Den Haag
Fysiotherapie Soestdijksekade
Physical therapists in The Hagues Zuiderpark area. Treating sports, back, neck injuries and those caused by pinched nerves. Accessible by buses #20,25,26 (Soestdijkseplein). Soestdijksekade 684, 2574 EA Den Haag
R E J M Jansen
Physiotherapist offering physical therapy in The Hagues Mariahoeve/Leidschendam area. Near the Haaglanden Hospital. Accessible by stop train (Mariahoeve). Spechtlaan 323, 2261 BH The Hague.
Fysiotherapiepraktijk Van Delden
Physiotherapy practice in The Hague established 1993. Member of KNGF and HKZ certified. Therapies include: sports, manual, occupational, edema, dry needling, muscoskeletal ultrasound, orofacial, cranio sacral. Laan van Roos en Doorn 13, 2514 BC Den H...
R van Amstel
Physiotherapist and Acupunture, Mauvelaan 16, 2264 AK The Hague.
Morgenstond - Vrederust
Physiotherapist. Vrederustlaan 147, 2543 SN The Hague.
Prakt voor Fysio en Manuele Therapie
Physiotherapist and manual therapist. Zaagmolenstraat 96, 2265 WZ The Hague.
Van Duinen Praktijk
Physiotherapist. Spijkermakersstraat 152, 2512 ET The Hague.
The Hague Bowen Therapy Clinic
Therapeutic clinic for pain reduction in The Hague Scheveningen area. Removing pain via natural methods. Techniques include Bowen, Emmett, position release, muscle energy. Bus 22/23 (Duinkerksestraat). Stevinstraat 269, 2587 EJ DeHaag
Praktijk voor Houding & Beweging
Physiotherapist (physical therapist) in The Hagues Statenkwartier/Koningsplein area. Sports injury specialist. Accessible by tram #11 (Laan van Meerdervoort). Conradkade 49, 2517 BP Den Haag.
Fysiofit Statenkwartier
Physiotherapy (fysiotherapie) center in The Hague Statenkwartier area. Manual manipulation, sports injury treatment, massage, yoga, pilates for expats. English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German spoken. Frankenslag 160, 2582 HX Scheveningen
Fysiotherapie Transvaal
Physical therapy in The Hagues Transvaal Quarter. Sports injuries, pinched nerves, accident rehabilitation, more. Accessible by trams #6, 20 (Paul Krugerplein). Steijnlaan 182-184, 2571 SB Den Haag.
Gretchen Loy Occupational Therapist
Pediatric OT servicing expat families and their children, ages 3 - 16. School Based OT , and Sensory Processing and Sensory Motor Disorders in clinic based OT.van Halstraat 2, 2242 KT, Wassenaar
Alexander Techniek
Effective method to improve movement/balance/posture and reactivity, thus reducing the impact of stress on the body and un-learn bad habits that create physical problems. Practice is based in The Hague in the Archipel area.
Fysiotherapie Bioch Dijkshoorn
Physiotherapists in The Hague - Rijswijk. Sports injury rehabilitation, dry needling, manual therapy, pelvic reconditioning. Offices in Rijswijk (Het Kruispunt, Dr. H.J. van Mooklaan 33 F, 2286 BB) and The Hague (Van Zeggelenlaan 135, 2524 AD Den Haag)
Krullaarts Fysiotherapie
Physiotherapist. Voorburgseweg 70, 2264 AH Leidschendam.
Fysiotherapie Besijn & Rem
Physical therapists in The Hague Scheveningen area. Offering guidance for exercise that can improve healing and causes of ailments (incorrect posture, breathing, load balance). Oncology therapy. Tram 9 (Cremerweg). Zwaardstraat 16, 2584 TX Den Haag
International Health Care Centre
The IHCH provides medical care for expatriates in the Hague area. English speaking doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses and pharmacists in network. Prins Willemstraat 41, 2584 HT, Den Haag.
Vel Fysio-Manueeltherapeuten
Physio and manual tharapy. Distelvinkenplein 12, 2566 GH The Hague.
Centrum voor Fysiotherapie Westduinen
Physiotherapist, acupunture and manual manipulation. Westduinweg 28, 2583 EH The Hague.
J A Kusse Fysiotherapie
Physiotherapist. De Stelling 8, 2265 EA The Hague.
Fysio Bezuidenhout
Physiotherapists in The Hague Bezuidenhout area, between Den Haag Centraal Station and Mariahoeve. Manual therapy, injury rehabilitation, sports medicine. Adults and children. Mon to Fri 07:30-19:00. Bezuidenhoutseweg 211-213, 2594 AK Den Haag
Fysiotherapie Archipel
Physiotherapy, McKenzie and APS technique in The Hague Archipel area (Sumatrastraat 205) and De Bataff (Ver Huellweg 2).
Physiotherapists in The Hague area. Injury and post-sugery rehabilitation of joints, muscles. Stretching excercises to improve mobility. Offices: Stevinstraat 190, Scheveningen; Savallelaan 8, Voorburg; Regentesselaan 371, Den Haag
Fysiotherapie Leidschendam
Physical therapy centers in The Hague area. Stretching, manual manipulation, Makenzie method to relieve pain, improve healing. 4 Leidschendam locations: Vinkenborghlaan 37; Koningin Julianaweg 46; Zaagmolenstraat 96; Gravin Juliana van Stolberglaan 47
Kinderfysiotherapie Meer en Bosch
Childrens physiotherapist. Laan van Meerdervoort 846a, 2564 AS The Hague.
Fysio Den Haag
Physiotherapy and sports massage in The Hague Transvaalkwartier area. Open Monday to Friday 08:00-18:00 (closed Wednesday afternoon). Tram #4 (Dierenslaan). Apeldoornselaan 89, 2573 LD Den Haag.