South Holland Blogs & Websites

English-language expat blogs from The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and surrounding areas of South Holland, Netherlands

South Holland Statues & Monuments
Find out about many of the statues and monuments found in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden, Gouda, Dordrecht and surrounding region of the Netherlands. The background story about the person or event and how the monument came to be.
Clog and Blog
An expat in Holland's personal blog featuring tips and reviews on restaurants, foods, events and places in the Netherlands. 
Metropoolregio Rotterdam-The Hague
An administrative organization coordinating the infrastructure efforts between the Stadsgewest Haaglanden and Stadsregio Rotterdam, to create a single Metropol Region Rotterdam - The Hague.
Roaming Rotterdam
Expat blog about all things having related to South Holland's largest city, Rotterdam; from recommendations on restaurants and advice about sightseeing options, to historical background about monuments and what events are upcoming.
Expat blog based in The Hague, Netherlands focuses on parenting of third culture kids (children being raised in a country that is not the native country of either parent). Helpful tips and advice for handling issues related to such living circumstances.
Dutch Review
Leiden-based Dutch news and social commentary blog with articles on sports, politics, weather, international headlines with a bit of humour often tossed in.
Mooi! South Holland Top 10 List
Monthly top ten list for South Holland (Netherlands) covering a range of categories such as sights to see, windmills to visit, Christmas markets, wealthiest cities, universities with degree programs in English, biggest shopping malls and best beaches.
Dutch Australian
Expat blog by native Australian now living a Dutch life in the Netherlands. Articles relating to the common issues facing internationals residents in Holland. Based out of The Hague.
Dutch Word Of The Day
Blog that teaches a word or phrase of Dutch each day, with humorous anecdotes.
The Dutch Way
South Holland blog which explains many things related to 'The Dutch Way' of life, including holiday celebrations, folk law tales and food dishes.
Irish-American expat living in Delft, Netherlands writes about her experiences in Holland and other topics ranging from current affairs and politics to food and feminism.
Hollywood 2 Holland
Blog by American expat living in The Hague, South Holland. Personal observations on Dutch life and helpful information for new arrivals in the Netherlands.
The Leidener
Leiden University international student blog site with post on various topics and experiences at the school or in Holland. All posts are written in English.
Expat Living in The Hague
Expat blog from The Hague focused on the trailing spouse and third culture children in Holland.
Expat Life With A Double Buggy
Expat blog out of South Holland (The Hague area) focuses on children, parenting and humourous experiences of a British expat living in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband and 3 sons.
Life in The Hague
Expat blog about life in The Hague, Netherlands by an American married to a Dutchie. Topics such as learning Dutch, random odd things seen in the city, daily Dutch life, sports, transportation, food, holidays and shopping.
TU Delft
Independent weekly newspaper of TU Delft. Can be downloaded in pdf form. Covering university matters, local and campus events, and relevant news stories in the Netherlands.
Exploring Delft
South Holland blog in English which focuses on the city of Delft and all it has to offer - restaurants, shopping, childrens and family activities, sightseeing. Highlights unique aspects of Dutch lifestyle helpful for new expats to be aware of.
Visit Leiden
Leiden tourist website operated by Leiden Marketing which provides a calendar of events and things to do in the South Holland city. English-language option. Operated by Leiden Marketing (a division of the municipal government). Stationsweg 26, Leiden
The Hague Online
English-language news and entertainment website for expats in The Hague. Reviews of past and upcoming events. Calendar of events. Feature articles. Also produces the "Feel at Home in The Hague" international fair each year in September.
No Big Names
Fashion and creative blog based out of The Hague with articles on retailers, brands, events and more happening in Holland, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Den Haag.
ExpatINFO Holland
Articles and information on topics relevant to the expat and international residents in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and the rest of Holland, including advice on Dutch taxes, education, residency, moving, driving licenses and health insurance.
Nectar from Holland
Expat blog from Gouda in South Holland Netherlands featuring poetry, photography, explanations behind Dutch street names in English and more.
Home in Leiden
Social group for internationals and expat residents in Leiden area. Website has information about settling in, schooling, social events, kids play groups and childrens activities in the Leiden area.
AI Blogs offer personal insight, helpful advice and entertaining stories by and for expats in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and the rest of the South Holland region of the Netherlands!
Dutch Dutch Goose
Expat blog by an American mother of 3 children who enjoys traveling and writing about it. Posts about places both in Holland and abroad.
Blue Plate Special
South Holland blogger provides reviews in English of restaurants and diners in and around the Dutch city of Delft. Reviews include notes on pricing, hours, menu, decor and location.