Playgroups & Activities: Rotterdam Area

Find here playgroups and activities for toddlers ('peuters') in Rotterdam, Schiedam, Capelle aan den Ijssel and surrounding areas of Zuid-Holland.

Peuter&Co toddler playgroups for ages 0-2 years at multiple locations in Rotterdam including Delfshaven, Spangen and Overschie. Head office: Schoonderloostraat 68, 3024 TX Rotterdam
HC Rotterdam
Rotterdam hockey club offers an after-school program for children to learn and improve their hockey skills. Playing fields and clubhouse located in Schiebroek area. Tram 25 (Larikslaan). Hazelaarweg 2, 3053 PM Rotterdam
InTouch Stay & Play
Playgroup in Rotterdam Schiebroek area, for English-speaking parents/ caregivers with young children (toddler/pre-toddler). Every Tuesday 10:00-12:00 at De Torteltuin playground - Van Enckevoirtlaan 6, 3052 KR Rotterdam. Tram 8 (Bergpolderplein)
Music and movement program for toddlers and youth ages 0-7 years. Children and their parents make music together - singing, dancing and playing musical instruments, exposing them to the world of music at early age. Fri mornings in Capelle aan den Ijssel
De Torteltuin
Dancing for toddlers ages 2-4 in Rotterdam Schiebroek area (Melonchtonpark). Contributes to good physical condition and strengthens sense of language. Friday mornings. Tram 8 (Bergpolderplein). De Torteltuin, Van Enckevoirtlaan 6, 3052 KR Rotterdam