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Regional Food & Drink

Here you'll find Zuid-Holland cheese shops and other retailers which offer unique Dutch food and drink products like stroopwafels, jenever and drop (licorice) located in The Hague (Den Haag), Delft, Gouda, Rotterdam and Leiden areas. 

Bezuidenhout Vishandel
Specialist fish supplier including the Dutch favorite of raw herring with chopped onion. Theresiastraat 163, 2593 AH The Hague.
t Kaaswinkeltje
Gouda cheese shop selling only traditionally-made farmers Gouda cheese from dairy farms in the Gouda area. Limited production. Store located in the historic city center. Mon to Fri 08:30-18:00, Sat 08:00-17:00. Lange Tiendeweg 30, 2801 KH Gouda
Goudse Waag
Gouda cheese museum shop selling traditional Gouda-made cheese from the historic cheese weighing building in Gouda city center, adjacent to the Stadhuis. Gouda and Holland souvenirs also available. Mon to Sun 12:00-17:00. Markt 35, 2801 JK Gouda
De Waterreus
Located on the water front, De Waterreus serves a variety of dishes including traditional Dutch dishes. Childrens menus available. Open every day from 09:00-22:00 at Strandweg 3A, 2586 JK The Hague.
Zeevishandel Kees Vrolijk
Fish store in Gouda city center selling full assortment of fresh fish from the North Sea including the popular Dutch herring. Mon 12:00-18:00, Tue to Fri 08:00-18:00, Sat 08:00-17:00. Lange Tiendeweg 61, 2801 KG Gouda
Lekker Gouds Kaas en Meer
Gouda food store offering cheese in mini rounds and standard, wine, novelty pottery, gift baskets (including Dutch cheese, syrup, cookies, wine), souvenirs. By the same owners as Gewoon Gouds Restaurant. Hoogstraat 1, 2801 HG Gouda.
In de Salon
Gouda pancake house with claims to being the oldest pancake house in the world. Specialty is poffertjes (mini pancakes). Wed-Fri 11:30-14:00, Tue to Fri 16:30-20:00, Sat/Sun 11:30-20:00. Karmelsloot 1, 2806 BA Gouda
Kroon Kaashandel
Cheese store in The Hague Benoordenhout area offers a range of Dutch cheeses from North and South Holland as well as international cheeses. Open Monday to Saturday. Van Hoytemastraat 31, 2596 EN Den Haag
Kaasspeciaalzaak Ed Boele
Cheese shop in The Hague Statenkwartier area. Wide assortment of both Dutch and international cheeses. Cheese platters. Mon to Fri 08:30-18:00, Sat 08:00-17:00. Tram 3 (Fahrenheitstraat). Fahrenheitstraat 625, 2561 DC Den Haag
Leiden area cheese shops selling a variety of cheeses produced in the Groene Hart region (around Gouda). Cheese rounds, sliced, grated. Weekly specials. Gift sets. 5 locations: Leiden, Leiderdorp, Voorschoten, Voorhout and Hazerswoude
Scally Wags
Restaurant serving lunches and afternoon and English high teas. Open Monday - Sunday from 08:30- 19:00.
Hollandzee & Q-Vis
Specialist fish monger supplying fish through the shop or in quantity. Emmastr 3a,2282AM Rijswijk.
Punselie Cookie Factory
Cookie baking factory in Gouda which is the originator of the Dutch stroopcookie, a cookie version of the popular stroopwafel. Buy online or visit for a tour. Also available in supermarkets and grocery stores in Holland. Spieringstraat 121, 2801 ZK Gouda.
Koetshuysch Kaas
Cheese shop offers a full selection of Dutch cheeses (Gouda, Leyden, Edam) as well as international cheeses from France, Belgium and others. Open Wed to Fri 08:30-17:30, Sat 08:30-17:00. Korte Groenendaal 8, 2801 JN Gouda
Kaasspecialist Wennekes
Dutch sheese shop in De Savornin-Lohmanplein shopping center in Loosduinen. A wide selection of regional cheeses from Holland and abroad. Also sells meats, wines, tapas. Open 7 days/week. De Savornin Lohmanplein 22, 2566 AC The Hague
Van Kleef Distillery
The last remaining functioning distillery in The Hague produces a variety of liquors including Dutch jenever, vodka, gin, corn wine, herbal bitter cordial, etc. Open Tuesday to Sunday. Lange Beestenmarkt 109, 2512 ED Den Haag